Perfect Strike Gundam

Model Number: GAT-X105+AQM/E-YM1

Pilot: Mu La Flaga

Cost: 250 Hp: 620 Transform: X Form Change: X

The “Multiple Assault Pack” Unit that was put together using Aile, Launcher and Sword Striker Packs. Requires a great amount of battle experience to pilot, and a unwavering heart to not be easily swayed by the state of  the battle.



Move Summary







Beam Rifle



Standard BR.

Charged Main

“Agni” Hyper Impulse Beam Cannon (Gerobi)


Bendable Gerobi.


Beam Boomerang



Staggers opponent upon hit.

Special Shooting

“Agni” Hyper Impulse Beam Cannon



Forced Down on hit

Special Melee

Vulcan Gun & Gun Launcher


17 ~ 155

Fires vulcans and 2 missiles.

Burst Attack

Simultaneous Striker Pack Attack


Melee Combo.



Cancel Routes:




2B (upon hit): any Melee, Any Ranged attack

During any hit of any melee string (except 5B~8B melee derivative): 2B



The Perfect Strike is an easy-to use all-rounder suits that combines all 3 Striker packs from the Strike Gundam.

As a result, it boasts respectable ranged firepower and a potent melee damage potential. Cancel routes for its ranged options are plenty, and this suit can very quickly hit confirm and down any opponent. However, due to the added weight, the suit is rather cumbersome in terms of general mobility and lacks any additional mobility options or cancel routes like Amekyans etc. While rotation speed is decent, all of its ranged options except Main causes vernier. It’s relatively short red-lock is also a key weakness that all users have to be wary of.

While it’s an easy suit to pick up and play, its sheer simplicity may also prove to be its weakness. The P Strike’s moves are fairly predictable and it has no cheeky tricks up its sleeves. Overall a very “honest” suit that’s difficult to do well in, but still boasts some respectable raw firepower.



Ranged Weapons

Main: Beam Rifle

Standard BR. While there is little risk of running out of ammo due to the abundance of ranged options. It is the only tool that does not cause Vernier, so do use it carefully.

Charged Main: “Agni” Hyper Impulse Beam Cannon (Gerobi)

A gerobi-type attack using the Beam Cannon. Has good muzzle correction, along with the ability to turn the beam while firing.

However, the start-up of this attacks is rather slow, thus making it easy to avoid if the enemy is paying attention.

This is an option to work around Perfect Strike’s rather short red lock range as it can be fired in green lock and then swept towards the enemy.

Sub: Beam Boomerang

Throws a short-range boomerang out, which returns after a short while. Though the animation causes Vernier, it retains some inertia from previous movement.  While it has good start-up, travel distance, travel speed and muzzle correction, the hit box is rather small. However, damage proration from the initial hit is low and is a decent option to create openings with. 

Due to its returning animation, this is a good self-defense tool as it can interrupt opponents who are closing into melee range. Thus this tool is good either in offence or defense.

Special Shooting: “Agni” Hyper Impulse Beam Cannon

Perfect Strike halts and fires a beam that downs the target. While this move causes vernier, it still retains some inertia before firing. There is also a slight recoil backwards when firing. 

Beam travel speed is fast, and has good tracking and muzzle correction. However, it’s most important property is the fact that it causes a Forced Down upon a single hit. Especially useful against units with Superarmor and can serve as an important lifeline in certain disadvantageous situations. However, take note that the Down value is reduced during Burst and will not guarantee a single hit Forced Down if used during this period. Vertical tracking is also excellent and can be considered when flying almost directly above a target.

This is Perfect Strike’s most important weapon for range battles; ammo conservation is key when using this.

Special Melee: Vulcan Gun & Gun Launcher

Fires vulcans and 2 missiles. This move will cause Perfect Strike to face front and fire, maintaining some inertia.

This will be one of your main cancel options from BR attacks as it has good tracking with good reload time of 5 secs. Doing this move raw would require a full hit of vulcans and missiles to down the enemy. While this move can be cancelled to itself, it causes Vernier and will leave the PStrike stationary for an extended time, so take this into consideration. Despite the slow projectile speed, the tracking is respectable. Startup and muzzle correction is also decent, and thus usable at all ranges, including close range.

While it can be cancelled from main, it is not recommended due to the slow projectile speed. Overall a decent weapon with good tracking, this is a good tool to harass the enemy and force boost consumption.

Melee Set

Burst Attack

Simultaneous Striker Pack Attack

Melee Combo utilizing all three Striker packs. While visually flashy, it is not cut-resistant. Similar to most EX Bursts, the initial startup has super armor but the phase in which PStrike uses the Claw Anchor and Agni Cannon are considered ranged attacks, thus may be blocked by mantle and barriers.




  • With its variety of range options and poor mobility, it is recommended to play Perfect Strike as back role.
  • Because of its poor mobility, you will often find yourself being out-chased by your enemy. Make use of Perfect Strike’s boomerang and decent melee priority should your enemy try to melee you.


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