Red Frame Kai

Model Number: MBF-P02Kai Pilot: Lowe Guele
Cost: 2500 Hp: 650 Transform: X Form Change: X

An upgraded form of the Red Frame, swapping out the flight booster for the Tactical Arms II L. It also sports two katanas, and no shield units. The Tactical Arms can transform into various shapes to fit the combat situation, including the Delta Form allowing for Voiture Lumiere System propulsion, which was donated to him by Ergnes Brahe from his Turn Delta.

Ability Summary

Ranged Armament Ammo DMG Notes
Main Beam Torch Gun 6 70 Low ammo count
Charged Main 1 Gabera Straight 75 Flies in an arc
Charged Main 2 Gabera Straight & Tiger Pierce 75 ~ 135 Throws 2 swords consecutively
Sub  Tactical Arms III [Arrow Form] 1 60 Accelerates over time
Special Shooting   Maga no Ikutachi 1 0 Pressure that inflicts a unique debuff
Tactical Arms III [Flight Form] Derivative only. Jumps in an arc
Special Shooting during ABC Voiture Lumiere [Dash] Same action Flight Form, consumes less Boost. 
Burst Attack Tactical Arms II L [Delta Form] Timed power up. Lasts 17 Seconds.
Melee Input DMG Notes
5B 5BBBBB 277 Forced Down on full string
5B(BBB)~8B 126~169 Slash-through
5B(BB)~2B 142~180 Bounces
5B(BB)~BC 270~281 Cannot cancel out during the derivative
8B 8BBBB 220
4/6B  4/6BB 170 Spins diagonally
4/6B~8B 123 Slash-through
4/6B~2B 139 Bounces
4/6B~BC 267 Cannot cancel out during the derivative
2B 2B  253 Melee counter
CC8B CC8BBB  169
BC BC~BB 311[313] Super armor. Better chase and damage during Delta Form.
8BC~B 210[224] Super armor and Shooting Guard. Better chase and damage
during Delta Form.
4/6BC~B 265[266] Super armor Better chase and damage during Delta Form.
2BC~B 226[249] Grabs and explodes Better chase and damage during
Delta Form.

Cancel Routes:


AC Derivative: Any melee, Any BC


A during ABC, CSA, AB, AC: Any BC


A unit with a variety of melee attacks, a command dash, and super armor melee attacks, together with 2 different types of debuffs. RFK has many unique attacks and is good at brawls and setups. You’ll need to be aware of what each one does, and when to use them. The melee combos also deal a lot of damage, meaning your opponent will have to pay attention to you or risk eating a 280 damage combo even out of Burst. The cancel routes, command dash and CSA also allows for air stalling or chasing even when you’re totally out of boost. 

Ranged Weapons

Main:Beam Torch Gun

Low ammo count standard BR. Continuous reload of 3sec/ammo. Conserve ammo by alternating between this and CSAs.

Charged Main 1, 2 :Gerbera Straight + Tiger Pierce 

RFK’s Charged Main has 2 levels. The first level will only throw the Gerbera, second level will throw Gerbera followed by Tiger Pierce. Both are physical projectiles.

Gerbera Straight: Throws a sword in a low arch. Stuns on hit. If you fired off this attack from a CSA2, it also inflicts a mobility debuff on the target for about 10 seconds. The debuff is also applied if it hits your ally.

Tiger Pierce: Throws a sword horizontally which will nullify any ranged attacks that it comes into contact with, and launches the target on hit. Tiger Pierce will re-track after throwing the Gerbera. You can also swap lock after throwing the Gerbera to throw the Tiger at the other target. The Tiger has a bit of HP so it can delete projectiles and gerobis to a certain extent.

The charge time for each level is 2 seconds, so you won’t often have time to charge to CSA2. On top of that, the debuff effect is only on CSA1. You are also locked out of your only 2 ranged attacks while charging and you also can’t do double impact once you charged past CSA1. Don’t keep charging in hopes of being able to use it since it also verniers you totally when throwing. The throwing arch of CSA1 lets you catch landings regularly, you can also charge CSA1 as a combo ender. You can cancel into AC from either levels of the CSA. 

Sub :Tactical Arms III [Arrow Form]

Unfolds the Arrow, and fires a beam that hovers for a moment before the beam accelerates towards the target. Stuns on hit, reloads in 4 seconds and has a cooldown of 2 sec. The beam will not track when your target performs a tracking cut move at any point of the animation. This weapon works like Forbidden’s Sub where it only starts tracking a short duration after it is fired out. Input directions to dictate which ‘zone’ the beam will track towards. 

8: Shorter hover duration, good downwards tracking 

2: Longer hover duration, good upwards tracking

4: Beam flies towards the left and curves right. Good tracking towards the right

6: Beam flies towards the right and curves left. Good tracking towards the left

Fire Sub in whichever direction your target is moving towards. The beam is unable to track well due to how fast it is moving. The proration from this is -20% so you can still deal somewhat good damage using this as a combo starter. 

The downside to this is that RFK inherits no momentum when firing this, and it has a very long delay. If your opponent is aware of how to deal with this, they would most definitely dodge this properly. Prepare your CSA and AC to continue to fence your enemy in. Use this against targets without command dashes, freefalls, transforms, etc. for better results.

Special Shooting: Maga no Ikutachi

A Pressure attack that inflicts a unique debuff of ‘reduced boost dash speed’ on targets hit, and also recovers about 15~20% of your boost. The debuff only affects the target’s boost dash speed, unlike the CSA where it affects general mobility which includes jumping. However, the reduced boost dash speed is much more obvious than the CSA1’s debuff. Reloads in 15 seconds. The range for this Pressure attack is smaller than other Pressure attacks, and RFK does not have super armor during start up. Unlike other pressure attacks, this reloads even when you enter Burst. 

The Boost recovery only happens when you return to neutral. So if you’re using AC when in Overheat, the Boost Recovery will occur only after you stand still and wait for the recovery frames to end, or if you cancel straight into Flight Form, the Boost will only be recovered after Flight Form’s recovery frames. 

The start up for this attack is slow, so you will need to be aware of incoming attacks and use it early, especially against fast units. Also, you’ll need to learn the timing when using this for okizeme (but be careful since it doesn’t have super armor). If your enemy sees the Pressure pose and backs off, you can still chase them by cancelling into Flight Form.

During Burst, the start up is much faster. Use this to trick enemies who try to attack you with melee attacks.. 

The proration for this attack is pretty bad, making it hard to get good damage. At most, go for B~BC combos since it has the least amount of hits. Don’t be afraid to use this as a combo ender just to inflict the debuff on your opponent in preparation for the next engage.

Special Shooting Derivative: Tactical Arms III [Flight Form]/Voiture Lumiere [Dash]

A derivative-only action when cancelled from A, CSA, AB, and AC. RFK jumps a long distance forward quickly in an arc. When used in green lock, you will still dash towards the target. Input 4 or 6 to make the arc lean to the side very slightly. Consumes about 20% boost, and can be used when in Overheat. Can be rainbow stepped out. After the jump, you can cancel into melee and BCs. However, you can only cancel after the midway point of the jump when RFK starts descending. If you don’t input anything, RFK will have a very short recovery animation before freefalling. 

While you can jump over some ranged attacks, the angle of the jump isn’t great enough for you to pull this off regularly unless you have perfect timing. Even though you will still jump towards your target while in green lock, RFK will only jump towards the last position instead of leaning towards the target during the jump. As such you can purposely aim to jump at a target during a freefall so you will end up right above him, then launch a sneak attack once you drop into melee range.Alternatively, swing your melee while in green lock to aim for a whiff combo. 

There are many uses for this move. To get into melee range after your Main hits, moving up quickly, sneak attacking,  charging into the front lines, diving into your target’s blind spots, switching lock then jumping towards the other target to escape, air stalling when you’re out of boost, etc. 

During Burst, the animation changes into using the Voiture Lumiere as the propulsion. The jump speed is increased and boost consumption reduced to about 15% instead. 

Melee Set

5B: Gerbera Straight & Tiger Pierce

A long and flashy combo that involves 3 slashes, launching the target slightly, firing a sonic boom, a slash-through, and a cliche sheathing explosion. The sonic boom is a ranged attack which won’t work against barriers or mantles. This melee is quite easily interrupted except for the slash-through portion. 

5B~8B Derivative: Slash-through

A slash-through that inflicts untechable down. Has a sheathing animation towards the end which makes the melee kind of longer than it needs to be. 

5B~2B Derivative: Rolling drop

Spins with swords out which causes a bounce down. Long animation.

5B~BC: Red Flame

A body blow into a right uppercut. Tons of damage, but it cannot be canceled out of once the BC command has been inputted. Launches high and causes instant down. If you’re going into this derivative, cancelling out from the first stage of any melee would result in the best damage. 

8BBBB: Gerbera Toss Helmsplitter

Another stylish melee with RFK tossing the Gerbera upwards, performing a slash and a stab, then cutting downwards after catching the Gerbera. Has the best reach out of RFK’s normal melees, and also some good cut resistance, but it has no derivatives. Fuwastep forward if you want to continue the combo after the last hit.

4/6BB: Spin Slash

Your go-to melee. Has good start up, curve, reach, and vertical tracking. The first stage of the melee also inflicts Down, causing all-range attacks on your target to be cancelled. The spinning portion can also catch some sidesteps. However the priority for this is weaker than you would expect of a melee-centric suit. 

4/6B~8B: Slash-through

Same as the derivative from 5B.

4/6B~2B: Rolling Drop

Same as the derivative from 5B.

4/6B~BC: Red Flame

Same as the derivative from 5B.

2B: Melee Counter

Strikes a ‘hold up’ pose. Fast start up, but you can’t hold the counter pose for long. Still, it’s good enough if you need to use this on reaction, barring very fast melee attacks. On a successful counter, RFK performs a slash-through and a dramatically slow sword sheathing action which ends with an explosion. The damage mostly comes from the explosion, so if you get interrupted it would be a waste. Occasionally if you’re too near terrain the slash-through will miss. Cancel out with a side step and perform another melee combo. 

CC8B~BB: Spinning drop

A slash-through which launches, performs a izuna-ish spinning drop and then another upswing which knocks the target away with an untechable down. Not easily interrupted. The first stage has good reach, and the untechable + knockback can be used to stall for time. You can also opt to have a CSA2 ready and cancel into CSA2 after the spinning drop to inflict a debuff to end the combo. 

BC: Tactical Arms II L
Input a direction to perform one of various attacks. Your main source of damage with the varying properties of each BC. All BC moves have super armor during the dash animation right up until the hitbox of the attack appears. Specifically, the super armor appears after the Tactical Arms has finished transforming into Sword/Claw form. You get super armor during the dash animation, and it ends when the hitbox of that attack starts. 

During Delta Form, the properties of all BC attacks changes. Each attack is affected differently, with changes to damage, proration and down value. 

5BC~BB: Tactical Arms II L [Sword Mode]

A 3-stage attack, which each stage dealing multiple hits. High overall damage, but has relatively high down value so you will be using this after AC pressure or Sub. RFK also moves upwards during the first 2 stages, resulting in a slightly slower landing. Untechable down. 

Changes during Delta Form: First stage has reduced damage. Second stage has improved proration and less down value. The third stage has less down value as well. The overall damage is the same, but in Delta Form you can combo into another attack due to the reduction of overall down value from 5.1 to 4.0.

8BC~B: Shooting Guard> Overhead Swing

A 2-stage attack whereby RFK charges forward with the Sword that has Shooting Guard, then performs an overhead swing. The Shooting Guard portion is a multi-hit, but due to the short reach you would often not get all the hits in, resulting in better overall damage. Bounces after the overhead swing. The Shooting Guard portion will still suffer from hitstop, making RFK move slower while blocking multi-hit attacks. It also has a limited duration, and will not protect you from a full standard gerobi. Furthermore, the first stage with the Shooting Guard has weak tracking, and it only protects you from the front. You get super armor during the very short animation of RFK drawing the sword and putting it in front of him. If you Burst during the first stage, the game will take it as you pressing Melee so the second stage of the attack will be initiated. 

Changes during Delta Form: No changes to this move during Delta form. 

4BC~B: Cleave

A single-stage melee attack that performs 2 cleaving attacks with Sword Form. This attack hits a wide area in front of RFK (about 180~200 degree), and also ends rather quickly resulting in a good balance between damage and combo duration. You get super armor during the dash right until RFK starts swinging the sword, which is rather short. One of the BC moves that you will use regularly. The reach of this move is already quite good, and the swing itself is like a whip, thus it will hit enemies who don’t side step properly, or even enemies who happen to be around the area. The first hit inflicts down, so if you’re pushing your target up a slope they will end up Downed on the ground.  Due to the slow start up, you’ll miss this often if you use this from too far away. Changes during Delta Form: First hit’s proration improves and down value reduced; second hit’s damage and down value greatly reduced. You can consider cancelling out after the first hit for a better damage combo. 

2BC~B: Tactical Arms II L [Claw Form]

A two-stage attack where RFK grabs the target, then blows it up. The super armor for this move lasts longer than the other BCs, making it more suitable for counterattacks, and also increasing the overall damage. RFK does not move at all during the whole animation, but the the animation is rather fast and also launches the target up. You get super armor during the grapple animation. Furthermore, due to the launch from the explosion, you can easily combo into another move. Does not cause a Forced Down during Burst. 

Due to the long super armor, there will be occasions where your opponent is still hitting you and then they suddenly get grappled. Even a slash-through attack from your enemy will end up having RFK turning around to grapple the target. However, if your opponent performs a tracking cut move, the entire move will whiff easily and you can’t even get an accidental hit like with other BCs. Also this move is prone to getting stopped by moves that causes a one-hit down. 

The first stage of this attack has 0 down value, thus the explosion attack will definitely connect. If you can’t decide on which combo ender to use, just use this one.

Changes during Delta Form: First stage’s proration worsens, second stage’s damage increases. 

Burst Attack

Burst Attack: Tactical Arms II L [Delta Form]

RFK verniers to activate a timed buff that lasts 17 seconds. The activation animation is fast with super armor, and the activation itself does not consume any boost.  RFK gains mobility and all his melee attacks gain a much longer reach. BC moves also have their parameters changed. This also adds a cancel route from A, CSA, AB, AC (Pressure) into all BC moves. A new weapon will appear in your GUI to show the countdown. When the buff ends, RFK has a short de-activation animation. Get out of the front line when you see the timer is running out. 

A overall good buff to RFK that helps a lot in dishing out damage and getting hits in. If the situation allows, do activate this. However, the actual duration is only about 15 seconds due to the initial activation animation being non-cancellable. 

Recommended Combos

Damage in [ ] is during Delta Form without Burst. 

Ranged Weapons
Input DMG Notes
A>>A>>CC8BBB 143 Launches while saving ammo
A>>B~BC 233 Only when the other enemy isn’t paying attention
CSA>>(8BC)~B:2BC 277 [282] Whiff the 8BC’s Shooting Guard portion.
CSAB>>B~BC 274
AB>>5BC~B>2BC 275 High Damage
5B~8B>5B~8B 204 Difficult to interrupt, launches
5B~2B>5B~BC 289 Damage for reference
4B~2B>5B~BC 284 Damage for reference
CC8BB~2BC 279[269] No boost, launches high, high damage
CC8BB~(8BC)~B>2BC 289 Whiff the 8BC’s Shooting Guard portion.
5BC~B>5B~BC [338] Delta only. High Damage. 
4BC~B~CSA1~2BC [329] Delta only. No boost. 
5BC~BB>5B~BC [360] Wall, F Burst only. 


  • All 3 bursts work for RFK. Pick one that suits your style and teammate.
  • Fighting would grant you guard break and reduced down value for melee, longer melee reach, and cancel routes from A and AB to your melee attacks. Your combos will deal a lot of damage, and your enemies will be forced to pay attention to you.
  • Extend lets you make more mistakes and push for damage like a monkey by taking big risks. RFK already does good damage by himself, so even if Extend doesn’t give any damage boost, it’s quite okay. If the situation allows, just popping Escape Burst and going into Delta Form is already a boon. 
  • Shooting is the most stable of the 3. The increased charge speed allows you to CSA~AC loop more, and apply your CSA2 and AC debuffs more often. 
  • RFK has many unique attacks to help him win. Two debuffs, a movement command, good melee damage, super armor attacks, and various untechable downs. Annoy and fence in your opponent then pick the appropriate follow up once your move connects: a debuff, a high damage combo, or a stalling combo. 
  • Swap up your playstyle during the match to prevent a download complete. It is tempting to keep using A~AC to jump in instead of mixing it up by opening with directional Subs and CSA. 
  • Be very aware of the other enemy if you’re going for a melee combo. Learn to swap targets to check your surroundings during your melee attack, then swap back to continue the combo. 
  • RFK is not a true front liner unit and suffers when double locked. Play as a Shadow unit or in a double front team.