Jagd Doga

Model Number: MSN-03

Pilot: Gyunei Guss

Cost: 2000 Hp: 580 Transform: X Form Change: X

Jagd Doga

A Newtype-only suit made using Geara Doga as a base. Upgraded with a Psycho Frame and a miniaturized Psycommu system, the Jagd Doga was deployed to battle with the addition of 6 funnels, a weapon that only Newtypes can effectively utilize.

Ability Summary







Beam Assault Rifle



Average BR

Charged Main

Mega Particle Gun Shield


Inflicts Forced Down, will automatically guard incoming attacks and enter Guarding stance.





Single shot funnel

Special Shooting

Geara Doga Assist
(Sturm Fausts)



5AC: Fires Sturm Fausts

Geara Doga Assist
(Slash through)


*AC: Slashthrough


Missile Launcher



Fires three missiles consecutively








Cancelable to BC at all stages




Melee tackle, cancelable to BC.




Launches target, cancelable to BC at all stages




Single hit slash that stuns the opponent upon hit.




Bounces the opponent at last hit, cancelable to BC at all stages

Burst Attack



Melee Combo

Cancel Routes:

A: AB, 2B, AC, BC


AB: 2B, BC

AC: AB, 2B, BC

2B: BC

Any stage of any melee string(except BC): BC

BC (upon hit): 2B


Jagd Doga is one of the few MSes in the 2000 cost bracket with access to Funnels as a weapon. With its shooting guard CSA, Funnels, assist, and missiles, Jagd Doga is an all-rounder that favors shooting combat. With funnels that strong stagger enemies on hit, a 2B that throws a projectile, and 2 different assist types, Jagd Doga looks a lot like Sazabi, and with its one-hit down CSA and A~BC cancel route it looks a lot like the Nu Gundam. However, Jagd Doga is a lot cheaper than its 3000 cost counterparts, meaning that while the weapons are similar the actual performance of the moves is lower. 

However, Jagd Doga is still an effective support unit with a wide array of shooting attacks to spam from the back line. However it is only average in self defense, lacking any special movements or freefalls. But if you are able to patiently read your enemies’ movements and stay at your best range, Jagd Doga is a simple yet effective unit that can bring you the victory you so desire.

Ranged Weapons

Main: Beam Assault Rifle

Average Beam Rifle. While its ammo count is fairly high, this is standard for the course for ranged-oriented 2000 cost suits. While there are plenty of cancel routes from this tool, it is the only ranged option that does not cause Vernier, thus dependence on this will be high. 

Even with an ammo count of 8, it is still possible to expend it, so conserve ammo by cancelling with sub/AC wherever possible.

Charged Main: Mega Particle Gun Shield

Forced Down upon hit, will automatically enter guarding stance if hit by an enemy during the animation. While startup is fairly slow and muzzle correction is mediocre, the projectile hitbox is indeed as large as it appears.

Furthermore, the vertical tracking is respectable and it tracks well against fleeing enemies or targets below you. When used as a finisher for melee combos, the damage incurred is respectable.

Sub: Funnel

Sends up to 6 funnels to the target depending on how long the input is held. Carries over some inertia from previous movement. While ammunition is low, the sub reloads fairly quickly, and thus can be used more liberally as compared to the Beam Rifle. 

Like most funnel weapons, this is a useful option to lay pressure on the enemy and force boost consumption.

Special Shooting: Geara Doga

Summons  Geara Doga assist. Despite having 2 ammo, any subsequent assist cannot be called until the first is either destroyed or has disappeared.

The assist has two variations:

  1. 5AC: Summons a Geara Doga that fires two Sturm Faust rockets at the target.

    Inflicts Flame Stun on target upon hit but will cause a Forced Down regardless if both projectiles hit. Tracking and muzzle correction are both decent. As it causes Forced Down, this serves as a useful to hit confirm a target, leaving you with some breathing room to attack the other target instead. As there is some delay before the projectiles are fired, this is also useful for creating a crossfire situation.

Unlike most ranged assists, the Geara Doga assist also does damage via explosions from the projectiles themselves and thus may bypass certain barriers like Excelia’s shield bits. This makes it useful for catching landings on a suit that has its barrier up or against incoming enemies rushing in with a barrier up.

  1. *AC: Summons a Geara Doga that rushes at the target before slashing. Stuns on hit.

    Speed of the assist is average, though the assist itself has no range limit. Regardless, best used at close-to mid ranges as the target would likely see it coming and have taken measures to evade it. With regards to tracking, the horizontal tracking appears to be better than vertical. The assist also has a fast startup and good muzzle correction and thus can be used defensively against incoming enemies.

Unlike most assists, the Geara Doga assist is also fairly durable and can withstand a single BR shot without being destroyed.

2B: Missile Launcher

Fires 3 missiles that causes Forced Down if all three hit. Carries over some momentum from previous movement. Tracking is good even across long distances and is a useful option for pressuring targets who are further away. As the muzzle correction is mediocre, it’s advisable not to use this raw against close-range targets. However, as it can be cancelled from main, you can still use this to hit confirm your BR shots, regardless of range.

Melee Set

5BBB: Slash > Slash > Kick

Orthodox 3 hit melee. The reach itself is normal but the startup timing and priority are good. A good melee to rely on when you collide with the opponent. 

8B: Shield tackle

Jagd Doga uses its shield and does a forward tackle. Despite appearances, it does not block any form of attack. However, hitbox is slightly larger than it looks. As with all melee, cancellable to BC.

4/6B: Horizontal Slash > Horizontal Slash

Two stage melee that launches the target. Again, cancellable to BC at all stages.

CC8B: Rush > Shield Bash

A rush attack that bounces the target at the end. Rushing speed is fairly quick and is suitable for surprise attacks. You guessed it, cancellable to BC at all stages as well! 

BC: Beam Saber Slash

Single hit slash that stuns the target. An excellent tool as its cancellable from pretty much everything in Jagd Doga’s arsenal, including Main, Sub, and all melee moves. Reach is good as is the startup but chase speed is mediocre. As it moves a considerable distance, you may consider using this even when retreating as it is still usable during overheat, allowing you to eke out just a bit more distance. 

Burst Attack


Melee Combo. Nothing really exemplary about this, though it’s not recommended to use this against fleeing enemies due to the slow chase speed and short reach. Still, the entirety of this attack is fairly quick, so exercise caution and observe the situation before committing to this attack.


  • With a multitude of ranged options, lay pressure on the enemy by constantly peppering them with BR shots, funnels assists and long range missiles. Avoid getting closed in as the Jagd Doga has mediocre melee. 
  • Regardless, keep your eyes peeled for opportunities! The CC8B has a fast chase speed and Jagd Doga has the potential to bust out some damaging melee moves by ending them off with CSA. If the opportunity presents itself, go for it!
  • Don’t panic! If you ever find yourself in overheat in the middle of a combo, remember you can always finish off the combo with BC.
  • Memorize those cancel routes. The Jagd Doga has the potential to hit confirm and Forced Down any target from any range.
  • Players will have to have strong fundamentals to do well in this suit as it is devoid of any funky moves like freefall cancels, amekyan and the like. This coupled with no dedicated self-defense tools, leaves the Jagd Doga very vulnerable when boxed in.