Crossbone Gundam X3

Model Number: XM-X3  

Pilot: Tobia Arronax  

Cost: 2500 Hp: 650 Transform: X Form Change: △ (Muramasa Blaster [Safety Removal])

The 3rd Gundam unit owned by the Crossbone Vanguard. Unlike it’s predecessors, X-3 has I-Field generator on both hands. It can stop a Beam Saber with its bare hands, allowing the pilot to engage in close quarter combat easily.

Ability Summary







Muramasa Blaster



Standard BR. Can cancel to AB, AC and 2B.

Charged Main

Nuclear Missile

181 ~ 197

One time use only per live

Charged Melee

Safety Removal


Improved melee move sets and better mobility for duration of power-up.


Burning big tree


80 ~ 148

Throws two burning tree trunks per input. Fire Stuns on hit.

Special Shooting

Crossbone Gundam X1 Assist Summon



Rushes towards the opponent and performs a melee attack

Special Shooting Derivation

Quavarze Throw

132 ~ 212

Throws Quavarze and causes an explosion on hit. Can be charged to deal more damage

Special Melee

I-field hand


Have shooting Guard against ranged attacks. Ammo becomes 2 during Safety Removal.

Burst Attack

Muramasa Blaster Combo

297(F)/281(E & S)

Refills CSB gauge upon use


Melee During Normal















Will slash upwards and send target up in the air. Able to cancel to BC.


















Will send the target up in the air for follow-up attack






Melee During Safety Removal








High damage. Able to cancel to 8B at 3rd hit of melee combo.



Bounces the opponent





Untechable Down



Untechable Down




Bounces the opponent



Untechable Down






























137 ~ 238



Cancel Routes:

A: AB,AC(Quavarze),BC,2B

AB: AC(Quavarze), BC

BC: A, all melee


8B, ~8B derivative: 2B


The Crossbone Gundam X3 is an all rounder unit which can play around range or melee depend on if he is ready to release the limiter on his Muramasa Blaster. This unit have many fabulous weapons to help him in chasing the opponent down like throwing the burning big tree to stun the targets and using the I-Field Hand dash to block beam attacks while being ready to melee.

Out of all the Crossbone Gundam, the Crossbone Gundam X3 is the only one which has no ABC mantle for a very dumb reason(Check out the manga to find out more). But even so, this is a great unit to play as long as you know what to do while having or without having the power up for your Muramasa Blaster.

Ranged Weapons

Main: Muramasa Blaster

Standard BR with decent amount of ammo. Able to cancel to AB, BC, 2B and AC. You will be throwing Quavarze instead of summoning X1 if you cancel to AC.

For a unit which specialize in close range melee, it has alot of main ammo with many cancel routes which is excellent. And this is the only weapon which does not cause vernier so do not spam the ammo mindlessly. 

Main/Sub/Charged Melee~Special Shooting: Quavarze Throw

Stays stationary and swing the Quavarze 2 to 4 times before throwing it. Able to rainbow cancel.

You press and hold the button to increase the number of revolution and increase the potential damage from 60 to 140. There is a limit to the number of swings that can be made so after the 4th swing X3 will throw Quavarze. And if you were to switch target while you are swinging, you will throw at the newly locked on opponent. There is no limit to how many times you can do this and it is possible to throw the next body before the current one disappears. 

Due to you having to swing at least twice before you throw Quavarze, this move is very slow and has a large gap. The projectile has no tracking but the speed is fairly fast, the muzzle correction takes place only at the moment when it’s thrown out. The hit box of the body is large and causes an explosion on hit, can be compared to a weaker version of Deathscythe Hell EW CSA.

Although it’s hard to tell, the projectile is pulled by gravity hence when thrown from a very long distance it will land right in front of the target. Due to this it may be used when no one is noticing you or aim for a lucky shot from green lock. 

In addition, the Quavarze swing before throwing is considered as a melee attack which deals about 60 dmg on hit plus putting the opponent into a special down. As you can rainbow step from this, you could use this as an interception against incoming melee. Rather, this way of using is the most realistic. 

It is also possible to aim for an okizame by using the explosion caused by the throw. 

Most of the time you won’t be using this move, but it’s a good idea to keep the above in mind.

Charged Main: Nuclear Missile

Stays stationary while firing a nuclear missile which causes a huge explosion upon hit on opponent or terrain. This weapon can only be used once per live. The gap between the time of injection is small and  very easy to handle, but the range of blast is rather small. Can be considered as the lowest class in terms of nuke weapon. 

As there is quite a long startup time for this weapon, recommended to use it when the opponent is down and close to waking up so that he/she is forced to guard or take the nuke after recovering.

Charged Melee: Safety Removal

Removes the limiter of the Muramasa Blaster which lasts for 16 secs. Upon activation of this weapon, the ammo of AC will be refilled. In this form, X3 has improved melee move sets and better mobility. This weapon will be usable again after a cool down of 15 secs.

Sub: Burning big tree

A 2-part range attack where X3 throws two burning tree trunks which stuns the enemy upon hit, allowing for follow-up attacks.

Can be cancelled to BC & AC after 2nd shot. If you cancel into AC, you will be doing the Quavarze Throw. The damage for this weapon varies depending on you are using it raw anot. Usually the 1st shot deals 80 and 2nd shot deals 90. But if you are to use it as a cancel route, the damage will be reduced to 60 and 70 respectively. 

Recommended to use this as a follow up after hitting with BR. Also try to only throw the 1st burning big tree and BDC away to do other weapon damage as this weapon causes vernier, making you an easy target to hit if you were to throw both burning big tree.

Special Shooting: Crossbone Gundam X1 Assist Summon

Summons out Crossbone Gundam X1 and rushes to the opponent to do a 4 hit melee combo. The tracking and speed is about the same as any other melee assist. 1 hit of damage ranges from 30-40. Reload only starts when X1 disappears.

When you summon out X1, X3 will auto face the opponent so that you can do AC~A to do a freefall. Once X1 caughts the opponent, it will hold the opponent on point for quite an amount of time. 

Good to use this assist often to do a freefall and reposition yourself while heading into opponent’s territory. 

Special Melee: I-field Hand

X3 will charge forward towards the target with an i-field on its left hand that blocks beam attacks only from the front. Able to cancel to A and all sorts of melee. X3 will face the opponent even when you are using this in green lock and you can cancel to A to do a freefall. The barrier of this unit has a slow hit when preventing shooting, there is no delay in movement but it could not prevent a long lasting gerobi.

In addition, it is effective not only for projectiles but also for melee based assist, anchors and single hit boomerangs. However, after you blocked the above, they will not disappear. X3 may be stagnated after the blocking so there might be a chance to get hit afterwards. 

Normally the barrier rush speed is slow and it’s not suitable for assault. It can be used for various purposes, such as freefalling immediately after cancelling to A or boost dash out to do either a zunda or prepare a melee combo. This weapon will reload instantly the moment you use CSB so there is no need to hold on to it until you use CSB.

When CSB is on, the charge speed is visibly faster and the ammo goes up to 2. Also the drop inertia is greatly increased when you do BC~A due to the increase of charge speed. 

Take not that there are a few types of attacks that will go through I-Field:

1) Will block for an instant before getting hit: bazooka explosions, multi hit beams (gerobi, boomerangs, nukes)

2) Cannot block: Turn A hammer, pressure, whips, Altron’s main.

Take note that the performance of the I-field Hand will differ depending on which mode you are in. The reload timing and traveling speed will be faster while Muramasa Blaster [Safety Removal] is active. Recommended to use this move as a means to chase your enemies with some protection.

Melee Set

During Normal Form

5BBB: Muramasa Blaster 3 Hit Combo

Standard 3 hit combo with average damage.

5BB~8B: Slash>Slash>Uppercut

A 3 hit combo which hits the opponent up into the air after the 3rd hit. It has lower damage and down value as compared to 8B.

8B: Uppercut

Hits the opponent up into the air. Able to cancel to 2B after 1st hit. 

Useful as a means to cut some tracking and do a landing at the end of the combo.

4/6BBB: Heat Dagger Combo

A standard 3 hit combo using dual Heat Dagger. Recommended to use this melee during normal form as the startup and priority of this melee is not bad. Able to cancel to A after 2nd hit.

4/6BB~A: Heat Dagger Slash X 2>Mega Machine Cannon

Fires the mega machine cannons in its chest at point blank after hitting with dual Heat Dagger, dealing high damage. Not recommended to use often as you will remain stationary while you are firing the cannons which makes you an easy target to hit.

2B: Jumping Stab> Right Jab

The pyonkaku of this unit. Alike to Astray blue frame 2nd L, it is not a forced down on 1st hit and it automatically derives to a punch. Can be said to be one of the life lines for X3 if used a pyonkaku for movement.

This move only cause abit of boost consumption and does not cost any boost while you are in the falling motion. With enough practice, you can use this move to safely recover your boost by doing a rainbow step right after you land. (Take note that if you screw up the timing for doing the rainbow step after landing tactic, you might hang on air instead and might cause you more land to recover boost or worst case which results in overheat)

X3 will not auto face the opponent when you do this move in green lock so if you are trying to escape from your opponent, just change target to the other opponent and pyonkaku to safety. 

CC8B: Slash through

Hits the opponent up into the air spinning upon hit.

BC~BC: I-Field Hand>Stab>Explosion

Stabs the opponent with the Muramasa Blaster after rushing forward with the I-Field Hand and causes an explosion blowing away the opponent afterwards. Not recommended to use often as you will remain stationary after stabbing and waiting for the explosion which makes you an easy target to hit.

During Safety Removal Form,

[showhide type = 4]

5BBB: Muramasa Blaster [Safety Removal] 4 Hit Combo

Alike to 5BBB combo during Normal Form with an additional 4th hit. The close in speed for this combo is increased as compared to Normal Form, however the hitbox for this move is not that great.  The performance for this move is extraordinary when you use with Fighting Burst. 

In addition, you are able to cancel to 8B after 2nd hit or 3rd hit for more damage. 

5BB~8B: Muramasa Blaster [Safety Removal] slash x3>kicks up>Downwards slash

Bounces the opponent from the ground after the last hit, decent damage but not as great when you compare to 5BBB~8B damage output considering how long the combo is without any cut tracking abilities.  

5BBB~8B: Muramasa Blaster [Safety Removal] slash x3>Uppercut>Downwards slash

Almost alike to 5BB~8B combo but with more damage output. Only use this move when you are confident that no one will interrupt you. 

8BB: Uppercut>Downward slash

Hits the opponent up into the air and bounces the opponent from the ground afterwards. The reach and rush speed of this move is quite bad but it has a good priority. Although the melee combo is long, the damage efficiency of doing 8BB > A is decent but this will need some practice. 

4/6BBB: Heat Dagger Combo>Horizontal slash

Alike to 5BBB combo during Normal Form with an additional 4th hit.

4/6BBB~8B: Heat Dagger Combo>Uppercut>Downward slash

Alike to 4BB~8B combo during Normal Form with an additional downward slash which bounces the opponent from the ground at the end of the combo. The reach is not as good as 5B but it has fast rush in speed for you to chase the opponent.

Although the movement is fast, be careful of incoming shots as X3 will hardly move from the spot while using this melee combo. 

4/6BB~A: Heat Dagger Slash X 2>Mega Machine Cannon

Alike to 4BB~8B combo during Normal Form only with higher damage. Not recommended to use.

CC8B~8B: Slash through>Slash through

Alike to CC8B combo during Normal Form only with an additional slash through which causes the opponent to spin down after hit. The reach and rush in speed is almost comparable to 5B.

BC~BC: I-Field Hand>Stab>Kick

Rushes in with the I-Field Hand and stabs the opponent, which afterwards ends by kicking him/her away. Input *B except 2B for the kick to occur faster.

BC~BC~2B(Repeatedly press B): I-Field Hand>Stab>Explosion

Rushes in with the I-Field Hand and stabs the opponent with Muramasa Blaster. Deals multiple hits afterwards depending on how many times you press B repeatedly before it explodes. Although it has high damage output, it is not recommended to use as you will remain stationary throughout the whole process. 

Any melee~BC: Long Beam Saber Slash

Oscillating a long beam saber from the muzzle of the beam gun. 

Can cancel from all melee other than 5B, 4/6B, 5/4/6B~8B, last hit of 8B.

Burst Attack

Muramasa Blaster Combo

Rushes towards the opponent with I-Field Hand and does a ranbu attack which hits the opponent up into the air at the end of the combo. Has Superarmor during the rushing forward with I-Field Hand animation , also all beam attacks will be blocked from the front. Upon activation, X3 will enter “Safety Kaijou!” form, instantly refilling the gauge and leaving about 70 ammo left at the end of the combo.

In the event that you urgently need the Muramasa Blaster [Safety Removal], you could activate it while in green lock, cutting short all the animation and get the Muramasa Blaster [Safety Removal]. By doing this you will be left around 90 ammo after the short animation.


  • Try to avoid a melee fight while CSB is not ready. Just use your range weapon at mid range until CSB is ready.
  • Use BC~A more often to do a freefall in order to adjust your position for the next attack. 
  • Using just BC alone to close in is a good tool to close in to your opponent to start up your melee combo since it blocks all beam projectiles.
  • As this is a shadow unit, do not go up right to challenge the opponent. Instead you move slowly and strike when the opponent is not aware of your presence.