Hi-Nu Gundam

Model Number:RX-93-ν2

Pilot: Amuro Ray

Cost: .3000 Hp: 680 Transform: X Form Change: △ (Psychoframe Resonance)


Unlike the Nu Gundam which was deployed in a hurry, the Hi-Nu Gundam went through sufficient testing before being deployed.  It has 2 Fin Funnel Racks on it’s backpack, allowing a greater number of Fin Funnels to docked and refuelled. The Hi-Nu is a Newtype-only mobile suit that brings out the best of a Newtype’s abilities.

Move Summary







Beam Rifle



Standard BR for a 3000 unit

Charged Main

Beam Rifle (High Output)


A decent instant knockdown attack


Fin Funnel



Increased ammo from 12 to during Psychoframe Resonance. Deploy to self or send out to attack 

Special Shooting

Nu Hyper Bazooka



Able to fire all 3 shots in one go; Good damage, speed and tracking

Special Melee

Psychoframe Resonance


Refills Fin Funnel ammo , increases ammo to 24. Adds BC command melee

Burst Attack

Hyper Mega Bazooka Launcher (Maximum Output)

286(S)/268(F & E)

Fin Funnel Barrier will be activated while you are firing the gerobi. Blocks all range attack.

Fin Funnel Barrier will not be activated if two or more fin funnels were deployed when you use the burst attack. 








Standard 3 hit, last hit Bounces. End it with AC to buy time




Good damage, but can be easily interrupted. 




Short startup, your main go-to melee




Jump slash, good to gain vertical height with



Fires 2 beam rifle shots. Instant knockdown upon last hit.




Slash through, good reach and start up. Dashes for a long distances even while in green lock. 




Can only be used while Psychoframe Resonance is active.

Enter 4/6BC to Dash forward in a L shape. Launches, untechable.



Same as CC8B

Cancel Routes:

A, CSA : AB,AC, 2B, BC

AB:AC, 2B, 5BC, 4/6BC

AC: 5B, 4/6BC

5B(1st and 2nd hit), 4/6B(Any Hit): AC, 5BC, 4/6BC

8B(2nd Hit onwards): AC

All Melee on hit(except 8B): 5BC, 4/6BC

4/6BC on hit: 5B, 8B, 4/6B, 2B, 5BC, 4/6BC


Boasting excellent boost dash and turning speed while being a bit more floaty than usual, Hi-nu is almost akin to Strike Freedom in terms of mobility. His red lock range is standard for a 3000 cost unit. During Psychoframe Resonance (also referred to BC in this guide), it has improved Boost Dash speed, red lock range, and also improved boost efficiency. With these improved specs during BC, Hi-nu’s mobility is top class. 

Hi-nu comes with an all rounded weapon loadout of beam rifle, fin funnel, a triple shot bazooka, and also all kinds of melee attacks. However, it has no moves that allows it to freefall, and all his attacks require some precision to land a hit. Hi-nu’s floatiness coupled with his main as the only move that you can use without causing vernier, it has some problem fighting with other units of the same cost. It also suffers from having no reliable attack against melee-centric opponents, and thus is heavily reliable on being in Psychoframe Resonance for the power up.

During Psychoframe Resonance, Hi-nu is able to keep up constant pressure with his top tier funnels, boost speed and boost efficiency. His main playstyle is being in Psychoframe Resonance as long as possible, and play it safe during the downtime. 

Ability Details

Ranged Weapons

Main: Beam Rifle

An standard BR. Has a plethora of cancel routes to fit the situation. The only weapon that doesn’t cause vernier, do not spam this too much. 

Charged Main: Beam Rifle (High Output)

A beam with decent tracking and speed that Force Downs the target. Similar to Nu, it only has decent muzzle correction and tracking, but it’s also the weapon that Hi-nu has with the best muzzle correction. Cancel into 2b or BC (during BC) to stall for time when you’re out of boost. Also can be used after 4bb to launch your target high up into the air. Have this move charged and ready while dashing in with 2b or CC8B (BC during BC) to land a quick surprise hit.

Sub: Fin Funnel

An all ranged weapon which will fly towards the opponent which then fires. Hi-nu’s main weapon of choice in exerting constant pressure due to its availability and causing flinch with 1 hit.  Since activating BC will refill all of it’s ammo, don’t hesitate to spam this more before hitting BC. When BC ends, you will not get to carry over your current ammo count for this weapon even if you have more than 12 shots remaining when BC ends. Needs exactly 6 shots to down a target. 

Upon activation and during Psychoframe Resonance (BC), this weapon gets 4 buffs:

  • Refills Sub ammo to full
  • Maximum Sub ammo increased to 24
  • *AB fires twice
  • If you have at least 1 funnel on Hi-nu and you get hit by a flinch or successfully guard an attack, the funnel will deploy and fire at your target automatically. 

There are two types of input for this weapon:

1) 5AB: Deploys funnel beside you & floats around for a short period and shoots upon main input.

Deploys up to a maximum of 6 funnels around Hi-nu.

Mostly used for intercepting an incoming melee attack or for okizeme. Doesn’t do much unless you deploy 4~6 funnels. After deploying it, you can perform the following combo: Main>Fin Funnel auto fires> CC8B/BC to try and catch the enemy who will be under fire from the funnels and have to deal with the melee attack too. 

You can still deploy the funnels despite having no ammo, so you can trick your opponent by simply deploying it around you as self-defence.

2) *AB: Funnels will fly towards the opponent and fire based on the direction input.

Input 2,4,6,8 to release the funnel which will then fly towards your target, then fire based on your direction. Assuming the target is facing Hi-nu,  4 and 6 will fire from your left and right respectively; 2 will send the funnel directly in front of your target; while 8 will send it behind. Like many other all-range attacks, this weapon has its own individual red lock range which is about one Step distance more than Hi-nu’s default red lock range (meaning if your target is in maximum red lock and just went into green, your funnels will still be able to reach). While Psychoframe Resonance is active, the Fin Funnels will fire twice. It will reposition itself and fire another beam after the first. 

Hi-nu’s main way of landing a flinch on the opponents. Release these funnels 1 by 1 to force your opponent to keep boosting, then catch his landing with other attacks. As this attack causes a flinch even from a single hit, it’s super effective against targets who likes to fire gerobis or has attacks with slow start up. Also works really great against popular support picks like Gunner Zaku and Excelia who uses a lot of vernier attacks. 

Even though the funnels fire twice during Psychoframe Resonance, that also mean they take twice as long to return to Hi-Nu. Something to take note of when you need to deploy them around for self defence. 

Special Shooting: Nu Hyper Bazooka

A bazooka attack that can be burst fire up to 3 times by holding or tapping the A button. The shot have great tracking and fast travel speed. Reloads on empty so be sure to use up the ammo when you have time. You can release and hold down the A button quickly after AC to fire all 3 bazooka shots while charging your CSA. This move has a faster start up than CSA so use this against enemies coming to melee or those with ABC Mantles. Due to how fast the bazooka moves, the 2nd and 3rd shot might totally miss the target even if the 1st shot hit your target. 

An uncommon bazooka with fast travel speed with down value lower than a typical bazooka. Unfortunately, this moves only tracks on the 1st shot. If your target side steps or performs a move that cuts tracking, the 2nd and 3rd will miss altogether. On the flip side, against targets who are just boost dashing and doing a long chain of movements with cancel routes (Brave Commander, Red Frames etc) this attack will land fairly easily. You can also cancel into this from 4bb and cc8b~b to launch your target upwards to buy time

Special Melee: Psychoframe Resonance

Ammo starts from 0 during spawn and respawn. Takes 30 seconds to charge to full, and will also automatically enter this mode during Burst. 

Changes the properties for your Sub and BC (Fin Funnel and BC, check the respective sections for the specificies); also extends your red lock range, improves mobility, and adds cancel routes. 

Melee Set

Hi-Nu’s melee are generally decent for a 3000 cost unit. Take note that he has unsheathe animation in green lock. 

5BBB: 3 hit combo

Your generic 3 hit neutrel melee. There is not much to this as other melee are better in all their respective properties. 

8BB: Jabs and a straight punch

Great damage and fast melee, but with no cut resistance whatsoever. Also has a short reach like a typical 8b. The first stage of this melee has good priority to use against another incoming melee attack. Finish the combo with a CSA for lots of damage. 

4BBB: Horizontal slash > Kick

This move has outstanding start up for 4B on a all-rounder suit like Hi-nu, but does not have good priority. Easily countered if your opponent sees you using this from far away, but this will still be your go to during rainbow wars and when you have closed in . The second stage of this melee launches your target slightly, which makes it a good time to cancel into AC for the extra launch. 

2B: Hop slash

Hops forward while twisting your body for a slash that causes Weak stun. Has it’s own unique derivative shooting attack on hit. Does not cut tracking, but moves quite a bit of vertical distance which is enough to dodge a beam rifle. Also does not have Landing Property. When used in green lock, Hi-nu will do the slash on the spot without the jump. However if used after Main, he will still do the hop normally. Use this quick gain in vertical height to your advantage to get the high ground. 

Another move in Hi-nu’s arsenal  for more acrobatics. Use this (or CC8B) in the middle of your melee combo to throw off intercepting fire; Deploy a bunch of Fin Funnels beside you and do the Main>2B to jump above your opponent while your funnels are firing from above; chain Main>2B>(guard)>CSA>2B when you have no boost left to dodge a few more hits. 

2B>A: Beam rifle rapid fire

Spins backwards while firing two Beam Rifle shots. Does not consume main ammo, and also downs the target quickly. Use this when you’re totally out of boost to get a confirmed knockdown on your target. As usual, beware when your target has ABC Mantles or Barriers. 

CC8B, 2/8BC during BC: Slash-through

Hi-Nu’s other go to melee which has excellent reach and travel speed. Hi-nu will continue dashing forward even if your target does a stepside or a move that cuts tracking, making it safer than usual. When used in green lock, this move consumes no boost, turning it into a free long distance dash to whichever direction you’re facing. This move has an odd property whereby if you use this at a certain range while Hi-Nu’s sword is sheathed, Hi-Nu will do the first slash directly above or below your target. 

The third stage of this attack is a multi-hit and doesn’t do much damage, so it is not recommended to finish the combo with that. Also the second stage of the attack will (very rarely) totally whiff due to how fast Hi-Nu is moving.

BC during BC: Diagonal slash-through

Dash in a < or > shape for a slash-through attack, launches.  Cuts tracking during the initial movement. Can be also used when you have no boost. The amount of boost consumed for this move is also quite little compared to the distance travelled and the properties it has. Hi-Nu does not perform the dashing animation while this move is used in green lock (however it still will do so when cancelled into this move just like doing main>2b).

A very useful attack for Hi-Nu. Unlike conventional melee attacks, this move will easily cover a large distance even from maximum red lock range. Additionally, Hi-Nu will definitely move in the aforementioned < or > shape, no matter the distance from the target. This results in Hi-Nu dashing directly towards the right then back again if he’s near the target, or in an almost straight line (imagine opening up a > until it pretty side). When out of boost, combine this move with main>2b to gain height while removing the tracking of incoming projectiles. 

If you plan to use 4/5/6/8 melee after this attack hits, you will need to step or fuwastep backwards and then delay your melee every so slightly to land it or else it will whiff. If you want to combo into CC8B / 2/b BC, boostdash to the sides or disgonally backwards, wait for your target to float back down before initiating it.

Burst Attack

Hyper Mega Bazooka Launcher (Maximum Output)

[Fin Funnel Barrier activated -> fires gerobi]

While the Fin Funnel Barrie is active, all range attacks will be blocked.The Fin Funnel Barrier will not be activated if two or more fin funnels were deployed when you activate the burst attack. The barrier has infinite hp, and it will keep blocking ranged attacks as long as it’s active during the animation. Nothing too special, but at least it’s an easy burst attack to combo into after any attack that launches your target (mostly your CC8B or BC moves)


  • Fighting Burst will fit Hi-Nu’s playstyle best, giving him even more speed and enhancing all his BC moves.
  • Manage your BC meter and when to go into Burst to maintain maximum uptime of Psychoframe Resonance. It’s your rice bowl. Don’t break it. 
  • Communicate well with your partner to push for advantage during your BC. Hi-Nu isn’t able to do much by himself in the face of many other 3000 units.
  • Aim for launching attacks into CSA or AC to down a target, then chase down the other enemy.