Tallgeese II

Model Number:OZ-00MS2

Pilot: Treize Khushrenada

Cost: 2500 Hp: 620 Transform: X Form Change:△ (Super Vernier)

A mobile suit put together using Tallgeese’s spare parts. The colour scheme is also changed from the previous white to blue, and face parts changed into one that looks similar to a Gundam Type. It’s specs can still rival that of the original Tallgeese, and it is also able to execute fast melee attacks.

Ability Summary







Dober Gun  



Long reload time.

Charged Main

Dober Gun (Bazooka)


High speed bazooka shot, Forced Down


Dober Gun (Super Vernier)

Shares ammo with Main


*AB: Moves front,back,left or right and fires a shot.

Special Shooting

Wing Zero Summon(Shooting)



5AC: Triple BR shot, downs if all 3 hits

Wing Zero Summon(Slashthrough)


*AC: Slashthrough, stuns

Special Melee

Super Vernier


While this move is active, mobility is increased.


5BC during Super Vernier. Dive towards the ground quickly.


8BC during Super Vernier. Rise upwards quickly.

Burst Attack

Shoot Me!

284(S)/254(F & E)

Wing Zero will appear and push you away before a gerobi fires from the sky. You will be in yellow lock during the pushing away animation.









High damage and good melee combo. Bounces the opponent at the end of melee combo.




Bounces the opponent at the end of melee combo.








Melee Counter with a guard property,
however if hit by a projectile, it will transition to a regular guard.
Directly cancellable from Main.




Slight launch on the first hit, doesn’t consume boost throughout the animation.  High damage and good melee combo.


Cancel Routes:

A, AB: *AB, AC, 5/8BC(During Super Vernier), BC, 2B

CSA, AC: AB, BC, 5/8BC(During Super Vernier)

5B, 4/6B any hit: *AB

Any Melee except 2B: 5/8BC(During Super Vernier)

8BC(During Super Vernier): A


Tallgeese II’s weapons are all very basic, which is both a blessing and a curse. While it’s easy to use TGII, it lacks the ability to create tangible pressure, something which many other 2500 cost units can do. However, armed with strong fundamentals and the ability to read the enemy, you can take advantage of its Super Vernier speed power-up to make the right plays at the right time, and turn the tide of battle. 

Ranged Weapons

Main: Dober Gun

Long reload time, 4 sec/shot. This is your main tool for jabbing safely at the enemy from a distance.

Charged Main: Dober Gun (Bazooka)

A CSA that charges in 2 seconds. Fires a single bazooka shot at the enemy. Although it does not track well, the shot travels fast and can be used to catch landings. Note that the shot does not have an exploding warhead, so you won’t be able to penetrate shooting barriers with this.

Sub: Dober Gun (Vaulting shot)

*AB: TGII strafes in the input direction and fires at the enemy. You also rise slightly each time you use this move. This shares ammo with your Main, and also all the same cancel routes. You can link multiple sub shots together without the need to boost dash cancel.

Because this automatically faces you towards the enemy, you don’t have to worry about firing out of angle. You can repeatedly input 2AB to fire on advancing enemies while retreating. However, getting trigger happy with this will eat into your ammo, so pick your shots. This cannot be used in overheat. 

Special Shooting: Wing Zero Summon

Summons Wing Zero to attack your target. Depending on your input, it performs one of two actions:

5AC: Bird Form Buster Rifle Multi-shot

Wing Zero appears in its Mobile Armor form, shooting a series of 3 shots at the target. Does 65 damage per hit.

This has rather good damage proration compared to other summons, so you can do some pretty nice follow-up damage if the opportunity presents itself.

This is a summon you can send out and attack together with, flanking the enemy. It’s also an important tool for keeping your Main ammo economy strong. This is best used in the long to mid range.

 *AC: Wing Zero Slash-through

Wing Zero charges at the enemy in its Mobile Suit form, slashing and applying a weak stun to targets. 

This has a fast charge speed and good tracking, making it an easy to use and strong tool. This is best used in the close to mid range. Lasts only 6 seconds.

This can be used defensively to flee from a threatening foe (enemy in Burst, for example), or offensively to close in on distant targets. 

Special Melee: Super Vernier

Activating Super Vernier, your mobility will be increased significantly, including the chase speed of your melee attacks and the amount of inertia you carry.  

While Super Vernier is active, input 5/8AC again to ascend or descend quickly. 

Melee Set

Burst Attack

Come, shoot me!

[Wing Gundam appears ->pushes you away -> a gerobi is fired from the sky]

You will be in yellow lock during the pushing away animation.


  • Try not to brainlessly spam your shots as the reload time is 1 sec longer than with your usual beam rifles.
  • TGII’s signature move is its Super Vernier power up. Winning or losing a match may depend on how well you use it. Don’t just use it when you have it— is your opponent going to pop its Burst soon? You might want to save it for self defense. Is your teammate about to launch a big offensive? SV at the same time he goes in so you can fight alongside him. 
  • E burst is the way to go if you’re supporting a 3000 cost partner. Otherwise, S burst is the better option over F in most cases, as TGII benefits greatly from having the ability to blue sidestep its shooting moves, and freefall like it so desperately needs. Although, F Burst coupled with Super Vernier could be the comeback factor you need in certain matchups.