Freedom Gundam

Model Number: ZGMF-X10A  

Pilot: Kira Yamato  

Cost: 2500 Hp: 600 Transform: X Form Change: X

A nuclear-powered mobile suit that was developed by ZAFT using the GAT-X series as reference. The Freedom is equipped with both beam and physical weapons, and is more than capable of overwhelming multiple enemies at a time.

Move Summary







Beam rifle



High-performance BR

Charged Main

Justice Gundam


Justice flies towards the enemy, slashes and stuns.

2.5 seconds charge time.

Charged Melee

SEED Burst

100 (Once per life)

Restores 50% of the boost gauge and increases speed significantly for 8 seconds.
2 seconds charge time.


“Balaena” Plasma Beam Cannon


70 ~ 140

High damage

“Xiphias” Railgun
(2AB input)

50 ~ 100


Very fast startup and projectile speed

Special Shooting

HiMAT Full Burst Mode



High velocity gerobi with good muzzle correction

Special Melee

Barrel Roll


Barrel rolls left or right depending on directional input

Burst Attack

Combination Assault


Slashes the target to stun, summons Justice to slash the target again before both units fire gerobis.









Three-stage melee combo with good reach



Derivative that end s with target in an untechable Down




A fast and high priority stab attack. This kills the Stella.




Excellent priority and start up.




Flies up rearwards quickly, before diving down to stab 




2 hit slash through. 




Same motions as CC8B

Cancel Routes:

A: AB, AC, BC, 2B




*B: BC (doesn’t have to hit)

BC: A, *AB, AC, B 


Freedom is a high mobility, high firepower suit with a good selection of weaponry. It has excellent shooting and melee capabilities, making it a great all-rounder suit balanced in both offense and defense. However, except for Beam Rifle, all of Freedom’s moves cause vernier and even Barrel Roll consumes boost during usage. While it can utilise 2B and BC to mix up its movements, it can still be very rigid. The Freedom is a fairly honest suit with very linear and straightforward ranged options; thus it relies on the player having core fundamentals to perform well. 

Ranged Weapons

Main: Beam Rifle

The damage and ammo count of this Beam Rifle is on par with the highest cost suits in the game. While the performance of the Beam Rifle is good, care should be taken to manage ammo count. 3 seconds reload time.
Freedom’s bread and butter weapon as the only non-Vernier loadout.

Charged Main: Justice Gundam

Summons Justice Gundam to dash towards the enemy and stun for 0.6 seconds. Causes Vernier for Freedom. 2.5 seconds to charge.

Charged Melee: SEED Burst

Freedom verniers, which can be cancelled with a boost dash, and recovers 50% of his boost gauge. For the time it is active, Freedom moves faster, lands slower, gains extra boost (BD 7 > 8), turns faster, but also takes x1.5 more damage during burst. Guarding melee attacks cancels this mode as does getting hit. 

Sub: “Balaena” Plasma Beam Cannon / “Xiphias” Rail Cannon

This move changes depending on directional input. Can be cancelled to/from BC. If cancelled from BC, the Freedom will fire the Sub while upside down. 

No damage proration is applied if BC is inserted between your Main and Sub (A~BC~AB). This is an important tool for Freedom; thus ammo must be used sparingly and carefully.

Balaena” Plasma Beam Cannon

Freedom stops in place and fires two Plasma projectiles. While the start-up is slower than Main, the projectile speed is fast, has good muzzle correction and has a large hitbox.

When fired during BC, it gains a wider firing angle, and muzzle correction is further improved in exchange for slightly lower raw damage (130). Regardless, firing AB during BC eliminates most of the weaknesses of firing AB by itself (no longer verniers, better muzzle correction, no damage proration etc.) so always keep this option in mind.

“Xiphias” Railgun

Freedom verniers and fires two solid projectiles at the target. The start-up, projectile velocity is good and the firing angle wide, but muzzle correction and projectile tracking weak.

Each individual projectile causes Knockback and causes Forced Down when both shots hit; thus it’s recommended against units with Super Armour. The fast start-up also makes it useful as an anti-melee measure. However, damage doen by the railguns is relatively low at only 100 max if both projectiles hit.

When cancelled from BC, the properties of the railgun is changed greatly. The projectile speed becomes comparable to a regular BR and the overall tracking is improved. The railgun also incurs lower proration, thus better followup damage can be achieved. However, the space between each projectile is increased and while this reduces the odds of the projectiles being neutralised by an incoming beam rifle shot, it also means lowers the odds of hitting a small or distant target. 

Special Shooting: Hi-Mat Full Burst Mode

Freedom stops in place and fires its rifle, beam cannons and railgun at the target. Does not retain any inertia from previous movement and while there is a viewpoint change by default, it can be removed by inputting 2AC. While the hitbox is relatively narrow, the start-up, projectile velocity and muzzle correction are are excellent. As it deals max damage quicker than most gerobis, it isn’t as affected by Beam Mantles as other gerobis. As this is the only ranged weapon with high alpha damage, it’s best exploit the high muzzle correction of this suit to expand the number of opportunities this can be used. Asides from the usual method of catching landing, don’t hesitate to use this at medium to close-range as well. However, because the gerobi actually consists of 5 individual hitboxes, there may be cases where each individual beam tracks independently, making the damage unreliable at close ranges.

When cancelled from BC, Freedom will fire the gerobi upside down. Has strong muzzle correction, thus relatively reliable even at close range. While the input timing may take some getting used to, if you get used to the timing you may even be able to catch as if you were using Cherudim’s Main. Furthermore, the active time of the gerobi is shortened, thus allowing you to deal max damage much quicker. However, at long ranges, the active time may be too short to deal maximum damage, hence it is recommended to use this Freedom’s gerobi raw at longer ranges and BC~AC at closer ranges. 

Special Melee: Barrel Roll

A barrel roll move that rolls towards the left/right by inputting 4/6BC. Inherits some inertia from the previous movement and rolls to the right by default if no direction in inputted. If no direction is held, Freedom will perform two rolls in succession and performing only one otherwise. Cancellable to either his Main, AB, AC, or B. While this does not cut tracking, Freedom’s hitbox profile is indeed smaller from the front, thus making it harder to hit. It’s entirely possible to perform a max of 4 rotations with combination of extending the rolls as well as firing ranged weapons and while this keeps you in the air longer, it does increase boost consumption. and makes your landings more vulnerable. However, it does have its uses, so keep this in mind.

When cancelling into Main, Freedom can add an additional cancellable action (AB, AC etc.). There is no damage proration for any attack cancelled for this and any range attack cancelled from BC fires from an upside down state. This state is not just for show, but it actually allows freedom to hit targets at tighter vertical angles. When cancelled into a melee, freddom perform the same attack as CC8B.

Rather than seeing this strictly as a mobility option, consider seeing Freedom’s BC as a tool that opens up Freedom’s cancel options. However, take care when using this in close-range, as you can’t immediately step-cancel from it as well as adding an additional “lag time”to your attacks.

Melee Set

5BBB: Beam Saber Combo

Good reach, start-up and hitbox makes this the better option to use during Rainbow War. The full melee string also finishes very quickly, making it great to simply 5BB>5BBB for 239 damage. 

5BB~2B: Double Beam Saber Stab

This derivative is more for knocking the target into an untechable position without burst. Adds some degree of cut-resistance due to the motion but does slightly less damage. However, it can be easily followed up, thus opening enough options to extend the damage dealt.

8B: Stab

Fast startup, making it useful for interrupting icnoming melees at close range. However, it has a fixed viewpoint change at the second stage and has little cut-resistance, making you more prone to being interrupted. If the target incurs Forced Down from the first strike, Freedom immediately goes into a freefall.

4/6BB: Underhand Strike

Most recommended melee option for Freedom due to fast start up and wraparound. While it doesn’t do thhe best damage, the high priority, large hitbox and sanic fast startup makes this a very good melee option. 4BB itself doesn’t deal good damage, so opt to step into another melee combo or a ranged finisher


Jumps up backwards before proceeding to stab and kick the target. The first stage of the attack is fairly long before Freedom even does any, thus it’s used mainly for the jumping movement as an additional mobility option. Works only in redlock as Freedom will only unsheathe its beam saber otherwise.

As it is cancellable from Main, it can be used to cover your landings in tricky situations. Furthermore, if Freedom’s anck is facing the target, it can be used to turn around quickly while still adding some degree of mobility.

CC8BB: Spin Slash

Freedom performs a slash-through while spinning. While it covers plenty of distance, it has poor reach, slow pursuit speed and poor. Does low damage, but has great proration and low down value, allowing for a follwo-up with decent damage. Fast animation, good movement, but tracking correction is poor.

Burst Attack:

Combination Assault

Slashes through the target like with CC8B, stops midair if it hits and Justice is summoned to slash through again. Anything caught by Justice in movement is stunned for an extensively long period of time. Then both Freedom and Justice fire their Gerobis from 2 points converging on the target in an X shape.

While this does big damage and looks cool, it has severe drawbacks. The Burst is not only lengthy, but also leaves Freedom stationary and vulnerable for a long time. Furthermore, Justice itself may be hindered by map obstacles and deal less damage as a result. If the target is downed before the Burst Attack ends, Freedom still is stuck in the animation, thus leaving the player vulnerable. Overall a Burst Attack with too many major weakness, thus best to seal entirely unless you want to style on the enemy on purpose.


  • Freedom is decent at all ranges. Works best with an offensive 2500 or 3000 allowing you to pick off the targets with his powerful Beam Rifle, fast melee options or safely attack with one of his other tools that cause vernier. 
  • Leave 2-3 round of Main for emergency situations. As you have little in the way of non-Vernier ranged moves and no additional freefall options, you’d want to save those shots for when you need to make an escape in a dire situation.
  • Thus, pick your shots well. 
  • This is a very honest suit with linear ranged options and no dirty tricks. Strong fundamentals are needed to do well in this suit.
  • Freedom verniers in most of his non-Main weapons. Time your attacks well or use BC to offset the vernier.
  • 4/6BB is the most viable melee option in most cases. Follow up with an extended melee to pad that damage or finish off with a ranged attack if you want to quickly down a target.
  • Despite having no freefall options, the general mobility is high, thus running away is a very viable option in most cases. Going into the fray or running away is easier than with other suits so long as you don’t shoot your Main facing backwards or use one of his vernier loadouts.
  • Barrel Roll is one of Freedom’s staple tools which opens up a lot of cancel routes. You have to use it correctly to make full use of the suit.