Providence Gundam

Model Number:ZGMF-X13A

Pilot: Rau Le Creuset

Cost: 2500 Hp: 620 Transform: X Form Change: X

A mobile suit equipped with a nuclear engine developed by ZAFT, thus considered a sibling unit to Freedom and Justice. Utilizing the remote all-range weapon system DRAGOON, the pilot can control all 11 DRAGOON units to initiate attacks from all angles.

Move Summary







Beam Rifle



Average BR.

Charged Main

Beam Rifle (High energy)

140 (60+40×2)

Shoots a “single” shot that actually consists of 3 separate hitboxes


Dragoon System (Defensive Mode)


18 ~ 116

AB: Deploys one small dragoon, which will face front while surrounding Providence, firing a beam on the target after deployment.

Dragoon System (All-Range Attack)

25 ~ 132

*AB: Deploys one dragoon which will fly towards the target, surrounding it before firing a beam.

Special Shooting

Dragoon System Assault(Standby mode)


25 ~ 132

5AC: Deploys multiple Dragoons in a formation around Providence. 

Dragoon System Assault(All-Range Attack)

25 ~ 132

*AC: Deploys multiple Dragoons to surround the enemy.

Special Melee

Dragoon System Beam Curtain



Deploys the 3 large dragoons to target, surrounding it and creating a beam curtain that last for roughly 6 secs until the ammo gauge runs out. Stuns enemies on contact, has no effect on allies. Enemies can be stunned more than once.

Burst Attack

Dragoon System (Combo)


Melee combo Burst Attack that ends with a beam curtain finish.









Standard 3 hit melee




Does a front kick. Dust Down. Can cancel into Main




Standard side melee combo with a bounce on ground at the end.




Does a large beam saber swing that downs the target. Shooting Guard.




2 hit beam slash.


Cancel Routes:

A: AB, AC, BC, 2B. 8B


BC: 2B

8B (on hit): A


Providence is a strong all-rounder unit with good mobility, and useful beam weaponry for the mid-range. However, most of its attacks are very “honest”, meaning they are all fired in a straight line. This leaves Providence with few ways to hit enemies moving horizontally. This weakness can be balanced out by taking advantage of Providence’s good melee kit that can lead to big damage. Playing a careful and clean neutral while looking for opportunities to get in with a good melee combo is Providence’s playstyle.

Ranged Weapons

Main: Beam Rifle

Average BR. You do get a lot of cancel routes from this, with A~8B being a fan favorite. 

Charged Main: Beam Rifle (High Output)

Fires a one shot beam with decent tracking and speed. This actually has 3 separate hitboxes that deal varying amounts of damage. This is great for catching landings and intercepting melee, and can also be cancelled into the Beam Curtain. 

Sub: Dragoon System (Defensive Mode)/Dragoon system (All-Range Attack)

There are two types of input for this weapon:

AB:Deploys one small dragoon, which will face front while surrounding Providence, firing a beam on the target after deployment. This is useful in situations where you want to down the enemy after a confirmed BR shot, but you don’t have the boost gauge to zunda. 

*AB:Deploys one dragoon which will fly towards the target, surrounding it before firing a beam. This is great for just throwing out casually in the neutral, and can hit careless opponents quite easily. Spin the lever while releasing the funnels to release them in a variety of directions, giving you a higher chance at hitting the enemy. 

Holding on to sub will continue to deploy all 8 of the small dragoons, each taking turns to fire at the target. This causes Providence to vernier, but you do slide forward a fair bit before firing.

Special Shooting: Dragoon System Assault (Defensive Mode)/Dragoon System Assault All-Range Mode)

Similar to the sub, this instead deploys 8 funnels at once instead of one at a time. 

5AC deploys the funnels in a formation around you, which will fire rapidly one-by-one on the enemy when you shoot your Main. This is great for self defense, or offensively in the close range. 

*AC sends the funnels out to surround the enemy, firing at it from all angles. This is actually inferior in many ways to the *AB which gives you full control of how many funnels to send out, and also allows you to send groups of funnels out in waves for a higher chance of intercepting the enemy. However, if you just want to send out a big group of funnels with a single command input, this will do.

BC: Beam Curtain

Providence sends out the 3 large Dragoons to form a beam net which surrounds the enemy. Any enemy that comes into contact with the net will get stunned. You and your teammates can pass through the nets freely, so don’t worry about stunning your own teammates.

There is actually a directional input available for this move: 5BC deploys the dragoons to fire the beam curtain in a dome formation, while directional inputs form a pyramid formation, with the dragoon at the top firing beams that slant in the chosen direction. Test this out in training to see what it all looks like. You can also deploy this in green lock and get the full benefits.

This is Providence’s calling card. The timing at which you use this move is crucial— you want to use it in situations like when both opponents are travelling close to each other, when your opponents have been airborne for a long time, or if your teammate is mounting an offense with Burst or a timed power-up. This can be really difficult for enemies to dodge or get around, and the reload is relatively long, so don’t treat this move as something you can just fire and forget. Use this move at the right time and it can be devastating for the enemy.

Melee Set

5B: 3-hit combo

Providence slashes at the enemy three times. This is not a good combo starter due to its slow startup, but as a combo part this is an excellent choice. Providence has no shortage of good ways to get a melee hit in, so combo from those into 5B for your best damage.

8B: Kick

All masked characters in Gundam have a kick of some sort, and Rau Le Creuset isn’t losing to any of them. This is honestly one of the best melee moves in MBON. It has an incredibly fast startup and a crazy good hitbox, allowing you to both intercept melee attacks as well as go on the offensive. You can also cancel into this from your Main, making it a very strong option in the close range. 

Unleash this kick in the close range to check any opponents that get too cheeky. Hit it often enough and you might traumatize your friends.

4/6B: Triple Slash

Another three-hit combo like with 5B, but this one is a great melee combo starter. This tracks well, travels far, and has a great wraparound for dodging beam rifle shots. These three things should already tell you which situations you should be using 8B in, and when you should be using 4/6B. 

2B: Horizontal Slash

Providence stands still and slashes in a horionzal arc in front of it. This is a one-hit down. There is also a shooting guard property to the sword when it’s in motion, so you can cut down beams if you time it right.

This can also be used as a self defense move, but 8B is still a better option in most situations. This can be useful if you read the opponent’s super armor move, but it has a pretty slow startup so your timing has to be impeccable. Overall, this could be useful in okizeme, especially if you read your opponent is going to try a beam rifle shot or a CSA on wakeup.

CC8B: Slash-through

Providence charges at the enemy and slashes at it twice. This travels really far and has a good hitbox. While this doesn’t track opponents below you very well, it does a good job on opponents above you.

In general, 4/6B and CC8B work really well because once an opponent has been conditioned to fear your 8B, they just kind of drift around outside of your 8B range, afraid to go any closer. That’s when you can use these other melee moves which they will be afraid to challenge because you can step cancel into 8B once you’re close enough. You have all the tools you need to play mind games in the close range. All this is even more potent if you have your 5AC funnels deployed around you.   

Burst Attack

Dragoon System  Melee Combo

Standard combination burst attack that ends with a beam curtain finish. 

Recommended Combos

Ranged Weapons







A>>5AC (5 hits)








No boost required



Best damage in the close range



Zunda off the beam curtain hit



One-shot off a beam curtain




Standard combo. Can be done even if you step sideways



Little bit less damage but less boost spent. More cut resistant than the above.



Best damage option off 8B



When you have no boost



Best damage from 4B starter. You can end with A if you want to save boost









First BnB off CC8B



2nd BnB off CC8B


  • E Burst as always is the standard option when playing in the back line. F and S are both reasonable choices, with F power up Providence’s already very solid melee options, while A gives you a safe way to beam spam. Neither will put you in a situation where you can throw down with the big 3000 cost boys, so it’s probably best you stick with E anyway.
  • Providence does quite well in 1v1 situations, so it’s reasonable to go for plays with your teammate where you both try and isolate the enemy creating two 1v1 situations on the map. 
  • There may be long intervals where you hit nothing in the neutral, due to your honest weapons that are easy to evade. But play it patient and wait for your Beam Curtain to be available- that’s your stalemate breaker. Use it to create some havoc and hopefully put your opponents in a bad spot.