God Gundam

Model Number: GF13-017NJII

Pilot: Domon Kasshu

Cost: 3000 Hp: 750 Transform: X Form Change: X


The Gundam of Gundams. The King of Hearts. The Shining Gundam’s successor.

The Mobile Fighter’s Ki is harnessed as energy to power the suit’s overwhelming close-combat moves. When its Mobile Fighter achieves a state of Meikyo-Shisui, the entire suit glows gold as if reflecting the nature and power of its Fighter.

God Gundam has almost all the same movesets as its GVS counterpart with some really noticable differences.

Move Summary







Erupting God Finger (Focused)



A short-ranged column of fire that stuns on hit

Charged Main

Boulder-Breaking Heavenly Fist (Sekiha Tenkyoken)



Projectile with 3 charge levels with different characteristic per level





5AB: Summons Fuunsaiki to do a ram attack.

4/6AB: God rides Fuunsaiki to left(4) or right(6) upon leaping off, Fuunsaiki will continue towards the opponent.

2/8AB: God rides Fuunsaiki forward, has shield property while going forward.


God Shadow


Summons 4 Shadow Clones with shield property that spins around God

Special Shooting

God Field Dash

A dash with multiple follow-ups

GFD follow-up: God Slash Wave


AC~A. A beam-based ranged attack.


 Attack Name





Rapid Strikes



6 inputs, 7 hits

Follow-up: 3 Slashes



Can follow-up with this from the 1st to 3rd hit of the 5B string

Uppercut>Aerial Rave



Similar to Master’s air combo


Elbow Strike> Combo



High damage per hit

Follow-up: Hundred Punches



No cut resistance, but high damage

Follow-up: Slash through



Same motion as the GFD Slash-through


Left-Right Hook Combo




Follow-up: 3 Slashes



Same as 5B’s 8B follow-up

Follow-up: Hundred Kicks



No cut resistance, but high damage

Boost Dash Melee

Whirlwind Kicks



Good cut resistance, untechable

Follow-up: Hundred Kicks



Same as 4/6B~2B’s follow-up

Charged Melee

Choukyuu Haou Deneidan



Multi-hit assault, good use against incoming melee attacks

Special Shooting Follow-ups

Head Strikes




Follow-up: Slash-through



Same as 5B’s 8B follow-up




Slashes through the opponent, the opponent is able to recover however.

God Slash Typhoon

2AC or AC~2B


Shooting guard while spinning

Special Melee  

Erupting God Finger



Mash B for more damage, has Super Armor on startup frame

Erupting God Finger(Left Hand)


Follow-up: Throw




Follow-up: Heat End



178~250(E & S)

Only during Burst. High damage

Burst Attack 

Nobel Gundam Combo


342(F)/287(E & S)

Lots of hits, GFHE finish

Sekiha Love Love Tenkyoken


270(F & E)/294(S)


Cancel Routes:

After leaping off Fuunsaiki(8AB , 4/6AB): 5B, BC

2B: AC, 2AC

Any melee: AC

Various melee on hit before finisher: BC

AC~A: 5B, 4/6B, 8B

AC~[step](Somersault Derivative): A, AB, 2B, 5B, 4/6B, 8B, BC, ABC, 2ABC


At first glance, God (or Burning, for those who watched the English Dub) looks like another Melee-centric suit, similar to Master and Epyon. However, God is a unique hybrid: It relies more on short-ranged projectiles to start his melee offense. God is very much what the Japanese refer to as a “one-chance” suit. While it’s extremely difficult to get a good offense started against all rounder type opponents, you can never truly write-off a suit that can do 300 damage in a single combo. This is especially true during his Burst aka Hyper Mode aka Meikyo Shisui, where his damage skyrockets and Erupting God Finger becomes a true threat where it has Shield Property on front and Super Armor in the whole animation.

Ability Details

Ranged Weapons

Main: Erupting God Finger [Focused]

Fires a straight line of fire that stuns opponents on hit, has good correction, reloads fast.

Charged Main: Boulder-Breaking Heavenly Fist / Sekiha Tenkyoken

Fires Sekiha Tenkyoken in different sizes and with different characteristics depending on charge level, as this is an energy based attack, it bypasses ABC mantles

Lvl 1: Small fist, this level has the least damage, but with the fastest startup and best tracking and speed

Lvl 2: Medium fist, this level has good tracking and it does more damage than level 1. It’s also the level recommended when firing CSA due to it having the best tracking among Lvl 1 and Lvl 3.

Lvl 3: Big open palm, Has the slowest startup and projectile speed, despite the bigger size it has little to no tracking but the damage caused by getting hit by this level is a tremendous 190 damage

It’s possible to chain any variation of CSA with AC~A or in mid combos, it’s also possible to use as a surprise attack 

Sub: Fuunsaiki Assist

God snaps his fingers and summons Fuunsaiki who will proceed to charge straight to ram the opponent, upon ramming, the opponent will be launched up but techable

8AB: Fuunsaiki Charge

Summons Fuunsaiki but God rides Fuunsaiki forward, consumes 0 boost, with a small shield property on the front, rams opponent with same effect as regular Sub. 

Pressing C makes God leap off Fuunsaiki, Fuunsaiki will continue to charge for a short distance towards the opponent before disappearing.

4/6AB: Fuunsaiki Ride

Summons Fuunsaiki but God rides Fuunsaiki either left(4AB) or right(6AB), consumes 0 boost in the process and is mainly used for buying air time if God comes across a case of overboosting and needing an action to keep him afloat.

Pressing C makes God leap off Fuunsaiki, Fuunsaiki will continue to curve and charge for a short distance towards the opponent before disappearing.

2B: God Shadow

Summons 4 Shadow Clones which spirals around God Gundam with some spacing, each with a chance of blocking a projectile from the opponent but also a chance for the opponent’s projectile to bypass those clones and hit God. 

Melee Set

5BBBBBB: Rapid Strikes

Last hit downs opponent, has little cut-resistance, build up to the last hit is faster than the Uppercut>Aerial Rave , but still best to cut the combo short with AC~8B

5B~8B: Follow-up: 3 Slashes

Does 3 slashes mid 5B combo but verniers in the air for a little as opposed to AC~8B, this move is rarely used.

5~2B~C~5BBBBBB: Uppercut>Aerial Rave

Does massive damage however the time it takes to do the full combo is really long, thus it’s only really used when in a 1v1 situation. The combo links to God Finger at any point of the combo, best to use God Finger before the final hit for maximum damage

8BBBB: Elbow Strike> Combo

The first hit with the elbow has quite a fast startup, priority however is considered average at best, this melee should be used as a combo starter as it’s melee priority is higher than 4/6B but suffers from the fact that it doesn’t curve.

8B~2BB: Follow-up: Hundred Punches

Does a lot of damage, however it is not cut-resistant and is a stationary combo, best used in a 1v1 situation.

8B~2B~8B: Follow-up: Slash Through

Ends the combo with a slash through, same move as AC~8B, this combo is rarely used.

CC8BBB: Whirlwind Kicks

Kicks the opponent upwards before following up with whirlwind kicks, the combo ender sends the opponent upward in an untechable state. To be able to follow up requires stepping back (22) due to the position that the last kick places God in.

CC8BB~2B: Follow-up: Hundred Kicks

Upon landing the second kick, it’s possible to follow up with hundred kicks which stuns the enemy allowing God to link to God Finger or AC moves for further combos.

4/6BBBBB: Left-Right Hook Combo

It has a good curve rate before landing the hook usually used to initiate the first hit if the player is trying to land a melee while dodging shots. The melee priority is lower than 8B but has more cut-resistance in this combo than 8B’s. 

4/6B~8B: Follow-up: 3 Slashes

Same move as 5B~8B’s follow up. Does 3 slashes but verniers in the air for a little as opposed to AC~8B, this move is rarely used.

4/6B~2B: Follow-up: Hundred Kicks

Same move as CC8BB~2B’s follow up, stuns the enemy allowing God to link to God Finger or AC moves for further combos.

Charged Melee: Choukyuu Haou Deneidan  (CSB)

Charges towards the opponent, has good priority over melee suits as the hitbox of this move covers God Gundam from front to back, however at the risk of getting shot in the face as this move has no shield property.

2AC: God Slash Typhoon

God spins with his beam saber creating God Slash Typhoon, a move with shield property covering God entirely while dealing decent damage to the opponent.

Special Shooting: God Field Dash (AC)

A Dash with multiple usage:

  • If the player inputs a direction twice, God will flip in that direction, 88 is useful for closing space. As for the other direction inputs, it wasn’t really use much but still really cool.
  • If the player inputs A, God will shoot out a God Slash Wave from the beam saber, this move links to 5B, 4/6B, 8B and 2B
  • If the player inputs B, God will proceed to smack the opponent with head strikes, pressing BB will lead to the head strikes combo ender which sends opponents flying downwards, however in the midst of the combo(AC 5BB) inputting 8B will lead to a slash through which ends the combo however it’s better to end with the default AC 5BBB combo as this sends the opponent downwards, it depends on the situation. This combo also links to God Slash Typhoon with the input of 2B in mid combo.
  • If the player inputs 2B, God will do a God Slash Typhoon, this move is really useful as a mid combo move especially when the opponent partner is just around the corner to cut God’s combo noting that God Slash Typhoon surrounds God with a shield property while also doing damage to the opponent.

Special Melee: Erupting God Finger (BC)

God does his trademark Erupting God Finger and grabs the opponent’s head, mashing B does more damage, in the midst of mashing B pressing 8B throws the opponent forward, allowing for follow up combos.

If Erupting God Finger is used from a certain distance or if the opponent dodged the first finger and God isn’t able to reach the opponent, pressing BC again will make God do his Erupting God Finger(Left Hand) to chase down the opponent, this time God will reach for the opponent’s cockpit(No damage differences, just aesthetics). Without burst God Finger can only mash B until an explosion occurs or tossing the opponent away with 8B.

In Burst, God gets Shooting Guard while his hand is is stretched out during the dashing animation. This also applies to the Left Hand version. You also get a new link to 2B which is the Heat End, dealing does a lot of damage in a short amount of time. 2B can be input right before the regular explosion for higher damage. 

Burst Attacks

ABC: Nobel Gundam Combo

Summons Nobel Gundam to punch the opponent in a circle, bringing the opponent up before doing Double God Finger, Heat End.

Has Super Armor on startup, not really cut-resistant as the combo just brings the opponent up vertically slowly before doing Double God Finger, Heat End finish. 

Not often used as God is able to dish out more damage with less risk with his regular moves and mixing Erupting God Finger~Heat End

2ABC: Sekiha Love Love Tenkyoken
Summons Rain who stands with Domon on the opened chest of God Gundam and fire the Sekiha Love Love Tenkyoken.

Has Super Armor through the whole animation, however God Gundam will be absolutely stationary for a good 3-4 seconds before shooting it. 

Therefore making this move close to useless in PvP’s case as standing still for 4-5 seconds in burst, often results in the opponents bombarding God before God can even fire the Sekiha Love Love Tenkyoken.


  • Ending every melee combo with AC~8B is good practice of cutting every combo short
  • Players can use Main to break the running slide effect that God does at the end of the running animation (Ground Boost Dash)
  • Practice Side Step Boost Dash to be able to boost dash normally on low altitude.
  • Doing AC~A BD AC~A BD AC~A is a good way to zunda opponents without requiring any melee
  • Always burst at close range, God Finger~Heat End does a ridiculous amount of damage when given the chance to and can allow God to turn the match around. 
  • God’s melee priority has the tendency to lose out to other melee suit’s priorities, some outclass God by range, wideness of hitbox and priority. 
  • Depending on matchups, it’s good to go in with the mentality of landing either the Main, Sub or AC~A before initiating a combo (Reduces risk of trading melee priority). 
  • Using Erupting God Finger for the Super Armor startup is a good technique to pick up when going against suits with Pressure, as that small frame of Super Armor allows God to stay close to the suit that just used Pressure and will now have to face the wrath of God’s melee combos.
  • Similar to the show, God is the kind of suit that requires the player to think clearly without any rage or heavy side step mashing as God’s pretty much average as a melee suit. God only has decent to good melee priority, God’s Main and AC~A do not have ridiculous tracking thus timing is crucial, even CSA requires the player to balance on Level 2 instead of the usual “MAX CHARGE = STRONGER” concept.