Gundam “Zephyranthes” Full Burnern (GP01-FB)

Model Number:RX-78GP01-Fb

Pilot: Kou Uraki

Cost: 2000 Hp: 580 Transform: X Form Change: X


The base GP01 equipped with armaments that allows it to maneuver freely in the vacuum of space. Thanks to the Universal Booster Pods mounted on its back, its performance is far and beyond what other suits in the same era are capable of.

Ability Summary







Beam Rifle



High ammo count.

Charged Main

Beam Rifle(High Output)


Instant knockdown. Very high damage.


Beam rifle  (Spin shooting)



4/6 AB: Fires 4 BR shots while rolling left/right. Cancel to main for freefall

Special Shooting

GM Cannon II Assist



Summons the GM Custom II to shoot 3 sets of beam cannons

B-Parts Grapple Kick


Press AC when AC is reloading. Executes a kick which stuns, into an explosion. Long animation but only mediocre damage. 

Special Melee

Somersault / Hover Mode / Side Roll

2/8BC: Somersault. Cuts tracking during upwards motion.

5BC: Enter Hover Mode. Cuts tracking during upwards motion.

4/6BC: Rolls to the side. Does not cut tracking.

Burst Attack

Full Burnern Rush

300(S)/264(F & E)

Shoots 6 BR while dashing quickly in various directions. Can input direction to control direction of dashes.









High damage for an all-rounder



Knocks target downwards



During Burst only. Adds Izuna drop at end of the combo, instant knockdown.






230(F)/214(E & S)

During Burst only. Adds Izuna drop at end of the combo, instant knockdown.




Go-to melee



Izuna drop, instant knockdown.




Melee Counter









B-Parts Grapple Kick



Only usable when AC ammo is at 0

During Hover Mode






247(F)/230(E & S)

During Burst only. Izuna drop, instant knockdown.




Izuna drop, instant knockdown.


Cancel Routes:



AB: A, *BC


*BC: all melee except CC8B

*BC: AB,AC, 8/2BC: A

On hit from all melee (except melee derivatives and B-Parts Grapple Kick and 2B) : *BC


GP01 FB has a lot of beam projectiles to offer, almost all of it’s moves are able to link to one another, this results in GP01 FB being able to shoot a lot of projectiles in quick succession at the opponent. While it’s close range game can be weak as it lacks any melee priority. It makes up for having a melee counter which allows it to defend itself from melee suits to a certain extent.

Ability Details

Ranged Weapons

Main: Beam Rifle

Average BR with high ammo count. Continuous reload of 3sec/ammo. Your only non-vernier move and also cancel route from AB for freefall. You shouldn’t have trouble maintaining a healthy ammo count with CSA and AC, but keep in mind not to spam this lest you are out of ammo when you really need it. 

Charged Main: Beam Rifle (High Output)

Verniers to fire a very high damaging BR shot that causes instant knockdown, 2 second charge time. Does not cause instant knockdown while in Burst. The start up and muzzle correction of this move is decent. However the fast projectile speed causes the bullet to not track well enough and would occasionally fly over your target’s head.

Typically fire this while aiming for your target’s landing. You can also use this after diving in with CSB. Incorporate this into your melee combos for lots of damage. 

Sub: Beam rifle (Spin shooting)

Rolls to the side while firing 4 shots. Forced knockdown if all 4 hits. Continuous reload of 9.5 sec/ammo. The first BR does 30 damage while the rest does 40. Every shot has its own muzzle correction. Moreoever, the beams from this attack tracks a bit better than your main and this attack’s start up is also faster. Very useful when you’re out of boost and need one last attack to knockdown your target. Rolls to the left by default, input 6AB to roll to the right. Cancel to A for freefall, works even if your main is out of ammo. Overall a rather strong move.

Don’t be too over reliant on this move especially when you’re at point blank range. It is highly possible that your 1st shot hits but the 2nd and 3rd misses, only for the 4th to connect due to the knockback of the 1st shot. The saving grace is that you can cancel to main even if this happens, and then cancel into AC or another AB.

Make use of the high specs of this move and combo into a melee after a hit-confirm. It’s also a great move against Special Movement moves or moves that cuts tracking as GP01 fires 4 times and all of them inflict a regular stagger. If you ever feel like you’re in danger, keep 1 ammo of this ready for a quick dodge or to fight against incoming melee attacks.

Special Shooting: GM Custom II Assist

Summons GM-Cannon II on your right which fires 3 pairs of beams. Forced knockdown if all the beams hit reloads on empty after 20sec. GP01 will perform another move if AC is pressed when you have no AC ammo (see below in melee section). Mainly used for self-cross (especially when cancelling into AB), to lock your target in Guard animation or just to score a knockdown after your main hits. Also possible to use when you’re in Fighting Burst by cancelling AC~Melee move and let the beams from this assist to hit after you get a Guard Break in. This assist has low hp and can be destroyed with 1 shot from a machine gun. 

Special Melee: Rapid Ascension / Floating / Backflip

GP01 uses the vernier pods to perform various movement and can be cancelled from every other move. There is a slight recovery time after this action and GP01 becomes a little floaty, but the boost consumed is lesser as compared to a regular Boost Dash cancel. 

There are 3 types of input for this movement:

1)5BC: Stays afloat as long as you have boost remaining. Able to boost up and stay afloat on a higher level if input 5BC again.

2)4/6BC: Jumps and spin left/right.

3)2/8BC: Does a backflip.

Melee Set

5BBB: Beam Saber

3 stage melee with slow dash speed and no PoV change. Best used in combo due to the high damage output. If you want to end the combo with CSA, you’ll need to cancel really quickly else it will whiff. You can opt to fuwa forward or BC to let it connect more easily. Additional Izuna Drop during burst as the 4th stage. 

5BB~8B: Helmsplitter

Low damage and only inflicts a regular down even though it’s a helmsplitter. Not much use generally.


Short reach, but better damage than 4/6BBB and 5BB if you’re aiming for short combos. Has PoV change. Fuwa in any direction to combo into a BR after the full string. 

Additional Izuna Drop during burst as the 3rd stage. 

4BB: Backhand slash

Good wraparound and dash speed, and a rare Kneel Stagger on a 1st stage of this 4/6B. The priority and start up is of a typical all-rounder but still can be used in a rainbow war safely. If you want to combo into other melee:

Into 5B: 88, delayed 44/66 and forward BDC

Into 8B: 88, delayed 44/66 and forward BDC

Into 4/6B: 44/66, delayed 88 

Into CC8B: Forward or diagonal forward BDC. (Easiest to combo into CC8B for best damage)

4/6B(B)~2/8B:Izuna Drop

Very long animation and not easy to get interrupted due to the big vertical movement. Also great as a stall combo, or a combo ender when you’re out of boost. You will get this same move for all the extra melee during Burst. Be careful not to mash the B button too hard in excitement and end up releasing a CSB. 

2B: Counter

Upon a successful counter, retaliates with a multi-hit horizontal slash. This deals good damage with good proration which can result in a easy 280 damage. The start up is also fast, but will occasionally whiff if you are countering a ranged melee like a whip. Combo into CC8B, or if you’re in Burst you can combo into any other melee and get a sweet 330 damage. 

CC8B: Somersault slash

A 2-hit , single stage melee. Except for the dash speed which is slightly unstable, other factors like reach, damage, proration and down value are all pretty good. BDC diagonally forward after this hits to combo into other melee. Doing CC8B>CC8B~CSA does 278 damage just like that.

CSB: A-Parts Body Split Stab

GP01 splits the upper half of the torso, dashes forward with a stabbing attack. 1 second charge time. Superarmor from the time the saber is in stabbing animation until the move is over, and cuts tracking right at the point of the body split. The dash speed of this move is also pretty good. Forced PoV if you’re within melee range, but no forced PoV if you’re out of melee range. 

Your trump card during melee fights, and one of this suit’s best move. What more can you ask for from a move that only has 1 second charge time, cuts tracking, super armor, fast start up, high priority, fast chase speed? Furthermore you can use this while in green lock and GP01 will body split into the direction he’s facing, allowing for movement and cut tracking at the same time. Granted, the move only tracks for a short while so you can’t spam it but a well timed CSB will win many other melee. Unfortunately the button being at CSB means you will be locked out of your AB and BC, your sources of freefall and vernier pods to cut tracking. Mind your timing of the charge and use double impact to mitigate this downside.

If you’re not hitting your target against the wall, you can follow up with A, CSA, CC8B or AC (no ammo). Fuwa forward to end the combo with A, or more damage with CSA. Boost Dash forward or Step forward to combo into CC8B & AC (no ammo). A set of recommended move with CSB will be A~CSB>Sub~A. CSB is effective against enemies who are boosting towards you. It doesn’t matter even if your target boosted past you and made your main a turn around shot. Once you get used to how CSB works, move up a notch by comboing into CC8B.  

You can maintain the half-body state if you Step or CSA right after the CSB. As long as you don’t do any further Step or BDC, you will remain in this state. However this is purely for graphical representation and GP01 does not get a smaller hitbox. You can even use AC (no ammo) while in this state. 

AC: B-Parts Grapple Kick

Usable only when AC has no ammo. A 1 stage melee attack which will execute all the moves with one button input. Fast start up. The beam fired out at the last part of the animation does have a proper hitbox, but the beam itself will not hit the target since it will disappear upon hitting the B-Parts so it won’t be affected by barriers or ABC Mantles. If you BDC out after you shoot the beam rifle, the B-Parts which is sticking onto the target will disappear, but the beam will hit the target as per normal.

Comparing using CSA or AC (no ammo) in combos, if you haven’t reached 20% at the last hit of your combo, AC (no ammo)would be better. Realistically, that won’t happen often. On the bright side, you can directly cancel from main into this move for a Down if you needed it. 

During 5BC’s “Hover Mode”


Does an uppercut before stunning the opponent with the heat from the chest verniers. You can combo into this after 8B string. However the slow start up, mediocre priority and ending in a stun proves to be of little merit as a melee move. Purely for re-creation of the scene when GP01 clashed and drew with GP02


Same Izuna drop as the 4/6B~2B derivative, or the extra melee during Burst. Very bad reach and priority. Almost no reason to use either of the melee while in Hover mode anyway. 

Burst Attack

Full Burnern rush

[Shoots 6 BR while dashing quickly in various directions]

Superarmor until GP01 fires his first shot. You can input direction during the lateral movement in between the 1st to 3rd shot to dictate the movement. The movement does not cut tracking and the muzzle correction is only so-so. The beam rifle shots fired are also merely slightly better than the average BR. If GP01 moves into green lock the shots will also stop tracking. Only the 1st shot causes a stun, while the rest all inflicts Heavy Stagger and as long as any one of the beams miss, you will not get a full 5.0 Down Value. Charge up your CSA to finish the combo if that ever happens. Overall not a great Bust Attack. 


  • Use the BC movement and AB often to make your moves less predictable.
  • Do CSB~CSA more often as not only does it have a super armor effect but it also cuts tracking. Even if CSB misses its target, the CSA has a high chance of hitting which is also a heavy damage.
  • Try to do the piledriver melee combo whenever you have the chance since the melee combo isn’t long and it deals a high amount of damage.
  • Mix and match the “Float Mode” flips and rifle shots with CSA which links to AB A for a free fall