Psycho Zaku

Model Number:MS-06R

Pilot: Daryl Lorenz  

Cost: 2500 Hp: 620 Transform: X Form Change: X

Officially named Zaku High Mobility Type (Reuse “P” Device). It can link up with the pilot’s thoughts, resulting in astounding reaction time and mobility. Paired together with the numerous weapons on it’s backpack, Psycho Zaku turned into a deadly weapon that would later sortie for its last battle.

Ability Summary






Main + Unique Equipment

Zaku Machine Gun 


14 ~ 119

Can fire up to 10 shots, staggers on 4 hits. Can be manually reloaded when empty.

Giant Bazooka


76 ~ 128

Fires 1 or 2 bazookas automatically whenever you press main (Zaku Machine Gun), depending on the number of active Bazookas.

Charged Main

Beam Bazooka


One-hit down beam.


Zaku Bazooka



Input 4/6 to spin sideways while firing the bazooka

Special Shooting

Zaku Machine gun and Sturm Faust (Vaulting Shot)


16 ~ 131

Fires 6 machine gun shots and a Sturm Faust

5AC: Somersaults upwards while shooting

4/6AC: Spins sideways while shooting 

Burst Attack

“I’ll.. I’ll do it!!”


Melee combo

Harmonics of Love



Fires 3 series of ranged attacks, each tracking separately. 









Launches target upwards



Stuns, input 4/6 to strafe to the left or right while firing Sturm Faust



Forced down, high damage. Knocks target far away




Launches target upwards




Shoulder tackle



Stuns, input 4/6 to strafe to the left or right while firing Sturm Faust



Forced down, high damage. Knocks target far away




Melee counter. Slashes and ends with a Sturm Faust shot, stuns.




Stuns and knocks up




Launches target, untechable

4/6 BC


Barrel rolls to the side then slashes. Launches target upwards, untechable. Cuts tracking.


Cancel Routes:





5BC (on hit): AB


A nimble mobile suit that excels in the mid-range using its plethora of high tracking physical weapons, and moves that allow it to maneuver freely. While you do not need to amputate your limbs to use this suit, great understanding and timing is still required as Psycho Zaku has mostly physical weapons, and only 1 fast beam attack (which is a CSA) to catch landings. Moreover, it loses a lot of pressure once its auto bazookas are spent. That being said, Psycho Zaku has great tools for both offense and defense, and is limited mostly only by the player’s skill.

Ranged Weapons

Main + Unique Equipment: Zaku Machine Gun + Giant Bazooka

Can fire up to 10 shots, staggers on 4 hits. 

While firing the machine gun, the bazookas mounted on the subarms will fire automatically along with your main (Zaku Machine Gun). Two bazookas are active on the 1st clip of Zaku Machine Gun, and one bazooka will be active on the 2nd clip. On the 3rd clip, the bazookas will disappear totally, and will not be recovered even if you activate your burst.  

When there are 2 active bazookas, despite the ammo showing 10, it is actually referring to 5 ammo per bazooka (which totals to 10 shots). Once this ammo hits 0, it will stay as 0 until your Zaku Machine Gun reaches 0 ammo. Reloading your main will cause one Giant Bazooka to fall off, while the second one reloads to 5 ammo.

Bazookas fired will cause explosions on contact, which makes it easy to hit targets who are guarding when you have 2 Bazookas active. Bazookas also have good tracking, making it great for mid-range combat.

The only way to recover the Bazookas after they are completely used up is to die and respawn. 

Charged Main: Beam Bazooka

One hit down beam attack. You can use 4/6BC to side step before releasing CSA to carry over some momentum. The projectile speed is excellent though tracking appears to be slightly weaker than average. This is the only beam weapon that Psycho Zaku possesses, but it is a fast moving one that you will be using to catch landings. .

Sub: Zaku Bazooka

Input 5AB to fire a bazooka normally which causes vernier, or input 4/6AB to spin sideways while shooting bazooka. 5AB has faster start up, and consumes less boost than 4/6AB. Reloading for this weapon only starts when you use up all available ammo. 

Special Shooting: Zaku Machinegun and Sturm Faust (Vaulting Shot)

Fires 6 machine gun shots and a Sturm Faust. The machine gun shots cause strong stagger on hit while the Sturm Faust causes stun. This attack has good muzzle correction especially on targets below or above you, but the projectiles itself only have average tracking.  If you cancel out too quickly after the machine gun shots but before the Sturm Faust is fired, no ammo will be consumed. Useful during Burst where you can sidestep out from this attack 

There are two inputs for this weapon:

1) 2/5/8 AC: Somersaults upwards while shooting. This movement is fast enough for you to barely dodge an incoming attack that doesn’t have good tracking (e.g. bazookas)

2) 4/6AC: Spins sideways while shooting. 

Melee Set

5BBB: Heat Hawk slash

Standard 3 hit. Last hit launches the target, allowing for follow ups.

4/6BBB: Horizontal Slash> Shoulder Tackle

Another standard 3 hit, but this one knocks targets away. Not possible to follow up except in Burst. 

5B(B), 4/6B(B)~A: Sturm Faust combo

Main damage source when your 5B or 4/6B connects. Input direction during the A derivative for extra movement options. 5A will cause Psycho Zaku to flip upwards, 4/6A will spin in the respective direction. 

5B(B), 4/6B(B)~2B: Face smash> Kick

The kick knocks the target very far away, opt for this if you want to create some space. Good combo ender as the face smash has only 0.3 Down value, while the kick has extremely high down value.

8BB: Slash> Kick

Last hit launches target high up into the air. Nothing special, unless you want a quick down after your other ranged weapons hit. 

2B: Melee Counter

On successful counter, slashes once then fires a Sturm Faust which causes stun. You can only step cancel out of the initial Counter pose, but not from the firing animation. You can now cancel into BC after ver. 1.06 patch, making it much safer to 2B~BC to fully down your target.  

CC8BB: Slash-through x2

Has good reach, but low priority and low damage.  The first slash-through is a stun, so that can be used as a lockdown option.

BC: Heat Hawk slash-through

Both 5BC and 4/6BC launch targets into the air, and are untechable. Great as a movement option (especially 4/6BC as it cuts tracking), and can be cancelled into AB on hit for more damage and lockdown. Can be used even during Overheat.

This attack has 2 inputs:

5BC: Dashes directly forward to slash at target. Usually used as a follow up form other moves as 5BC itself has no Shooting Guard.

4/6BC: Barrel rolls to the side, then dashes forward in a curve to slash at target. The barrel roll cuts tracking, making it great to just 4/6BC into a fuwastep as a movement option. However if you use this move at point blank range, Psycho Zaku will still need to perform the full barrel roll animation before the slash, so take care not to randomly press 4/6BC hoping for a quick side slash. 

Burst Attack

 “I’ll.. I’ll do it!!” 

Melee combo. Performs 4 melee attacks then sprays its machine gun in a 360-degree angle before purging the backpack for a final shoulder tackle. Very safe to use against units with barriers (Nu Barrier, Phantom Light) as the hit before the machine gun is a stun, and right after is the final melee attack. 

Harmonics of Love

Fires 3 series of ranged attacks, each tracking separately. Due to the nature of the weapons (machine gun, bazookas, Sturm Faust) they might not hit in the order of them being fired. 

Recommended Combos










Don’t do 5BB~2B as it downs your target 






Fuwastep backwards after the CC8B 




4/6BB>5BBB>Burst Attack

330 (B)/283 (L)


BC>5BB~2B>Burst ATtack

330 (B)/283 (L)



  • The pair of auto-bazookas are some of the best weapons that PZaku has, and should be conserved. To conserve Auto-BZ ammo, use CSA and AC more. Hold down A to start charging CSA while PZaku is in another animation (eg. during AC, or during landing recovery) to charge A without firing your main.
  • Mid-range is the best for PZaku, but it does well in close range with BC too.
  • E Burst is the recommended Burst for back units, a role that Pzaku is typically assigned to. If you are fronting for a 2k or 1.5k partner, or perhaps a back 3k like Ex-S, F Burst is probably your best bet as you gain very few advantages with S burst, other than the ability to sidestep while shooting.