Crossbone Gundam X1 Full Cloth

Model Number: XM-X1

Pilot: Tobia Arronax

Cost: 3000 Hp: 620 Transform: X Form Change:


The X1 Full Cloth was developed as an anti-beam weapon Mobile Suit. It was put together from all the parts previously used by the X1 series, and is often referred to as the “final” Crossbone Gundam.

Move Summary







Peacock Smasher



Slightly bigger than a normal BR


75 (85)

During CSA: damage and ammo up. Damage is 85 if both CSA and CSB are active at the same time.

Charged Main

Skull Head Unit


Powers up BR damage and ammo, gains new special shooting moves and increase
boost dash count

Charged Melee

Muramasa Blaster (Safety unlock)


Powers up melee moves, gains new sub moves and increase boost dash count.

Special Shooting

Peacock Smasher(Full Burst / Random Shooting)

Shared with main ammo


Spread shot with remaining ammo, max 5


During CSA:  Spread shot with remaining ammo, max 9


During CSA:  2/8AC to spin forward while firing


During CSA:  4/6AC to spin to the side while firing

Special Melee


Fully refills main ammo


Full Cloth


Nullifies beam ranged attacks until durability is exhausted

Burst Attack

Summon Vigna Ghina II

320(S)/282(F & E)

Summons Vigna Ghina II to do a nuclear attack



DMG (With CSB)




85 (95)

Swings scissor anchor upwards. Damage increased to 95 when CSB is active

4/6AB (CSB)


Swings scissor anchor to the left/right. Usable only when CSB is active.

Charged Melee (CSB)



I-field punch. Cancellable into Special Melee upon landing a hit.





Damage increased to 252 and animation change when in CSB. Cancellable into Sub/Special Shooting except on last hit. Cancellable into 8B/2B derivative except during somersault motion. 






Cancels into 8B directly, not a derivative. 











Uppercut,  untechable down








138 (151)

Does not cancel into any derivative





Hits the opponent to the ground






Fires beams to knock target upwards

4B~2B (CSB)


Uppercut,  untechable





Melee counter. Can be cancelled into from Main







Slash-through. Can be cancelled into special shooting after the first phase of the combo. 

*Note: Moves with (CSB) next to it indicate that that move is only available while in CSB. Damage numbers in brackets indicate damage while in CSB.

Cancel Routes:


A (During CSA): AB,2B,AC,BC

*AC (During CSA) :  *AC,BC

5B(B), 4/6B, CSB-4B(B): *AB, *AC, 8B

5BBB, 4BB, 4/5/6B~2B: *AB,  *AC



Crossbone Gundam X1 Full Cloth, or X1FC for short, is a power-up dependant all-rounder suit. In its base form, X1FC is equipped with a reloadable beam rifle, decent melee attacks, and a 120 durability anti beam coating mantle. Without its CSA/CSB, X1FC generally plays a more passive game, using its reloadable main to keep enemies away while waiting for the power-ups to recharge. When the power-ups are active however, X1FC becomes arguably one of the strongest suits in the game albeit for a short period of time, gaining the ability to pressure opponents well and push for big melee damage while staying relatively safe.  Explanations on what the power-ups do and how they change the suit’s general gameplay are given in the strategies section down below for easy reference. 

Ranged Weapons

Main: Peacock Smasher

The BR shots are fired from this weapon are slightly bigger than your regular BR shots.

While CSA is active, damage and ammo for the BR increases to 75. If both CSA and CSB are active, BR damage increases to 85

Charged Main: Skull Head Unit

When X1FC activates its CSA, its maximum main ammo increases from 5 to 18. It also gains the ability to fire while spinning, fire a 9 round spread shot, and cancel into a reload from any shooting action. This significantly increases the amount of pressure X1FC can apply in the neutral game. 

Having the ability to fire two 9 round spread shots in a row and cancelling into a freefalling reload afterwards makes the suit extremely difficult to out-gun. In this form, X1FC players can afford to be more aggressive, using the spread shot and freefall reloads to pressure opponents into overheating before going for the knockdown. 

Charged Melee: Muramasa Blaster (Safety unlock)

CSB active] With CSB active, X1FC gains access to 4/6 sub, which can act as a deterrent against melee-oriented suits as well as double as an okizeme/pressure  tool. X1FC’s 5B also becomes faster, travels further while chasing, and does more damage.

In this form, X1FC players tend to be looking for openings in the opponents’ defences in order to land a painful melee combo. The 120 durability mantle comes in clutch at this juncture, allowing X1FC to force its way through ranged attacks and score big hits.

Special Shooting: Peacock Smasher(Full Burst / Random Shooting)

Fires a 5 round spread shot in base form.

The performance for this weapon changes in the following ways while CSA  is active:

1) 5AC: Fires 9 shot volleys instead of 5. Can be cancelled into your special shooting or special melee. 

2) 8AC/2AC: Rapidly fires the peacock smasher while spinning forward. Can be cancelled into your special shooting or special melee. 

3) 4AC/6AC: Rapidly fires the peacock smasher while spinning to the left or right. Can be cancelled into your special shooting or special melee. .

X1FC’s special shooting is basically your go-to attack whenever you have CSA active. As the spread shot covers a large area, and can be fired continuously while you have the power-up, it creates enormous pressure for your opponents. Even if you are unable to land a hit on your opponents, the relative safety of this move ensures that you will most likely not be hit as well, making it the perfect move to throw out in the neutral game. 

Special Melee: Reload

Refills your main ammo instantly. Self-explanatory, but gains different properties if CSA is active. While CSA is active, any shooting attack can be cancelled into your reload. Since the reload also puts you in a free fall state whenever it is used, it essentially becomes a quick landing method for X1FC while CSA is up. 

Passive: Full Cloth

Takes beam damage in place of X1FC as long as the mantle retains durability. Once durability is exhausted, the mantle breaks and only regenerates if X1FC does not overcost when respawning.

Melee Set

Melee with (CSB) listed after it refers to the move done during CSB

AB: Scissor Anchor 

Uses the scissor anchor to knock target upwards. Can be used as a pseudo pyonkaku if you so wish, since the attack does lift X1FC upwards. Creates interesting okizeme situations in the corner.

4/6AB (CSB): Scissor Anchor (Side Whip)

A side swing using the scissor anchor, only usable while CSB is active. Usually used to fend off melee attackers before they get too close, or to knock them aside if they do. Another strong okizeme tool as 4/6AB>anything is mostly safe, and  stops a large number of wake-up options. 4/6AB > anything can also be used in the neutral game as a way to travel short distances while cutting tracking.

Charged Melee (CSB): Skull Knuckle Guard

I-field punch. Extremely fast, does multiple hits almost instantly and even downs the enemy as a bonus.  Perfect for breaking super armor moves, or surprising an enemy on wakeup.

5BBB: Muramasa Blaster & Peacock Smasher combo

A 4 hit combo which launches  the opponent upwards after the 4th hit. Cancellable into 2/8B after 1st or 2nd hit.

5BBB (CSB): Beam Zanber Combo

A 5 hit combo with consecutive beam zanber attacks, kicks the opponent up and slashes through at the end. This melee attack  is extremely fast and chases extremely far. Your go-to melee combo in CSB.

8B: Stab>Horizontal slash

A two hit combo which stuns the opponent after 2nd hit.

4/6BBB: Horizontal Slash>Brand Marker combo

A 3 hit combo which slams the opponent towards the ground after the 3rd hit. Cancellable into 2/8B after the 2nd hit. A standard 4/6B melee with no real positives or negatives. 

4/6BBBB (CSB): Muramasa Blaster Consecutive Horizontal Slash combo

Similar to the 5BBB (CSB) combo, the melee becomes faster and chases better while CSB is active. Does good damage for the time it takes to complete the combo. However, since it loses to 5BBB in both damage and chase, it is recommended that you just go straight for 5BBB. 

2B: Melee Counter

A melee counter which can be cancelled into from your main. 

CC8BB: Slash through combo.

Launches the opponent upwards while slashing through twice. Serves its purpose as a boost dash melee if nothing else. 

CC8BBBB (CSB) : Slash-through combo

Similar to the previous two attacks. Better damage and chases further. Still, you would almost always prefer to use 5BBB.

Burst Attack

Summon Vigna Ghina II

Summons Vigna Ghina II to do a nuclear attack. This attack has a large explosion radius, but the time it takes for X1FC to fire it makes it easy to see and avoid. Can be used on a downed opponent to limit their wakeup options. 


  • X1FC lives and dies by its CSA and CSB. You’ll want to make use of the limited time you have with your power ups to pressure your opponents and push for damage. While both are active, X1FC becomes one of the strongest suits in the game, so you may want to use them in conjunction with your burst for maximum effectiveness. 
  • Alternatively, you can activate your power ups one after another to shorten your ‘down time’. Since your opponents will almost always be looking for a period where both your CSA and CSB are down to commence their attack, using them separately ensures that you are never totally weak throughout the match. 
  • If and when both power-ups are down, it is best if you keep your distance with ranged attacks while waiting for them to recharge. Brawling with other suits without CSA or CSB can be dangerous, and is usually not worth the risk.