Gundam Deathscythe Hell (TV)

Model Number: XXXG-01D2

Pilot: Duo Maxwell

Cost: 2000 Hp: 580 Transform: X Form Change: X

Deathscythe Hell (TV)

A stealth-type Gundam which can use it’s Active Cloaking to prevent detection from radar and various sensors. It usually closes it’s cloaking armor when travelling, but it opens up during combat, giving it the silhouette of a bat. 

A “clone” version of the Deathscythe Hell (EW) this one offers a largely similar moveset at a lower cost bracket. However, general performance (boost, mobility, etc.) is also lowered as a result.

Ability Summary







Buster Shield



Multi-hit, staggers on last hit.


Altron Gundam Assist



Functionally identical to the EW version

Special Shooting

Hyper Jammer


Cuts tracking while active.

Burst Attack

“I’ll shred you to pieces!”


Throws the scythe out, and if the scythe connects, dashes behind target with Hyper Jammer and execute a slash.








Best used for damage. Tend to whiff if target is against a wall. Opt for the 2B derivative if target is near or against a wall.



Drags the target forward, multi-hit. Last hit bounces. Untechable.



Launch up, can follow up with other attacks. Untechable.

5B (up to 4 times)~2B


Pommel strike up to 6 times, then kicks target away.




Catches target with scythe and throws them forward. Can switch target to the other opponent and throw it in that direction instead.



Pommel strike up to 6 times, then kicks target away.




Cleaves with the scythe to catch the target then spins another time. Initial cleave has a wide hitbox, can easily catch more than one target.  



Pommel strike up to 6 times, then kicks target away.




Jump slash, bounces.




Flips over target while slashing, stuns.




Kick with 360 degree Shooting guard that shields up to 100 damage

Cancel Routes:



Essentially a “budget” version of Deathscythe Hell (EW), the TV version still has some quirks that set it apart, most noticeably its main and BC. However, the core gameplay remains largely the same, with Deathscythe playing a shadowing role and waiting for opportunities to close in and do quick damage. The Deathscythe has no business actively seeking out melee engagements and does best in sneak attacks or catching unsuspecting opponents off-guard. Additionally, as the TV version no longer has the CSA Taurus Throw, thus players will have to be much more mindful of their ranged ammo.

Ranged Weapons

Main: Buster Shield

Multi-hit , staggers on the last hit. Anyone who makes contact with the shield during the multi-hit portion will also get caught in the hitbox. Unlike GVGNext, inputting a Guard command will not replenish the Buster Shield and the final hit no longer deals a Stun attribute unless used during Burst.

Due to the multi-hit properties, it is useful even when blocked as the target will be caught in a blocking animation longer than usual, leaving him vulnerable from other angles. Furthermore, the projectile also has a large hitbox, enhancing its overall usefulness.

However, the Buster shield itself has low durability and is easily destroyed by any other projectile. Despite its positive attributes, the Buster shield itself is a single shot projectile and tracking can be cut simply by inputting a fuwa. Overall, the Buster shield is best used against unsuspecting targets as the large hitbox and great tracking can catch them off-guard.

Sub: Altron Assist

Summons an Altron Gundam assist that charges the opponent while swinging its beam trident. While similar to Deathscythe Hell (EW)’s assist, this version does less damage and also has a shorter range.

While ammo count is above average, this assist does have a long reload time and only reloads once all ammo has been expended. Due to the lack of ranged options on Deathscythe Hell (TV), you’ll have to rely on it plenty, while at the same time making sure that every shot counts.

Special Shooting: Hyper Jammer

Deathscythe Hell incurs vernier before turning invisible. Works exactly like the EW version. When used, lock marker, the unit, HP gauge, suit name and pilot name are all invisible and all tracking is reduced while active. Effect ends when you get hit or do any attack. Take note that if you get hit while the Hyper Jammer is active, you will incur 1.5x more damage. While usable both in offence and defense, it is recommended to use this defensively due to the lower HP count of being a 2k.

Melee Set

5B: Scythe Combo

5 stage Scythe combo. Fast startup, with average reach, but actual hitbox is fairly small. As Deathscythe has to “teleport” behind it’s enemy for the latter stages of this attack, there is a very high likelihood of whiffing if done near the map border. However, this combo does do a large amount of damage so err on the side of caution as to where and when is best to use this over other melee strings.

5B~8BB: Scythe Drag

Deatscythe ctaches a target with the scythe, drags it forward before slamming and bouncing the target. Good cut resistance due to the distance and speed traveled and can be easily followed up after the last stage.

5BB~8B: Launch

Launches the target into the air mid combo. Nothing exemplary, can be easily followed up.

~2B: Pommel Strike 

Melee derivative that can be used before the last hit of 5B, 8B and 4/6B. Deathscythe Hell stand over the target while hitting it with its scythe’s pommel repeatedly. Offers zero cut resistance but deals the most damage. Useful if you need to lock down a target to prevent it from assisting its partner or maintaining a 1v1 situation.

4/6B: Spinning Slash

The time has come to test the spin slash. Deathscythe does a horizontal slash before doing a series of spinning slashes and ending with final slash that Downs the target. Swerves around the target fairly well and has good reach, thus useful for closing towards an enemy in situations where CC8B is not ideal. However, the overall damage output of the second and final stage is not particularly high, so examine the situation and determine if you want to continue with this combo or use a more damaging one.

While it moves slower compared to the EW version, overall performance is largely similar. Does not down the target until the last hit, so if you break off from this combo halfway, do make sure to followup. The second stage of this string (spinning slashes) has a 360 degree hitbox, so it provides some cut resistance against other melee attacks.

2B: Jump Slash

Deatscythe performs a jump before swinging down on the target. Despite some similarities, it is not a pyonkaku though it can still be used to vault over projectiles or when retreating in green lock to some degree to cover one’s landings. Startup is average and has large vertical hitbox. Due to its reach and rush speed, it can also be used to close in faster as compared to CC8B.

8B: MS Throw

Deathscythe jabs the target with the handle, before stabbing the target, spinning it and throwing it away. If you change lock prior to the throwing animation, you can even throw the target at his partner. As the flight distance is shorter than Deathscythe’s red lock, it will not hit distant targets. Does not have cut resistance and has a forced POV change, but the damage dealt is respectable. 

CC8B: Overhead Slash

A single hit slash that stuns the target upon hit. Deathscythe itself lands behind the target upon hit. Due to the stun attribute, it is easy to follow up with either ranged or other melee options. Due to the motion, it is possible to reach targets that are below you.

BC: Active Cloak attack

Deathscythe automatically dons its cloak before kicking the target. Unlike the EW version which changes form to a cloaked state, this is simply put a melee attack with Shooting Guard properties. Taking any ranged attack reduces the counter and the move cannot be utilized if the counter is at zero. However, there is a short moment of invincibility when the counter is expended. However the reload duration is fairly fast, so do not hesitate to use it whenever necessary. While it has its uses as a defensive armament, this tool is surprisingly useful in offence due to the Shooting Guard.

On hit, step forward or left to continue with another melee, as the kick will kick the target slightly to the left.

Burst Attack

“I’ll shred you to pieces!”

[Throws the scythe out -> the scythe connects -> dashes behind target with Hyper Jammer -> execute a slash]

The slash itself is a multi-hit, so the damage is greatly reduced if used in a combo.


  • Slowly close in to your opponent and look for an opening to attack. Refrain from using too much vernier moves when close by, and strike with your melee when you have the chance.
  • At max red lock, opt for AB to pressure your opponent.
  • Look for opportunities when your target is not focused on you and then strike him unawares.
  • Keep those combos quick and simple, avoid lengthy ones unless you know you can force a 1v1 situation without getting interrupted.
  • Use 2B to gain height, step forward to confuse your opponent.
  • Take extra care when facing suits with whips or sweeping gerobis. An accidental run into a gerobi while cloaked will deal massive damage to you, so never use that Hyper Jammer carelessly.