Strike Noir

Model Number: GAT-X105E+AQM/E-X09S Pilot: Sven Cal Bayang
Cost: 2500 Hp: 620 Transform: X Form Change: X

The Strike Noir was developed based on the Strike Gundam IWSP, but instead customized to specialize in close-ranged combat. It was deployed into many combat situations, most notably to capture the Stargazer’s AI unit from the Deep Space Survey and Development Organization (DSSD) space station.

Ability Summary

Ranged Armament Ammo DMG Notes
Main “Shorty” Beam Rifle 24 39 ~ 73 2 shot per button tap, up to 4 shots
Charged Main “Shorty” Beam Rifle (Rapid fire) 25 ~ 154 16 pistol shots, can multi target
Charged Melee Verde Buster Summon 12 ~ 129 Gerobi assist
Sub  Twin Railgun 2 55 ~ 110 High performance physical projectile
Special Shooting   “Shorty” Beam Rifle (Cartwheel/ Rainstorm) 2 25 ~ 154 Cartwheel (4/6AC) or backflip (5AC) while firing the Shorty Beam Rifles
Special Melee Anchor Launcher 1 10 Cuts tracking. Input 2/4/6/8 to move towards different directions.
Burst Attack Fragarach-3 Combo 289(F)/272(E)/280(S) Combo-type Burst Attack.
Melee Input DMG Notes
5B 5BBB 180  
5B(B)~8B 164 Launches
8B 8B 143 High damage
8B~A 214 High damage but easily punishable
4/6B  4/6BB 138 Cleave. Best melee for Noir
2B 2B  10 Shooting Property Anchor with long reach.
2B~B 100 High damage single hit
CC8B CC8B~BB  170 Ranbu finisher
CC8B~2B 195 Backwards Fragarach stab

Cancel Routes:


CSA(Multilock): AC, BC 

CSA(Single Lock)(see note) : A, AB


AC:AC, BC, *B except CC8B


2B (on hit): A, AB, any melee other than CC8B. 

Any melee: BC

Any melee other than the last hit of 8B, CC8B, 2B:2B

Note: CSA can cancel into A or AB if CSA has fired 8 or more shots. 


Strike Noir is a unit with many unique weapons, including its Main dual pistols, BC special movement, CSB gerobi, 2B anchor, etc. Strike Noir’s main weapons are its AB railgun and repeat-firing CSA/AC Shorty Beam Rifles. Using these in conjunction with your other tools allows you a wide array of cancel routes.

Strike Noir’s BC is a get out of jail free card that allows you to move towards your desired direction while also making you turn to face forward. It can also be cancelled from pretty much anything. This move skyrockets Strike Noir’s self defense rating, and also allows Strike  Noir to freely engage enemies in 1-on-1’s and maintain the boost advantage. However this tool still needs to be used in the correct manner by setting up situations where it is most effective, such as staying a safe distance away from enemies to begin with, while avoiding double lock scenarios and stray shots.

Strike Noir is stronger than it has ever been in this iteration of the EXVS series, with its Main finally staggering on both pistol shots (in the past, only the right pistol shot staggered on hit). All in all Strike Noir is in a prime position to fulfill the usual 2.5k role of being a rock-solid support unit with excellent defense as well as the ability to rain pressure on enemies.

Ranged Weapons

Main: “Shorty” Beam Rifle

A very unique weapon in the EXVS series, something in between a machine gun and a regular beam rifle. One button tap will fire 1 shot from each pistol, tap once more to fire again for a total of 4 beams. All the beams from both pistols stagger on hit, but have a maximum travel distance of slightly more than Noir’s red lock range. The beams also travel slower than a regular BR. Because this weapon reloads on empty, use up the last few shots whenever possible to start the reload. It takes 5 seconds to fully reload all 24 shots.

The healthy ammo pool coupled with the low down value of 0.7 means you can fire the pistols in slow, regular intervals and lock the opponent in place for a very long time. Don’t forget to cancel into your other attacks to score a knockdown. The interval to fire between the first and second set of shots is also used to sustain red lock while backing off. Get into red lock, fire your Main, fuwaback, fire the second set of Main shots, then pick your cancel route of AB or AC depending on the situation. 

Charged Main: “Shorty” Beam Rifle (Rapid fire)

2-second charge time. Fires 8 shots from each pistol. Mutli-lock available. The tracking for each beam is good, and the stream of beams is like a small gerobi that might catch unsuspecting enemies. Best used in mid range. There are a few differences between the single and multi-lock versions.

Single lock: The shots will only muzzle correct only up till the 3rd shot, thus being unreliable against targets too nearby. The amount of bullets is also good for destroying barriers. You can cancel into Main after firing 8 or more shots from this CSA to go into a freefall. 

Multi lock: The shots will muzzle correct all the way for the target you’re locked onto. The tracking for the beams are even better than usual, making it a top class Multi lock CSA in the game. Consider using this when trying to conserve your Main ammo or when it’s depleted.

Charged Melee: Verde Buster Summon

2.5-second charge time. Slow projectile speed with decent muzzle tracking and a long gerobi duration, and the Assist appears very quickly. 

Noir’s main weapon of choice against mid~far range enemies. Being a CSB, it doesn’t impede on your Main and AC allowing some freedom in movement. Great tool for okizeme. You can also cancel into sub while it’s firing for lots of damage. While the muzzle correction is decent and can be used for self-defence, the Assist itself is easily destroyed, making it somewhat unreliable but still usable in dire times.   

Sub: Twin Railgun

Fires a pair of railguns, with each physical projectile having an individual hitbox. Does 45 dmg instead of 55 dmg per projectile when cancelled from CSB or BC. Fast start up , fast projectile speed and good tracking, but due to the projectile speed it seems to not track well.  The projectiles are also fairly spaced apart making it easy to hit due to the wide horizontal hitbox. Also knocks the target away on hit. Takes 5 seconds to reload, which starts after both shots have been used.

Noir’s main method of scoring knockdown and dealing damage. Use this to catch landings, enemies verniered in mid air, or to intercept incoming enemies trying to melee you. Do follow up as this attack only inflicts a regular Down. If you want to land 2 consecutive railgun hits, you will need to boost dash backwards after the first hit due to the knockback. This trick only works on enemies at the same or higher elevation against you. 

Special Shooting: “Shorty” Beam Rifle (Cartwheel/ Rainstorm)

Noir performs a cartwheel to the side, or does a spin with a backflip (think Dante rainstorm) while firing both the Beam Shorty Rifles. The beams have good tracking, and are a perfectly viable attack in the mid range. Costs boost to use, but also usable in Overheat. Does not cut tracking. This move inflicts a respectable amount of damage on full hit. Takes 6 seconds to reload, which starts once all ammo has been expended.

-5AC Rainstorm: Backflips vertically upwards while firing downwards. Has good muzzle correction, but not as useful as 4/6AC as Noir will simply fall back downwards to where he originally was. Mostly used against enemies close by, or as an anti-melee intercept. If Noir lands on the ground while still in the spinning motion, he will enjoy a shorter landing recovery time. SSStylish.

-4/6AC Cartwheel: Cartwheels sideways while firing. These shots have poor muzzle correction, but this move is mostly used for movement to dodge incoming attacks without superior tracking. Opt to use 4/6A~BC>4/6AC when trying to escape with no boost. 

Special Melee: Anchor Launcher

A diagonal with upward movement action that cuts tracking, and does not cost boost. Noir will jump forward for 8BC; Sideways for 4/6BC; and backwards for 2BC. All inputs cut tracking during the upward hooking action, and have very little recovery time after the anchor disappears which then allows Noir to immediately perform his next move. Noir will also automatically face his target when using this move. However, the ammo for this move will only start to reload when Noir touches the ground. Takes 5 seconds to reload.

One of Noir’s best moves. Not only does he cover a good distance, it also cuts tracking, and you can follow up with another move very quickly. You can start tapping Main during the hooking action instead of waiting to start firing as quickly as possible. While it is a move used mostly for running away, don’t forget that you can use 8BC to fly forward and get above your enemy, while still having a full boost meter.

Melee Set

5B: Fragarach-3

A quick 3 hit which launches the target ever so slightly. Finish the combo with a Sub to knock the opponent away.

5BB~8B: Uppercut

Derivative from only the 2nd hit of 5B. A proper uppercut that launches the target up high. Lesser damage than just doing 5BBB, but hitting the target with a Sub after this uppercut will launch them even higher up, leading to a long knockdown. 

8B: Stab>Kick

Stabs, then kicks the target away. The stab attack is a Grab attribute, so if you hit a target just as their down value hits 5.0, Noir will simply freefall. Good melee combo ender if you’re out of Sub ammo due to the kick and overall high damage per hit.

8B~A: Stab>Point blank pistol>Kick

Input A during the stab to go into this derivative. Fires the Beam Shorty 12 times point blank before kicking the target away. Does tons of damage, but Noir stands absolutely still. Only do this when it’s safe. Take care of barriers and ABC mantles too. 

5B: Cleave

Decent reach and startup, making it your go-to melee for most situations. Step backwards to combo into Sub, or step forward to combo into 2B. 

2B: Anchor Launcher

An anchor attack with somewhat slow projectile speed, but much longer reach compared to other anchor-type weapons. Noir will also slide a litte. This attack is considered a ranged attack.  The tip of the anchor sparkles, making it easy to tell whether you’ll land the hit or not. Noir’s melee generally have only decent performance, so instead of trying to go for a melee clash use this anchor instead. If you’re totally out of boost (and/or ammo) and managed to land a melee, go for melee~2B~melee to secure a Down. 

While this move has its own 8B derivative, you can still wait for the anchor to finish pulling the enemy in, and then still execute the regular 8B stab.

2B~8B: Kick

A simple kick. 

CC8B: Slash-through> Ranbu

The final ranbu attack makes Noir vulnerable. Opt to cancel out after the 2 slash-through and finish the combo with a Sub. Like all slash-through attracks, if you run into a building or the edge of the map the attack will easily miss. 

CC8B~2B: Anchor> Fragarach-3 stab

Noir fires the anchor backstabs and reels the target in to stab it with the Fragarach-3. High damage, but the proation is pretty horrible. 

Burst Attack:Fragarach-3 Combo

Superarmor during the initial dash. The first attack of this move has very long reach and good tracking. Good damage overall but like many Burst Attack Noir stays still for the latter half of the motion. Feel free to use this attack raw on fleeing enemies, or just to help with the damage race.


  • Extend is the optimal Burst in a team free situation. If not, you can also pick Fighting. Shooting would hardly help except allowing you to side step out of Sub. 
  • The general playstyle for Noir is to provide cover fire with Main and CSB, knockdown with Sub, and bail out. Noir is unable to chase down targets well with only his Sub being an actual offensive threat. However if forced into a 1v1, Noir will be able to survive for very long.
  • Practice Okizeme with CSB. The damage will rack up over time. 
  • Learn to gauge the type of incoming projectiles so you can decide to use 4/6AC or BC to dodge. 
  • Inherit your red lock by firing main as your fuwa backwards, then cancel into AB or AC for an immediate attack, or BC then into Main again for a full string.