Gundam Barbatos Lupus

Model Number:ASW-G-08

Pilot: Mikazuki Augus

Cost: 2500 Hp: 620 Transform: X Form Change: X

A custom machine crowned with the name of “wolf” in Latin. The Lupus was remodeled based on past battle data gathered from Barbatos, with an emphasis on improving reaction speed and mobility. A greater number of its armor parts are curved, which helps to reduce direct impact damage from attacks. 

Ability Summary







200 mm Gun



Physical projectile

Charged Main

Anti-Ship Lancemace (Throw)



Thrown projectile, 1 use per life


200 mm Gun (Rapid fire)


35 ~ 148

Able to rapid fire up to 3 time

Special Shooting

Large Railgun



Forced Down

Special Melee 

Special Movement

Command Dash

Special Melee ~Main

Twin Mace Throw


55 ~ 111

Throws 2 maces during dash

Burst Attack

Mace combo

318(F)/277 (E)/280(S) 

A long but very cool-looking melee combo












Katana combo. 



Twin Mace combo. Mash B for more hits


323[320](F)/279[276](E & S)

Limited to during burst.
Damage after second hit listed in [].




Bounces enemy on last hit




Kicks enemy away at the end of the combo



Katana combo. 


226 ~ 286

Twin Mace combo. Mash B for more hits


323[316](F)/279[272](E & S)

Limited to during burst.
Damage after second hit listed in [].




A jumping slash




Will drag the enemy across a distance.




Dust down




Stab-grapple, 1 use per life.
Shooting Guard.

Cancel Routes:





BC: AB, AC, *B except 8B and CC8B, A 


BC~8B:5B, 8B, AC

5B(B), 4B(B): AC


Lupus is a melee-orientated all-rounder with high burst potential and high melee combo damage. Lupus also possesses a good number of cancel routes that makes it easy to apply pressure on enemies while closing in on them. His burst potential comes from his two high-performance charged weapons that also provides Lupus with the means to close in on enemies.

However, Lupus’ relatively low 620HP makes it risky to constantly engage in melee combat. The performance of his arm-mounted guns also pale in comparison compared to the smoothbore gun of its 2000 cost predecessor, making it unsuited for long, drawn out ranged battles. And while it can deal very big damage through its melee combos, its melee priority is rather lackluster.

Despite its weaknesses, Lupus is a master of moving in 3 dimensions, thanks to its good pyonkaku. Scoring direct honest hits is difficult, so center your offense around tricky movement with 2B, and scoring hits with BC~A.  

Ranged Weapons

Main: 200 mm Gun

An average physical projectile that you will use as with any other BR. The tracking on this is not impressive, but the projectile is slightly larger than normal. But this can also be considered a bad thing, as physical projectiles are easily erased by beams or missiles. 

Nevertheless this is an important tool for the neutral. 

Charged Main: Anti-Ship Lancemace (Throw)

1 use per life. Lupus throws a lance mace which skewers the enemy on hit, exploding a split second after. This attack has superior speed and tracking. The explosion will hit nearby enemies and also your allies, so be careful. It will also explode on impact, resulting in occasions where it catches side stepping enemies.

If the lance mace hits a barrier that blocks ranged projectile, it will still explode, and most likely deplete the barrier while dealing some amount of damage. 

This is basically a souped-up version of the 2000 cost Barbatos’ CSA. But you only get 1 shot, so try to make it count. You’re much more likely to hit this in the close to mid-range, so try and sneak this in on enemies who aren’t paying attention to you.

Sub:  200 mm Gun (Rapid fire)

Lupus will stop and fire 3 pairs of projectiles from its 200 mm guns. Tracking improves after some distance, so use it with your main or dash to hold the tracking lock for the best effect.

While you are completely stationary when using this move, that weakness is erased by the fact that you can cancel it into BC. It’s a strong tool for self defense as well due to the wide spread of the projectiles.  

Special Shooting:  Large Railgun

Vernier one-hit down shot. Good projectile speed and single-shot damage. This completely covers the weaknesses of your Main, and provides you with a good way to catch landings. Like with your Sub you can cancel this into your BC dash at anytime, so even if you are in overheat and you just fired this you can still dash afterwards to try and sneak in another attack, or 2B to pyonkaku.

Special Melee: Special Movement

A command dash where the direction of movement depends on the input.

5BC will make Lupus perform a backflip which cuts tracking.

4/6BC will make Lupus dash left or right in a curve towards the enemy.

8BC will make Lupus leap in an arc towards the enemy. Closes in fast.

2BC will dash straight away from the enemy. Use it along with 2B to dodge attacks and mix up your landing timing. A~2BC~AB~2B or similar variants are also a strong self defense option against melee attacks.

Special Melee~Main:  Twin Mace Throw

Only available while Lupus is in special movement and you input A. This will cause Lupus to throw 2 maces. The 1st mace will stagger the enemy while the 2nd mace will launch the enemy. Hold forward or back on the lever while throwing the 2nd mace to do a backflip, if not Lupus will hop in the direction of the Special Movement it was dashing in . Oddly enough no cancel proration is applied if the Special Movement was canceled from other moves, so it can serve as a reliable source of raw damage if nothing else hits. 

This is a good option for close range encounters as it allows you to attack while staying mobile. It has a fast startup speed, and good muzzle correction. 

Due to the angle at which the move hits, it’s easy to follow-up on this move with a melee combo when hitting enemies above you, but you might not have enough time to do so if enemies are below you. If so, just follow-up with a shot from your railgun and move on. 

Melee Set

5BBBB: Swordmace Combo

Decent overall damage and good knockback on last hit, but has low interrupt resistance for a long combo. Stable melee to follow up with derivatives.


The slam will result in a bounce. Delay your follow-up accordingly based on the distance between you and the ground.

4/6BBB: Twin Mace Combo>Stomp

The last hit ends with Lupus doing a somersault backwards and posing, resulting in a longer recovery than usual. Low damage, but fast start-up on first hit to give you the advantage in a melee exchange. Go for the derivatives, never go for this combo, only villains do that.

2B: Helmsplitter

Lupus’s pyonkaku with landing properties, causes a bounce. Difficult to deal more damage after 2B hits due to its low proration, so opt for a down and chase the other opponent instead. 

This is one of Lupus’ main moves for mobility. This is both a pyonkaku and a brake cancel (2B>A) which allows you to refill your boost quickly upon landing, when input at the correct timing. This is crucial to Lupus’ kit because it allows you to stay mobile and land quickly whenever you’re in a tight spot, giving you the boost advantage over an opponent and putting you in a prime situation to punish their landing.

Unfortunately you do not have an A~2B cancel route like 2000 cost Barbatos does (Lupus gains this cancel route in EXVS2). However, you can still do A~5BC~2B, or a similar variant. 

CC8BBB: Grapple Slash>Uppercut

A 3-stage melee attack where Lupus drags the target across a distance before slashing through and finishing the combo with a slashing uppercut. Step left for a stable follow-up. After the slash-through on the second stage the enemy is stunned, which you can use for down value reset setups. After finishing the combo you can boost dash forward, or sidestep horizontally or backwards to follow up.    

5B or 4/6B~8B Derivative: Katana Slashes

8B derivative that is similar to 2000 cost Barbatos’. Lupus moves forward a good distance during the attack, slashing multiple times. You will need to finish the combo to deal enough damage to warrant the use of this cancel route. 

5B,4/6B(B)~2B Derivative: Twin Mace Drumming

Lupus somersaults and holds the target in place before repeatedly bashing on it like its a drum using the Twin Maces, finally ending the combo with a 200mm gun shot. This move does extremely good damage, but the full combo string is extremely long. Press B up to 11 times to continue the drumming. This is a great move to use to lock down a target to burn out their Burst or Timed Power Up, or when you are certain that your target’s partner will not be coming to their rescue. 

However, take note that this is probably not your best derivative option during Burst due to the long combo time. If you do accidentally use it, don’t mash on B so Lupus will only hit the enemy twice before shooting it to end the combo. 

Charged Melee:  Anti-Ship Lance Mace

1 use per life. Lupus dashes forward with a lance, shivving it deep into the enemy. This has Shooting Guard during the dash. This attack moves extremely quick, and coupled together with a Shooting Guard, is a very dangerous attack when used in the close range. The effective range is slightly shorter than Lupus’ max red lock. Hitting this attack raw deals 207 damage, enough to kill any Overcost unit for teams using a 3000/2500 or 3000/2000 setup.

5B(B), 4B(B)~BC~BBBB Derivative (Burst only): Valkyria Buster Sword combo

Very long combo (about 6 seconds for the full combo) with good interrupt resistance, but only available during Burst. This does insane damage especially if you end the combo with your Burst Attack. But of course, you won’t pull this off if your target’s partner is there to cut your combo short.

Burst Attack

Mace combo

Another very long melee combo (~7 seconds), with decent interrupt resistance. The first 2 hits where Lupus dashes around is also prone to be obstructed by buildings and cause Lupus to stop the attack. The final Slamdunk attack does more damage the higher you are.

Recommended Combos

Ranged Weapons






As usual, 2B derivative combos are long.

BC~A (1 HIT)>> 5BBBB> AC










193 (185)

() damage is when you hit only 1 mace.



Good damage for the BC~A starter.


195 (181)

() damage is when you hit only 1 mace.




Step to the left or back, then AC



8B>8BB>2B 217 Pyonkaku finish for safety
8BB>AC 221 Quick, good damage
4/6B>4/6B~8BB 237  
4/6BB>4/6BB~AC 213 217 damage if you sidestep cancel for the railgun shot instead. 
4/6B~8B>4/6B~2B 277-340 Mash B for more damage. Poor cut resistance but high damage.
2B>5B~8BB 218  
CC8BBB>AC 274 High damage and quick
CC8BBB>5BB~2B 271 Freefall finish
BC~8B~5BBBB 263  
BC~8B~8BB>AC 258 High damage and quick

Burst Only

A>>ABC 277(F) 249(E) 257(S)  
5BBBB>ABC 362(F) 352(E) 352(S)  
5B~8B>5B~8B>5B~8B(6hits)>ABC 277(F) 249(E) 257(S) F Burst Only. Use this only when you won’t be disturbed.
CC8BBB>5BB~BC 355 F Burst Only



  • With one of the highest melee damage combos in the game, Lupus might seem like a great close range combat suit. However, a low hp of 620 for its cost makes it difficult for Lupus to go in and win trades against enemies. Play safe with Lupus while using various ranged options to create an opening for you to go ham.
  • Lupus is one of those characters that can move forever and ever even without boost. This is because most moves cancel into BC, which cancels into most moves. This means that you can perform long strings like A~5BC~AC~2BC~AB~4BC~AC~5BC~2B. You will need to spend a lot of time in the training area practicing your cancel routes to get comfortable with your options in order to draw out the full potential of Lupus.
  • Use the 4/6BC to close in on your enemies. 4/6BC->A can be used to provide ranged pressure to the target while you close in. If you are close enough and double mace connects on the target, you might be able to follow up with melee attacks.
  • Both his charged weapons are great burst damage. Use them when your enemies least expect as they can be easily avoided when enemies are prepared to deal with it.
  • Burst consideration: F if you are taking the front role, E if you are supporting a 3000 Cost. Lupus can still function as a back unit, but you will need to play extremely safe and take only the safest of risks.