Gundam Barbatos

Model Number: ASW-G-08

Pilot: Mikazuki Augus

Cost: 2000 Hp: 600  Transform: X Form Change: X


One of the 72 Gundam Frames that was left behind in the aftermath of the Calamity War. Because it was found in the desert of Mars in a state of disrepair, it is not able to display its true combat prowess, even after makeshift improvements. However, its generator’s output still gives it an edge over modern-day Mobile Suits. 

The Barbatos features largely similar movesets to its GVS counterpart. Similarly, despite its seemingly melee-focused armament, the Barbatos fares better in long-range engagements, making use of its Smoothbore Rifle and Graze Custom assist to disrupt the opponents’ attacks.

Ability Summary







300mm Smoothbore Gun



Physical rounds with good tracking.

Charged Main

Mace Throw


Stuns upon hit; downward arc


Graze Kai Assist


55 ~ 132

Fires 3 consecutive shots; Forced Down upon all 3 hits

26 ~ 72

Issen Slash that stuns upon hit

Special Shooting

Command Dash

Swerves according to directional input.

Main during Command Dash


Knockdown. Share ammo with Main

Burst Attack

Reckless Slash (ABC)


Melee combo. 

Skewer (2ABC)


Melee Counter. 360-degree coverage.








Standard Mace Combo.



Katana Combo. Very kakkoii.



Impales with mace before kicking the enemy away.




Lunging stab




Series of horizontal mace attacks/kicks.



Katana combo derivative. 



Stabs target with mace before kicking target away. 




Helmsplitter. Barbatos does a Pyonkaku.




Kick and mace uppercut




Spinning upswing with mace



Swings the mace around 720 degrees.

Cancel Routes:

A: AB, AC, BC, 2B



AC: A, AB, any Melee

5B/4/6B melee string (before last hit): BC

Any part of 5B, 4/6B, CC8B : AC

After full string of 2B derivative, 8B derivative: AC

A, CSA, both AB, AC: 2ABC


A beginner-friendly suit, the Gundam Barbatos offers a good mix of melee and ranged options to support it’s partner.

While the Barbatos has high melee damage potential, Barbatos melee priority is average at best and its melee startups relative slow. Barbatos melee attacks also are not cut-resistant. However, should the opportunity present itself, the damage dealt from Barbatos melee combos are high.

Beginners are recommended to hold off on pushing for melee combos and focus more on supporting their partners with well-placed salvo from both its Smoothbore Gun and its assist and close in for a melee only against unsuspecting opponents. Wherever possible, users should instead create openings via its ranged options before closing in to finish off the enemy with a melee combo. Due to the low damage from relying on just ranged attacks, Barbatos players should incorporate both ranged and melee options into their approach to break down the opponent.

Veterans from Gundam Versus will face little issue transiting to the MBON version as the movelists are largely similar.

Ranged Weapons

Main: Smoothbore Gun

Physical rounds with above average tracking that sometimes even loops around obstacles. Ignores anti-beam measures like the Crossbones’ ABC mantle but will be neutralized by every incoming projectile.

Charged Main: Mace throw

Barbatos throws its mace in a downwards arc that stuns upon hit. Functionally similar to Astray Red Frame’s CSA, though it travels slower. While horizontal tracking is poor, the downwards traveling arc makes it suitable for catching opponents landing below you. Cancelable from most moves including AC, thus good for mixing up your approach and catching opponents unaware.

Sub: Graze Kai

Summons Space Guts’ Akihiro’s Graze Kai to assist

The assist has two variations:

  1. AB: Graze Kai fires three consecutive shots that downs the opponent if all 3 hits.

    Although shot intervals and projectile speed are slow, the shots have good tracking and can often catch unsuspecting targets. Due to these properties, this option is more reliable overall and it’s recommended that players utilize the A~Ab cancel route to conserve ammunition.

  2. AB with any directional input: Graze Kai slashes at the enemy, stunning it.

    Chase distance, tracking and speed are mediocre. Recommended more for interrupting enemies about to melee you or to extend certain combos.

Special Shooting: Command Dash(~Smoothbore Gun)

Barbatos dashes in different ways depending on the directional input. The Dash speed is not particularly fast, though its low boost consumption makes it a good tool to close in on enemies with. Its ranged cancels are good tools to quickly down any enemy, and the 2AC~A option lets you put more distance between you and the enemy. Cancelable to any melee including BC and also to Main.

The Smoothbore Gun derivative causes knockdown, but also consumes ammo from your Main. An A~AC~A combo will quickly Forced Down any opponent and disrupt the opponent.

Melee Set

5B: Mace Combo

Last hit bounces. Can be cancelled to 8B or 2B during the first 3 hits. Little cut resistance but not drawn out either.

5B, 4/6B~8BB: Rapid Katana slashes

Slashes 6 times with katana before ending the combo with a final slash that downs. Most of the damage comes from the 6th slash, so only cancel out after the 6th slash to extend your combo. This move itself moves Barbatos forward quite a bit, making it less prone to being interrupted.

5B, 4/6B~2B: Mace Drive > Kick

Drives the Mace into target and kicks. Does more damage as compared to the 8B derivative, but the high proration on the first hit makes it bad to continue comboing. Opt for this derivative for quick damage, especially if you feel you’re about to be interrupted.

8B: Lunging Mace Stab

Barbatos lunges and thrusts the mace forward. This move has some elevation during the thrust itself and it is possible to lunge over projectiles like Beam rifle shots if the timing is right. Speed of the lunge is dencet and when cancelled from AC has surprisingly good chase performance. Might seem difficult to follow up after this hits, but in fact you can forwardstep cancel~8AC~5B to continue attacking

4/6B: Mace Swing Combo

Camera change on third hit. While swerve distance and chase speed are decent, priority is low and will be beaten by most other suits’ melee. Note that the 2nd hit will push your target further away, making it impossible to hit with 4BB>4BC

2B: Helmsplitter

Barbatos’ pyonkaku. Barbatos does a backflip before slamming down with the Giant Mace. Has landing property. Bounces any target hit by it but difficult to hit raw. However, this move is a boost-efficient method to gain vertical height quickly; and is useful for disorienting projectiles and the enemy player’s camera and also for covering your landings. 

Useful for both offence and defense and forms a key tool for Barbatos overall, due to his lack of freefall techniques like Amekyan.

CC8B: Kick > Mace 

Fairly standard CC8B attack. Chain it into CSA for a stun, or into 5BC.

Special Melee:

There are 2 types of input for this weapon.

1) 5BC: Mace Upswing

Barbatos does an upswing with its Giant Mace that sends its target flying upwards. Weak priority, slow startup if used raw. However, the Upswing can be cancelled from any of Barbatos melee combos except the last hit of both 4B and 5B.

Also cancelable to AC and can be used to chase enemies at a higher elevation.

2) 4/6BC: Mace Roundhouse

Barbatos does a roundhouse with the giant mace. Hitbox extends after the first revolution but has zero chase distance. While this move theoretically gives Barbatos a 360-degree defense against incoming enemies, the startup is usually too long for this to be used reliably, even at close range. Can be canceled to AC upon hit. While it is easy to follow up with AC, extended combos are not feasible due to the high down value of this move. Recommended to end with AC ~ A if target is hit with this move.

Burst Attack


Has Superarmor on startup. Not particularly cut-resistant as Barbatos doesn’t move much, especially during the second phase during the mace throw animation. It does good damage and can be used to rack up extra combo damage.



A melee counter that will counter incoming melee attacks from 360 degrees.  Has super armor against ranged attacks. The first hit of this attack is a slash-through, so it will still dash towards enemies with long melee attacks like whips and long beam sabers from Epyon/Zeta and hit them regardless. Good against the enemy that you are not locked on to as a surprise attack. Unfortunately the counter will also trigger off your ally’s melee. You can keep using 2ABC if there isn’t a successful counter, and not use up your ‘1 Burst Attack per Burst’. 


  • Despite appearances, this is primarily a ranged suit. Pick your shots well, and disrupt the enemy’s formation with well placed shots.
  • Ammo conservation is key. Due to Barbatos’ low Main ammo reserves, it’s recommended that players pick their shots, cancel into AB, or use CSA to supplement their ammo count.
  • Do A~AC~A for decent range damage while saving ammo.
  • Utilise Barbatos’ 2B to mix up your landings. Due to Barbatos’ lack of freefall cancels, 2B forms a key component of his gameplay.
  • NO UNGA! Barby not suit for Grug the Caveman, so no rush and bunga! 
  • If you do want to ‘Unga’, one relatively successful cancel route is: A~4AB~AC~any melee, or A. Basically you can dash after summoning the Graze assist, which can act as cover or a secondary nuisance.
  • You can do 2B>A to Zusakyan (Check the terminologies page for more info).