Gundam Legilis

Model Number: xvm-fzc

Pilot: Zeheart Galette

Cost: 3000 Hp: 620 Transform: X Form Change: X



The Gundam Legilis was the first Gundam type Mobile Suit produced by the Vagans. Created using extracted data from the captured AGE-3 Gundam and further data gathered from the EXA-DB, the Gundam Legilis was the first Mobile Suit that was able to keep up with the unrestrained X-Rounder powers of Zeheart Galette. 

Move Summary







Legilis Rifle



Average BR.

Charged Shooting

Legilis Rifle (Focused)


Moving gerobi. 


Legilis Bits

100 (180)


Different variants of the move depending on directional input.

Special Shooting

Legilis Buster




Special Melee

Fawn Farsia Summon: Focused Beam



5BC. Fawn Farsia fires a Gerobi.

Fawn Farsia Summon: All-range Attack


*BC. Fawn Farsia releases Fawn Farsia Bits.


Legilis Bit Charge

Charges Sub ammo faster.

Burst Attack

Legilis Bit Storm

_ 275(F)/262(E)/267(S)

Has an active shooting barrier during the attack.








3-stage combo with high damage.

5B(B)~A 174~206 Legilis Cannon derivative.
5B(B)~8B~AB 191~215 Attacks with Legilis Bits.
5B(B)~2B 134~178 Can be used to reload Legilis Bit ammo.
8B 8B 90 Stuns.
4/6B 4/6BBB 172  
4/6B(B)~A 169~200 Same derivative as 5B~A.
4/6B(B)~8B~AB 186~209 Same derivative as 5B~8B~AB.
4/6B(B)~2B 129~172 Same derivative as 5B~2B.
CC8B CC8B 186~246 More damage can be dealt by mashing B
CSB During Burst Legilis Bit Assault 226(F)/203(E & S) Charges at the enemy with an active shooting barrier 

Cancel Routes:

A: AB, AC, 8B, 2B



8B: AC, BC


Legilis is an all-rounder unit that favors ranged combat. Its specialty is utilizing its all-range, high-pressure Legilis Bits to control space as well as the opponent.

While the Legilis Bits have a long reload time and Legilis itself has a very low HP pool, it has high mobility, freefalls, a moving gerobi, and many moves to catch opponents even when they are in motion. Legilis also gets a big power up during its Burst.

However, at the end of the day, Legilis is still let down by its underwhelming performance when the Legilis Bits are unavailable, and with its low HP pool and low damage output it can be very difficult to win the damage race. However if you can make the best of the Legilis Bits when they are available and also take full advantage of its high mobility, victory will be well within reach.

Legilis Ability Details

Ranged Weapons

Main: Legilis Rifle

A standard Beam Rifle for a 3000-cost all-rounder. The beam projectile becomes thicker during Burst. This has lots of good cancel routes which makes it a good starting point for offense.

Charged Main: Legilis Rifle (Focused)

3-second charge time. Legilis fires a thin, moving gerobi-type weapon, similar to 00 Gundam Raiser’s CSA. The beam becomes thicker during Burst. You can cancel into this move from melee or BC to freefall.

Other than its slow startup, this move has similar performance to weapons of the same type. The horizontal muzzle correction is weak but the vertical muzzle correction is strong, making it suitable for hitting enemies above or below you. 

While this move’s damage output feels way lower than it should be, it can be used frequently, plus it becomes very useful when used as a freefall cancel from your melee attacks. Overall this is a tool you should be using often, especially when your Legilis Bits are on cooldown.

You can either cancel into this from 5B to freefall straight down, or from 4/6B to get a nice horizontal curve before falling. This is a good move for catching landings in the close range, and you can make it even safer by sidestepping first.Just don’t use this too frequently or you can be easily punished by melee combos in the close range.

Sub: Legilis Bits

Release Legilis Bits, which are glowing orbs that deal damage and cause a heavy stagger on hit. You normally have 100 ammo, with each deployment variant costing different amounts of ammo to perform. Reloads on empty, taking 33 seconds to fully reload. During Burst you have 180 ammo available.

Hitting Legilis Bits leads to big returns thanks to the heavy stagger they cause, but overall their tracking is on the weak side. However these are still powerful pressure tools, and depending on the different types of Bits you deploy you can trap the enemy and force them to fight off both you and your Bits at the same time.

5AB: Legilis releases 3 Bits that hover in place before simultaneously attacking the enemy. Costs 10 ammo to perform. Enemies can sidestep as soon as the bits are deployed to cut tracking. 

One way to use these bits is canceled from your Main, to mix up the timing on your projectile attacks. Enemies that try to dodge the Bits are then opened up for a potential attack from the main Legilis unit. At least, that’s the theory.

Overall, this attack variant has the lowest cost and can be used the most frequently to force enemy movement, plus they have a large hitbox overall.

2/8AB: All-range attack. 4 Bits are released that encircle the enemy before attacking. Costs 20 ammo to perform. This is the most funnel-like attack variant, and because the large bits move in a zigzag pattern it can place a lot of pressure on the enemy. 

However, in reality, the bits do not track very well, and even simple enemy movements are enough to escape even multiple sets of Bits. However unlike the first 5AB Bits you can’t cut tracking on the Bits until they surround the enemy, meaning that you can use these to force enemy movement a little more effectively than with the earlier variant. And although the tracking is weak, enemies do not want to risk getting hit because a strong stagger can lead to some nasty damage.

Basically this can be used to force movement, apply pressure, or change enemy landing timing. 

4/6AB: Legilis releases 8 Bits in a horizontal row either to the left or right of itself, depending on your directional input. Costs 30 ammo to perform. 

This variant of the Bits has zero tracking, instead simply carpeting an area with bits. While this is the most expensive Bit to use ammo-wise, in the hands of a professional these are the easiest to hit, and the hardest for enemies to dodge. This easily catches horizontal movement, and can be used both on offense as well as self defense. It’s also a very strong okizeme tool. If you’re actively trying to hit the enemy this is the best variant to use, and it’s well worth its high cost. However don’t focus too much on using only this variant- use all your different Bit types to keep the opponent guessing on what you’re going to do next.

Special Shooting: Legilis Buster

Legilis stands still to fire a thick gerobi. 9-second reload. During Burst you gain 2 ammo instead of 1, and the beam also becomes thicker. 

The startup of this gerobi is very fast, but the muzzle correction is only average. This is one of Legilis’ few big damage options, but standing still can be deadly for Legilis who has lower than average HP.  

4/6AB~AC is a strong setup for catching landings. Overall this move is your ticket to winning the damage race, but one needs to take special care not to stay a sitting duck for too long. 

Special Melee: Fawn Farsia Summon

Legilis calls upon the Fawn Farsia to aid him in battle, performing one of two actions. Either version can be cancelled into Main or CSA to freefall, a key technique for Legilis. Reloads on empty, takes 20 seconds to reload back to full.

5AC: The Fawn Farsia fires a gerobi. The gerobi itself deals poor damage, but it can be used in area denial or self defense. The startup on this move is slow, but the gerobi is large and is active for a long time. You can summon this assist and then guard as a self defense measure.

*AC: Fawn Farsia releases her own Bits that surround the enemy and fire, much like your typical funnel weapons do. 5 Bits are released each time. This attack tracks very well, making it a powerful tool. Note that the Bits will stop chasing the enemy if Legilis is knocked down.

2B: Legilis Bit Charge

Legilis strikes a cool pose and slowly charges its Sub ammo. Charging seems to about double the reload speed, going from taking 33 seconds to 18 seconds when charging for the full duration. However, as a front unit, Legilis simply does not have the opportunity to stand completely still and helpless. When compared to the 50 Bit reload provided by one of the melee derivatives or the full reload provided by Burst this seems like a poor investment, but if you really have nothing better to at least it’s good to know that this option exists.

Melee Set

5B: Beam Saber

A standard 3-stage Beam Saber combo with no PoV change. Good reach on the first hit, and the combo time is also short. The priority on this attack is low, though, so don’t expect to win direct clashes. Overall this does good damage, making it useful as a combo part.

5B or 4/6B~A Derivative: Legilis Cannon

Legilis fires two consecutive beams. Forced PoV change. This is not as good as the 2B derivative, but it can be used to down an enemy quickly.

5B or 4/6B~8B~AB Derivative: Upper > Legilis Bits

8B performs an uppercut that launches the enemy, and AB attacks the launched enemy with Legilis Bits. You can cancel out early of the Bit attack to leave the Bits to beat the enemy while you target his teammate. 

5B or 4/6B~2B Derivative: Spinning Kick > Legilis Bit Charge

Causes an instant knockdown with a spinning kick. After which, Legilis charges 50 ammo to its Legilis Bits, but only if you are currently out of ammo. However you cannot cancel out of the animation via any means. Useful for reloading Bits.

8B: Slash-through

A quick, single-hit slash-through that stuns. This move is great because you can cancel into it from A, a very strong cancel route in the close range. On hit you can cancel into AC or BC as well. The startup and priority on this move is also good. 

Note that on whiff, Legilis will perform an animation where it flicks its Beam Saber downwards. This is typically cancelable, but if you’re out of Boost you’re basically a sitting duck for a long duration. A~8B~BC~A is a strong cancel route to get a full combo off a Main shot even when in Overheat. 

4/6B: Slash

3-stage melee attack with a forced PoV switch at the end. Decent wraparound on the first hit. Overall this is an average melee attack in many areas, and it has the same lackluster priority as 5B. However it’s still perfectly usable as long as you pick the right opportunities to whip it out.

CC8B: Ground Pound

Legilis stabs the enemy, lifts it up slightly, tackles it to the ground, punches it brutally 5 times, and then somersault kicks it away. This is a very long combo with almost no cut resistance, but it deals very good damage.

The priority on the first hit is very good (coming up even against Providence’s legendary 8B), but the reach is not very good. If you don’t want to execute the long combo you can cancel out of it when Legilis flies upwards and perform a quicker combo. Once the enemy has been brought to the ground, canceling out will put the enemy in a state where following up is impossible. However you can follow up after the somersault kick for a big damage combo.

This is not a move you can use when double locked, but if the opportunity presents itself you should go for it. Try to avoid using this during your Burst, as the attack animation is very long and may take up the full duration of your Burst.

CSB During Burst: Legilis Bit Assault

3-second charge time. A special attack that is only available during Burst, Legilis charges at the enemy surrounding itself with Legilis Bits. This move has an active shooting barrier during the charge animation. 

While it’s nice to have an active shooting barrier attack, the dash speed, travel distance, and reach of this move is poor, making it a difficult move to use. However it can still be a nasty surprise when used right. 

Burst Attack

Legilis Bit Storm

Legilis launches the enemy before hitting it with a seemingly endless barrage of Legilis Bits. Super armor on startup, plus when attacking with the Bits, Legilis is surrounded by a 360-degree shooting barrier. 

The tracking and reach of this move is also good, and all in all this is one of the safer Burst Attacks out there, making it viable. Hitting a melee combo while in Burst typically does not factor into Legilis’ game plan, but if you’re quick on the hit confirms you can land this combo and rack up some good damage. Aesthetically, this is also very cool.

Recommended Combos

Ranged Weapons












Second impact. Zunda seems more worth it.



Great in the close range.
















Charges Bits


















Charges Bits






Death combo.


  • Forcing enemy movement with Bits or Main and then punishing the enemy with CSA, Main, or the AC gerobi is Legilis’ basic playstyle.
  • Legilis can force the enemy to spend boost and then freefall to refill its own supply, putting it in an ideal position to deal out punishment. 
  • CSA is an important tool for Legilis, allowing it to attack while free falling. Using 4/6B~CSA is a great way to move in a tricky fashion while also attacking the enemy. Legilis also has a traditional freefall with BC~A, so using both should give you ample opportunities to move freely.
  • 4/6AB is a very important Legilis Bit variant for landing shots. When timed right you can pressure the enemy to catch horizontal movement or landings. However don’t use only one type of Bit— mix things up to keep the opponent guessing.
  • A~5AB is also a strong pressure setup that makes it difficult for enemies to figure out when to dodge. If you have only a few Bits left you can make economic use of them by using this setup repeatedly. 
  • Legilis becomes a beast during its Burst, with many of its moves getting power ups while also getting 180 Legilis Bit ammo to cover the battlefield with glowing orbs. This is your big comeback chance, so using your Burst effectively is doubly important when playing Legilis. Try to use up all your Bits before using your Burst, try to half Burst once per life, and definitely try to avoid using your Burst like an E Burst to flip out of damage.
  • Legilis’ performance and power output is greatly affected by the availability of its Bits, to the point where you can think of having Bits as being in a timed powered-up state. This means that it’s important to properly manage your downtime. Taking a slow approach works in your favor, as buying time can allow your Bits to reload, making you powerful again. Just watch out for enemies doing the same, such as V2.
  • Without your Bits, try to play passive and focus more on movement and using your CSA and freefalls effectively. Legilis has low HP, so taking big risks is not recommended. However, don’t forget that you have a partner, and if you spend all your time running away your partner is liable to get double-teamed.
  • S Burst all the way for Legilis. Increased ranged damage, being able to cancel your Bits into itself or other moves to freefall, the faster reload times, the quicker CSA charge time, the list goes on. 
  • Zeta Gundam is a great partner for Legilis, with its Methuss assist that can reload the Legilis Bits. It also has high self defense and can take care of itself while Legilis is off running laps around the enemy. Other good partners include Qubeley for Bits and Funnel pressure, and GP03 for its strong self defense and big gerobi comeback potential.