Ξ (Xi) Gundam

Model Number: RX-105 Pilot: Mafty Navue Erin
Cost: 3000 Hp: 680Transform: X Form Change:

After the completion of the last model of Project Zeta, the RX-104FF Penelope, Anaheim Electronics secretly developed and built an improved variant, the RX-105 Ξ Gundam, and sold it to the terrorist group of Mufti Nabiyy Erin. The Ξ Gundam features a Minovsky Craft unit similar to the Penelope but integrates it into its main frame, resulting in a sleeker design and lighter mass.

Move Summary

Ranged Armament Ammo DMG Notes
Main Beam Rifle 10 80 Fires a thick BR and 2 missiles 
Charged Main Beam Rifle (High Output) 120 Fires a one-hit down BR and 2 missiles 
NCharged Melee Messer Assist 65-137 3x BR shot
Directional Charged Melee 19-74 Dash in to melee
Sub Funnel Missile 2(3) 20-? Deploys 6 funnel missiles / 10 funnel missiles in Minovsky Craft
Special Shooting Mega Beam Cannon 1(2) 17-232 Fires a fast gerobi and 3 missiles from each side
Special Melee Minovsky Craft High Speed Movement 100 Timer-based powerup
Directional Special Melee High Speed Movement Dashes towards the input direction
Burst Attack Full Salvo ?(F)


Thick gerobi with missiles, has super armor on startup
Melee Input DMG Notes
5B 5BBB 181 Standard 3-stage combo
8B 8B 94 Good priority and launches upwards
4/6B 4/6BB 128
2B 2B 90 Uppercut
CC8B CC8BB 169 Slash follow up with a roundhouse slash

Cancel Routes:


Any CSB: A

Sub: Any BC

AC: Any BC

Minovsky Craft(MC) BC: Any move (Eg 4/6BC A, 2BC AB , 8BC 8B)

5BB , 4/6B: 2B


The lead MS of “Mobile Suit Gundam Hathaway’s Flash”, this 5th generation MS was state-of-the-art at the time of U.C. 0105. The name is pronounced “Ku-sui”.

The pilot of the Xi Gundam claims to be “Mafty Navue Erin” but in reality his identity is actually Bright Noa’s son “Hathaway Noah”.

Xi Gundam is a versatile unit that heavily utilizes its Main and various missiles while aiming for punishes with a high-performance Mega Beam Cannon. It’s maneuverability is less than mediocre, however, this will be improved on with the use of the Minovsky Craft which is a timer-based enhancement. 

In the game, Xi Gundam is famous for its weapon structure that is easy for beginners to understand, inclusive of the standard one-shot down CSA that has been added to this version of the game.

In this version, the Sub can now be used without stopping at all. Xi is also able to do a vernier Main and cancel into a freefall with Sub. It can be said that the freedom in terms of movement, including during the Minovsky Craft, has been increased from the previous games.

While Xi is a high-performing orthodox MS, when going up against many of the more unique units with more unique attacks Xi can have a hard time. It also ranks poorly among the other 3000 cost units in the melee department.

Xi’s overall firepower is one step lower than that of Penelope. However, Xi is superior in terms of mobility. That is a very strong advantage. In addition, Xi has great self defense and can prove to be an unbreakable wall when challenged by melee units. Let’s fight for the revolution of humanity!

Xi Gundam Ability Details

Ranged Weapons

Main: Beam Rifle

Slightly thicker BR, two missiles are simultaneously launched from both knees.
Linking to Sub, Special Shooting, and Special Melee is possible. Reloads 1 shot every 3 seconds, which is standard for a beam rifle.

The missile is launched like a BZ. The velocity of the missile is slower than the beam, and it travels for an infinite range. The behavior in the missiles is like a system that “tracks immediately after coming out, but then starts tracking less”, therefore overall this tracks best and is most effective at a distance around the mid-range.

Additionally, as the missile is fired forward from both knees, the firing direction changes depending on the orientation of Xi Gundam, the trajectory of the missile can be manipulated to some extent by controlling the direction of the unit in advance by swiveling.

The missile may be hard to land on enemies above and below you due to the awkward release angles of the missiles that prevents them from properly tracking enemies on the extreme ends of your vertical axis. 

Also, due to the fact that the missiles comes out from the knees, the missiles often hit the slope when launched from Side-7’s hilly area.

Vernier Main -> Sub is very important because it allows you to freefall. Remember to manage your ammo carefully and use your CSA as well because running out of ammo can leave you high and dry. Overall this is an excellent Main.

Charged Main: Beam Rifle (Full Power)

2-second charge time. Verniers and shoots a BR that instantly downs the enemy, along with 2 missiles with the same performance as with your Main’s. Cancelable from everything as it’s a CS, mainly used for catching landings and as a combo finisher.

Sub: Funnel Missile

An all-range attack with the ballistic attribute, causing mini explosions. 6 funnel missiles will be deployed with 1 Sub input.

With *Sub, 2 Funnels are deployed in front of the enemy, 2 diagonally forward to the right, and 2 diagonally to the left. The funnel missiles are placed diagonally according to the input direction.

This attack is automatically launched from 3 different directions with 1 input, so it is easy to attack a guarding opponent.

It can be canceled from Main/BC and it allows a freefall motion if activated from a vernier Main. You can’t deploy another set of funnel missiles until the current set have disappeared, the reload itself starts immediately after the funnel missile hits 0. The reload rate is good (10 seconds for 2 ammo).

Much like a normal funnel, the missiles disappear when the unit summoning them gets shot down and they can be temporarily sealed with Psycommujack from Unicorn. 

With that said, it is not effective if it is used at a long distance, it should be used at near to medium range. 

When Minovsky Craft is activated, the ammo for Funnel Missile will be increased to 3 and ammo will be recovered as well. In addition, Xi Gundam will now summon 10 funnel missiles per Sub. The added 4 funnel missiles will be placed to fill up the gaps within the original placement.

CSB: Messer Assist

3-second charge time. An assist attack that calls a Messer. Performance changes depending on the directional input. Canceling from Main is possible, it falls even if the assist doesn’t hit anything.

Even considering that the ammo for this assist is infinite, it has lackluster performance for a 3000 cost’s assist. 5CSB can be used as a restrain or as an ammo saver. However, to make the most of this assist, it’s preferred to use it for freefall purposes.

When the Sub or Special shooting is reloading and there is no freefall route, that’s where CSB comes into play where it allows Xi Gundam to still shoot some projectiles while waiting for Sub and Special Shooting to reload. The only disadvantage is there’s a long charge time, so be wary of it. Regardless, being able to fall with a barrage is a powerful way to get a boost advantage in this game provided you don’t get the timing wrong.

It has a wide range of uses, such examples include a freefall and saving of ammo by using 5CSB then BD and using *CSB~A then BD in to apply more pressure. Last to note, although the freefall has been added, it doesn’t automatically face the front, so if you summon the Messer while your back is facing the opponent, the freefall will not occur as it will trigger a vernier shot.

5CSB: Messer Assist – 3x Beam Rifle 

Appears on the front towards the left and fires three beam rifle shots.

Both muzzle correction and tracking are average, but this the basic go-to assist you would want to use because the performance of *AB is less useful.

It is not strong by itself, but since the Main ammo is precious, we can consider just throwing it out to keep the pressure on while conserving Main ammo.

*CSB: Messer Assist – Tackle

Appears on the front towards the right, charges in to tackle the opponent with a multi-hit attack.

The dash-in speed and tracking properties of this move are not very good. It also does not travel very far due to the slow speed. This is a single assist and there’s no freefall from this move.

The size of Messer is rather large because it is a MS from Hathaway Flash, however It’s not easy to land a hit with this assist. You can however, throw it out to tease the opponent. As it’s a melee assist, consider using this as a short-range interception against shield property moves. Sadly due to the charge time, the reliability to use this move in close-range becomes risky and overall unreliable. 

As this move is not a one-shot down, there is room for bonus damage should it land a hit. If you aim for a freefall after side stepping, it is likely you might accidentally use this assist, so practice and ensure your inputs are clean.

Special Shooting: Mega Beam Cannon

Stop and shoot 2 gerobi simultaneously from the saber racks mounted on both shoulders There’s a little inertia inheritance upon triggering this move. There will be 6 missiles launched along with it, 3 missiles on each side with a short delay before firing. 

15-second reload time. This move will be increased to 2 ammo when Minovsky Craft is activated, and the ammo count recovers much like Sub as well. This move is a major damage source with excellent beam speed, muzzle correction, and thickness. The way it tracks upwards or downwards is abnormally good and if you can recognize the setup situations, you can fire this gerobi and land a hit either pointing diagonally upwards or downwards

The missiles are lined side by side, so if you shoot parallel to the ground, you will still have moderate control over where the missiles go. Vertical tracking is minor. Normally the missile spreads in a fan shape around the center of the beam, striking one the left and right sides of the beam.

If the missiles hit nothing, they will explode when a certain range is reached. Even if an enemy using a  shield property move were to guard the beam, it may get hit by this explosion as muzzle correction is applied to each missile, therefore the trajectory of the missile is greatly shifted depending on the timing of the opponent’s shield property move. Depending on the scenario, sometimes Xi can still get hit by that shield property move.

You can cancel into this from Main, and fortunately there is no cancellation damage proration. This move is Xi’s main strength, to be able to regularly resupply the gerobi using BC and continuously exert pressure on the map adds greatly to its firepower.

If you manage to get used to landing this move, even if you fail to land Main or Sub hits on your opponents, you can easily win the damage race. So do practice it.

Special Melee: Minovsky Craft

Timer-based powerup, gauge starts out at zero at the start of the match. It takes 18 seconds to reload fully, and after use it takes 10 seconds to cooldown before the 18-second reload starts again. The powerup is active for 18 seconds total. 

Upon triggering this move, Xi Gundam will perform a somersault with a tracking cut. Mobility is improved when Minovsky Craft is active, and Xi’s Sub and Special Shooting are buffed. If you press Special Melee a special movement is used which will be described later.

When doing a BD, there’s a visual beam barrier effect, this barrier is supposed to be an I-Field however there is no defensive effect, it’s just purely aesthetic.

Please note that there’s a sudden stiffness when Minovsky Craft runs out, Xi Gundam will momentarily pause when deactivating Minovsky Craft. If you get shot down before this animation and the gauge runs to 0, Xi Gundam will get up only to do that animation before being able to move again.

You can however BD out of that animation but it must be timed well. Take note that It’s possible to give a melee suit a “one chance”, basically a chance for the melee suit to dish out a full melee combo, when you get shot down when the gauge is near 0. This is extremely dangerous as it would mean Xi Gundam getting up will enter the deactivation animation, leaving it open for a full melee combo. It’s best to avoid that situation so start keeping a safe distance when Minovsky Craft is near 0.

As Minovsky Craft doesn’t get refilled on Burst, as a 3000-cost powerup suit, this powerup has one of the worst turnover rates.

*Special Melee: Minovsky Craft High Speed Movement 

A special movement only available in the timespan Minovsky Craft is activated. It can be used as much as desired but it can’t be used when in Overheat, all actions can be canceled into this movement except the Burst Attack. 


The same animation as when activating Minovsky Craft, with the same tracking cut somersault. It is possible to cancel 5BC -> 5BC, so if you are stuck or targeted in a melee fight, you can use this go escape while cutting tracking.

However as Xi Gundam has a slow falling speed, it should not be used recklessly, consider what’s going to happen later when landing.


Moves at high speed depending on the input direction, this has no tracking cut.

The initial speed is very fast but gradually decreases, if you continue to hold the direction, it will continue and at the end, Xi Gundam will start falling with momentum.

This move forces you to face the targeted enemy,  if the target gets changed, the movement will be corrected towards the opponent after the target change. Please note, depending on the target positioning Xi might brake suddenly. 

At the end of the move, you can drop smoothly without any rigidity. By matching the Main and Sub, you can fall while attacking, boost consumption is slightly higher than BD (5BC consumes a little more than a step boost).

If you press Main during the dashing action, you won’t freefall but the dashing animation will be extended for the duration of your Main plus the recovery from firing Main, thus also extending the distance of the dash.

Use this *BC to cancel out from AB and AC, or to gain boost and distance advantage using *BC ~A. This may be a simple maneuver but it can be overpowering for enemies to deal with.

Xi will look very fast from the opponent’s POV. Once you are proficient with using this technique, you can forcefully avoid the enemy’s vector of attack, on the contrary, you can use it to push harder.

As mentioned above, it can be used for Main/Sub freefalls. Also, since the property of having to keep Xi’s front facing the opponent while doing the special movements is still a must. Minovsky Craft’s special movement can be used to adjust the firing angle of the Main’s missiles

Melee Set

5BBB: Right Slash>Left Slash>X-Slash

Reproduction of G Generation Spirits beam saber battle animation.

The second slash has low damage but the third slash’s damage is high enough to make up for it, however since it is a multi-hit slash, it does not always damage well depending on the enemy’s down value.

On the first and second slash, it’s possible to cancel to 2B.

8B: Stab

One stab with multiple hit properties.

This move is based on G Generation F beam saber melee animation, as it has a certain amount of startup and priority, it is possible to do a surprise stab at close range. It is easy to chase with this move.

4/6BB: Left Slash>Right Slash

A 2 hit combo that will make Xi throw away it’s shield, which will reappear back on the left arm at the end of the combo. The priority on the first slash is not reliable. The down value is high and it’s easy to rainbow with it but be wary of the average priority, so it’s a no-go against dedicated melee suits. 

On the first slash, it’s possible to cancel to 2B.

2B: Uppercut

A one slash hit that launches the opponent in an untechable state, it is possible to cancel into this from 5B, 5BB and 4/6B. Because the priority is very poor, it is more of a move that’s used in the middle of a combo for a quick down. Chasing with this melee is a little difficult as Xi Gundam will be flying diagonally.

CC8B: Left Slash> Roundhound Slash

The second slash has a forced POV change and deals multiple hits. It is difficult to land a hit with the first hit so it’s recommended to do the first hit with either 8B or 4/6B

However, since the damage is noticeably high, it is not a bad idea to use this melee at the end when necessary, otherwise it’s also fine to just land the first hit and blow the opponent away with Main.

Burst Attack

[I’m sorry, but I want to win …! Whatever it takes!]

Fires a Mega Beam Cannon with a wave of missiles from the sides, and a micro missile pod attached to the rear skirt. The muzzle correction of this gerobi is way better than Special Shooting gerobi, and it has super armor on startup.

However it is difficult to use as it can’t be canceled, if you miss this you are open to the biggest punishes. Although the missiles are not really high-tracking, they often involve opponents who have not been hit by the main gerobi and just so happen to run into the missiles.


  • Always face the opponent as you fire your Main, this is especially important for Xi as the missiles are released from its knees so facing forward gives them a much higher likelihood of hitting the enemy.
  • Maintain mid-far distance from the enemy as the missile curve rate is better at those distances as opposed to the close-range.
  • Be wary when Minovsky Craft is about to run out, if it’s running out, start keeping your distance. It’s not worth it to land a gerobi only to run out of Minovsky Craft, freezing there which gives the opponent a chance to dish out a big damage.
  • Whenever a vernier shot is performed, link to Sub for the fastfall.
  • Barraging the enemy with missiles and your Main while looking for opportunities to hit AC or CSA is the basic playstyle of Xi.
  • While CSA and CSB have lackluster performance considering Xi’s cost, they are still useful for conserving ammo, and CSB can also be used for freefalls. 
  • For Xi, running out of ammo is a self-imposed death sentence. Unlike many other shooting suits, Xi’s Sub is not a direct projectile, so you’ll be relying a lot on your Main. Make sure to conserve ammo carefully and use your CSA and CSB to help keep pressure on the enemy while reloading Main ammo.
  • Because activating Minovsky Craft reloads your AB and AC ammo, try and use those moves prior to activation. 
  • F Burst, Minovsky Craft Xi boasts incredible speed, and allows you to cancel from shooting to melee attacks, but Xi’s melee damage output is poor, and is overall a risky option.
  • E Burst sacrifices the comeback chance for safety, and may be a good option in shuffle play.
  • S Burst is the gold standard. It raises your self defense and buffs your shooting attacks, and allows you to blue step. It’s very easy to keep your AC gerobi safe, and it further boosts the power of your gerobi as well. While S Burst Penelope performs better compared to Xi, Xi does not have to worry about being forced to use S burst in Odysseus form.
  • Xi pairs best with 2500 or 2000 cost teammates.