Zaku Amazing

Model Number:MS-06R-AB Pilot: Yuuki Tatsuya
Cost: 2000 Hp: 540 Transform: X Form Change: △ (Amazing Booster)

A gunpla used by Yuuki Tatsuya, aka Meijin Kawaguchi III. It is a remodel of the high-speed Zaku II which gained new weapons and features. The very name of the unit reflects Yuuki’s true moniker (Zaku Ameijingu in hiragana), and its performance was worthy of the Meijin name. 

MS Mode Ability Summary

Ranged Armament Ammo DMG Notes
Main Long Rifle 5 70 Physical projectile rifle
Charged Main Zaku Bazooka 76~128 Stops moving to fire two bazooka shots
Charged Melee Handgun (AP Rounds) 60 High-speed projectile
Sub Handgun 2 40~136 Spin horizontally to fire 2 shots from the handgun. Press A again to continue the movement and fire 2 more shots
Special Shooting Rocket Launcher 1 28~149 Fires a volley of missiles
Special Armament Reactive Armor 200 Reduces damage taken
Burst Attack Red Comet Combo 287(F)/282(E)/297(S)
Melee Input DMG Notes
5B 5BBB 176 Plenty of derivatives available
5B(B)~5BC 247~245 Less hits deals more damage
5(B)~8BC 191~216
5B(B)~4/6BC 199~222
5B(B)~2BC 217~235 Launches
8B 8B 80 Untechable Down
4/6B 4/6BBB 167
4/6B(B)~5BC 242~236
4/6(B)~8BC 186~207
4/6B(B)~4/6BC 194~213
4/6B(B)~2BC 212~225 Launches
2B 2B 185 Melee counter 
CC8B CC8BB 145 Leaps at the enemy. Untechable Down
BC BC 186~257 Input B after to add additional hits

Cancel Routes:




Amazing Booster Ability Summary

Ranged Armament Ammo DMG Notes
Main Long Rifle 5 60 ~ 144 Stops moving to fire
Melee Rocket Launcher 63 ~ 170 Fires while remaining in motion
Special Melee Special Movement 1 Rises upwards
Burst Attack Amazing Booster Barrage ??(S)/262(F & E) Fires multiple shots from the Long Rifle along with missiles

Cancel Routes(Amazing Booster):




Zaku Amazing is an all-rounder that comes with no shortage of ranged weapons, however it has no beam weaponry, only physical projectiles. Its weapons are very simple, but have superior performance. It is also proficient in melee combat, making it a threat at most ranges. In addition, Zaku Amazing is equipped with reactive armor that applies damage reduction, making Zaku Amazing more tanky than your average 2000 cost. On top of that, Zaku Amazing can revive as the “Amazing Booster” after its HP reaches 0 when its death would have meant the end of the match. Even though Zaku Amazing has less HP than the average 2000 cost, its actual endurance is top class for a 2000 cost. Coupled with its high mobility and strong self defense options, this is one Zaku that can be hard to put down. 

MS Mode Ability Details

Ranged Weapons

Main: Long Rifle

Fires a single projectile that does not cause vernier. 3-second reload per shot. Functionally similar to a Beam Rifle, but with a physical projectile that can be erased. The ammo count on this weapon is low, so conserve your ammo wisely. 

Charged Main: Zaku Bazooka

2-second charge time. Zaku Amazing fires two bazooka shots at the enemy in quick succession. The tracking on the shots is pretty good.

Each shot deals 60 damage on the warhead, and 20 more damage on the secondary explosion. As far as using charged shots to supplement your low Main ammo count goes, CSB has more cancel routes and leads to better damage so you’re mostly going to be using that over this. However this can still be good for forcing enemy movement, and the secondary explosion is great for getting past shooting guards. 

Charged Melee: Handgun  (AP Rounds)

2-second charge time. A single shot much like Norn’s CSB. This projectile travels very quickly but has low tracking, and is a physical projectile. 

The shot stuns on hit, and is a great follow up shot after you use AC to force the enemy to move. It’s also great for catching landings. The damage proration is also relatively low, so it’s easy to do good damage using this as a combo starter.

You can cancel this into Sub or AC. These cancel routes that you don’t have available with CSA really makes this move win out as the charged shot of choice.

Sub: Handgun

Zaku Amazing moves horizontally while firing two shots from its handguns. 5AB will make Zaku Amazing move towards the right, while 4AB and 6AB will make it spin in the respective directions. Hitting the enemy will cause it to stagger. Reloads in 5 seconds on empty.

You can input A after the first two shots to make Zaku Amazing leap diagonally upwards to fire an additional two shots. These shots deal a bit more damage, and instead of staggering the enemy they knock back. This move is kind of similar to Gold Sumo’s acrobatic movements while firing its Main.

The first two shots deal 40 damage each, and the follow-up shots deal 49 damage each.

The tracking on the shots is good, and the movement while firing is quick and agile. These shots do not have infinite range, simply disappearing after traveling a short distance pass your maximum red lock range, so this is not a great weapon for long-range combat. You can use the follow-up shots to finish a combo or buy stall for time while in the air. The period of rigidity after the follow-up shots is also very short, so you can quickly guard afterwards to keep yourself safe against incoming attacks.

Special Shooting: Rocket Launcher 

Zaku Amazing fires rockets from the launchers mounted on its shoulders. Up to 10 rockets can be fired with each input. Reloads in 8 seconds. The missiles track well and are fired over a wide area that cover a lot of space. You can cancel out of the move early to release less rockets but also spend less time standing still, the minimum number you can release is 2. The rockets track very well, to the point where you are very likely to get hit unless you sidestep and cut tracking. The rockets also cause a heavy stagger on hit, making it very easy to follow up after. 

This is a move you can just throw out whenever you have the chance to put pressure on the enemy and force their movement. This is an incredibly powerful tool in the mid range but because of the startup prior to firing the missiles, try not to rely on this in the close range. Also note that the rockets do not have a secondary explosion to beat out shooting guards, so watch out for such attacks. You can either cancel from your Main or CSB into this move to inherit red lock on the attack, or use your Main or CSB to catch enemies after they expend their boost dodging this move.

Special Armament: Reactive Armor

With the reactive armor active, Zaku Amazing takes 30% less damage. It has a maximum gauge of 200— once fully expended, the armor will disappear and the effect will be lost. The total amount of damage taken from the attack will be deducted from the reactive armor gauge. For example, If Zaku Amazing takes 100 damage from a single attack, Zaku Amazing will take 70 damage, the reactive armor will block 30 damage, but deduct 100 from its gauge. In these terms you can think of the reactive armor as being a flat [200*0.3] or 60HP increase for Zaku Amazing. 

However, in actuality it is possibly much more than that. If there is even 1 point left in the reactive armor gauge, it will fully deduct 30% off the next attack received. Meaning that even if you have 1 point left and an enemy hits you with a huge attack like Zeta Gundam’s Burst Attack, you will still block 30% of the damage. 

Even if you respawn in Cost Over, the reactive armor will still be available, unlike the ABC mantles of the Crossbone Gundam family. Even if you respawn with only 500 team cost remaining, the reactive armor will give an effective boost to your HP to no less than 140/0.7=200. This makes Zaku Amazing one of the tankiest 2000 cost units out there, if not the tankiest.

Melee Set

5B: Heat Nata Slicing

A 3-stage combo which causes Bounce Down on the last hit. You have lots of derivatives available from this and 4/6B, but 5B has better damage proration so if you’re aiming for a big damage combo, cancel into 5B and a derivative over 4/6B for better damage.

5B or 4/6B~5BC Derivative: Launch Combo

The combo time is long, but this is the most damaging of all the ~BC derivatives. Zaku Amazing also moves forward a lot during the combo so it’s pretty cut resistant. Pick this for damage. 

5B or 4/6B~8BC Derivative: Double Slash to Slash-through

Great cut resistance, and also the ~BC derivative with the shortest combo time. But as you’d expect, the damage dealt is low. 

5B or 4/6B~4/6BC Derivative: Wraparound Kick

Pretty good movement, This has the second shortest combo time behind ~8BC. Pick this when you want a mix of cut resistance and damage, or if you want to push the enemy towards a certain direction.

5B or 4/6B~2B Derivative: Heat Nata Slash & Kick to Long Rifle Finish

A combo ending with a Long Rifle shot. Before firing the finishing shot Zaku Amazing retreats very far back which gives you good movement, but stands completely still to fire the rifle. After taking the shot the enemy is downed and will spend a long time out of action, so if you want to disable one enemy for a long period of time this is your best option. The damage dealt and long enemy restrain time makes this a derivative worth considering. 

8B: Somersault

Causes an untechable down with a single hit. The single hit damage on this attack is good, and you can combo after it easily.

4/6B: Heat Nata Slash to Spin Kick

2B: Melee Counter

Zaku Amazing readies its Heat Natas and counters melee attacks that come from the front. On a successful counter the enemy is stunned, and Zaku Amazing delivers a fearsome punch with its right hand. The single hit punch deals good damage so even if you don’t cancel out into another melee combo (which is recommended in most cases) you will still profit well off landing the counter.

CC8B: Leaping Kick

Zaku Amazing leaps at the enemy in a parabolic arc and kicks the enemy, following up with a slash-through. Similar to Hot Scramble’s CC8B, but without the shooting barrier. Still, this is a great move for attacking enemies above you. The priority on the move is also good so it can be used raw, or you can just combo into this from a CSB hit. You can continue the combo after the last hit by fuwastepping backwards. 

BC: Punch 

Zaku Amazing punches the enemy, slashes it with the Heat Natas, and then fires handgun shots into the enemy before finishing with an uppercut. You can mash B during the attack to fire additional handgun shots and raise the damage dealt, but doing so also greatly increases the combo time. You also have zero cut resistance while firing, basically this is a move that deals incredible damage but also leaves you completely open. You can cancel into this from Main, a strong cancel route in the close range. 

Burst Attack

Red Comet Combo

A combo utilizing a wide variety of Zaku Amazing’s shooting and melee weapons. There is very little rigidity at the end of the combo, but the amount of movement you get is pretty low, meaning it’s easy to get cut. Because this combo is a mix of both shooting and melee attacks, whether you pick S or F Burst the damage is roughly the same. Super armor on startup. 

[Revived] Amazing Booster Ability Details

If Zaku Amazing is shot down when its team has no team cost remaining, it will revive as the Amazing Booster, which is essentially an MA mode. However, in this mode you cannot use the C button to ride upwards, and if you are too high when you get shot down and revive as the Amazing Booster you will slowly descend to an altitude where you can be easily destroyed. You have no way to sidestep or cut tracking, and your Main causes vernier which can be a death warrant.

In this state it is extremely difficult to drag out the game and survive, so don’t count on the Amazing Booster form buying you a lot of time. 

Ranged Weapons

Main: Long Rifle

Verniers to fire a shot from the Long Rifle. You can hold down the A button to fire up to 5 shots in a row, but this leaves you wide open. You can still use this to catch enemy landings if the opportunity presents itself. 

Melee: Rocket Launcher

Fires two missiles per button press. The tracking on the missiles is near non-existent. At least this move does not cause vernier. You do have unlimited ammo, so you can use it freely while on the run.

Special Melee: Special Movement

The Amazing booster rises upwards. Because the Amazing Booster cannot naturally rise with the C button, you’ll be needing this move. You don’t rise very high with this move and the reload is very long, so at best this can save you from one enemy attack.

Burst Attack

Amazing Booster Barrage

The Amazing Booster advances on the enemy while firing its Long Rifle and missiles. The tracking and damage on this move is not bad, but you shouldn’t be in Burst during your Amazing Booster form to begin with.

Recommended Combos

Ranged Weapons
Input DMG Notes
A>>A>>A 147 Zunda
A~AB>>A 134
A~AB~AB 120
A~BC 215
A~CSB>>BC 220
A>>CC8BB>8B 194
A>>5NN~5BC 208
CSB>>A>>A 165
CSB>>AB~AB 179 Direct cancel on the first AB makes the combo do 144dmg
CSB>>CC8BB>8B 233
CSB>>BC 279
CSB>>BC(5hits)>5B~5BC 319
5BB>5BBB 217
5B~5BC(5hits)>5B~5BC 288
8B>5BBB 212
8B>BC 263
4/6BB>5BBB 208
4/6BB>BC 234
CC8BB>5BBB 245
CC8BB>BC 271
CC8BB>5BB~5BC 270
BC(5hits)>5BBB>A 285
BC(5hits)>>CSB>>5BB~5BC 321 Charge CSB by delaying each handgun shot and holding B between each shot
CC8BB>5BB~5BC(5hits)>ABC 353 (F) 318 (S)


  • Zaku Amazing is best played as a shooting-focused all-rounder. It ranks highly in mobility for a 2000 cost unit, but because it doesn’t have any freefall techniques its overall mobility ranking is actually lower.
  • Its physical projectiles are liable to getting erased en route, and many of its weapons exhibit poor performance at long range. However the tracking of its weapons is good, so you can be a potent force in the close range spamming high-tracking projectiles while taking advantage of your abundant cancel routes. 
  • One of your main tools is CSB, which has very low down value allowing you to deal big damage combos off its stun. Knowing how to hit CSB often is one of the most important skills Zaku Amazing players must possess.
  • Zaku Amazing is naturally very tanky for a 2000 cost thanks to its reactive armor and Amazing Booster revival form. 
  • The above coupled with the fact that Zaku Amazing’s weapons are all very basic but strong means that it is overall a very good suit for beginners. Make the right decisions and play a solid game and you can become a player worthy of the title ‘Red Comet’. 
  • F Burst boosts your melee damage and ability to push with melee thanks to the cancel routes to melee attacks from your strong shooting attacks. CC8B also becomes a downright dirty move, leaping great distances at enemies very quickly. However Zaku Amazing is primarily played as a shooting unit, so playing it in this manner comes with risks. This is a high-risk, high-reward Burst that can allow you to change your playstyle and go on the offensive to make a big comeback. 
  • E Burst is not recommended. You’re already tanky thanks to the Reactive Armor, and you miss out on the comeback and push potential provided through F and S Burst.
  • S Burst powers up your great shooting moves, so it has very good affinity with Zaku Amazing. Your Main tracks very well, and spamming it can be a nightmare to deal with for enemies. You also gain freefalls which Zaku Amazing craves. AB~A is a very good cancel route with severe cancel timing, but if you pull it off you ride the inertia well and freefall beautifully. This is generally your best option in most cases.

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  1. For its amazing booster mode, it says here to press special shooting (AC) to do the rising movement. That’s not true, as the input is special melee (BC). Can that be corrected?

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