Nu Gundam

Model Number:RX-93

Pilot: Amuro Ray

Cost: 3000 Hp: 650 Transform: X Form Change: X



A suit designed by Amuro Ray as the next step forward in Gundam development. It utilizes Psycoframe technology to channel the pilot’s emotions and thoughts to increase performance in tandem.

Move Summary







Beam Rifle


75 [80]

Able to shoot twice in succession during Burst

Charge Main

Beam Rifle (High Output)

120 [140]

Instant knockdown. Power increases in Burst.

Charged Melee

Shield Beam Cannon & Missiles

70 ~ 154

Decent Tracking


Fin Funnel


27 ~ 124

All-range attack. During Burst the funnel’s speed and tracking is higher
the stagger is also higher.

Special Shooting

Nu Hyper Bazooka



3 variations: Standard, side, somersault
5AC: Fires the bazooka whilst in place.


4/6AC: Fires a bazooka whilst strafing in the inputted direction.

2AC: Fires the bazooka whilst doing a somersault.

Special Melee

Fin Funnel Barrier


Blocks all ranged attacks while active

Burst Attack

Nu Last Shooting


Launches target into the air, funnel attack, then a final last shooting.
Damage Fluctuates depending on the number of funnels on hand.















Bounces the opponent on the final hit.




This combo is probably the one you will use most




Able to link from main

Stuns on hit

CC8B / Melee~BC



Punch combo

Cancel Routes:

A, CSA: AB, BC, *AC, 2B




BC: *AC, 2B

In middle of any melee: AC

In middle of any mele(excluding 2B and BC Derivation): 2B, BC(Derivation)


The Nu Gundam is a balanced, all-rounder unit which focuses more on ranged battles with decent melee combos. Also this unit possesses a shooting barrier which, if used well, can potentially turn the tide of a match. Carrying an assortment of ranged weapons that covers all bases (beam, physical, all-range) Nu is able to have an answer to many situations. However, Nu does not have any good weapons that can apply strong, constant pressure as a front liner. It also does not  have any comeback factor, so you will need to keep landing hits regularly to stay ahead in the damage race. 

While it’s not absolutely necessary to melee, you will find Nu losing out in damage when going against another unit with better ranged attacks. Adapt your playstyle to match your opponent.  

Ability Details

Ranged Weapons

Main: Beam Rifle

Standard BR. While it has a healthy ammo count, you’ll be using it a lot during your CSB>A freefall. Do not randomly spam this. Able to shoot twice in a row during Burst, dealing 80 damage per shot. Remember this to save boost during your Burst. 

Charged Main: Beam Rifle (High Output)

Fires a one shot beam that downs instantly. Does more damage during Burst. 

Use it to catch landings. Unfortunately, the tracking is not good enough cover a wide angle. Make sure you’re not too high up in the air when firing this. It’s also not the kind of CSA that you would hold onto for long periods of time just to catch one landing due to its sub-par capabilities. With it’s wide plethora of cancel routes, cancel into whichever move best fits the situation. Since you’re aiming for the enemy’s landing, cancelling into AC would be ideal. 

Charged Melee: Shield Beam Cannon & Missiles

Shoots out 3 sets of missile and beam. Decent damage & high tracking. Can cancel into Main for a freefall after the 1st set. The missiles track decently well and doesn’t have a long start up like the AC, so you can choose to fire off all 3 sets before cancelling into your main for the freefall. The missiles will end up hitting occasionally. 

A good way to use this CSB~A freefall would be 4/6AC>CSB~A. Using the inertia side spin from the 4/6AC, release CSB before the bazooka fires out. This will make Nu freefall with a bit of horizontal movement. The timing to do this is fairly strict but manageable. If the bazooka from the 4/6AC is fired out, there will be no inertia.

You’ll be using this a lot to freefall or lay suppressing fire. 

Sub: Fin Funnel

An all-range weapon which will fly towards the opponent and shoot. Input a direction to dictate which direction the funnels will attack from. During burst, the beams will cause heavy stagger, and have improved tracking and speed. 

A standard all-range attack, but barely not good enough on a 3000 cost unit. After the initial AB input, you can opt to just hold A to continue releasing more funnels. This will enable you to hold down B to start charging your CSB.Release them 1 by 1 to force your target to spend boost dodging, while buffering for CSA or AC for the hit. 

Special Shooting: Nu Hyper Bazooka

Run-of-the-mill bazooka projectile but with different firing styles. There are 3 types of input for this weapon. Each AC can be cancelled into any other AC by pressing A after the initial AC command. The second shot has to be a 4/6AC, and if the lever is left at neutral or down, Nu will do 6AC. If you want to fire two bazookas during Shooting Burst (e.g. 5AC>6AC, be sure to input AC twice properly. 

This move suffers from cancel proration, with 5AC dealing a total of 92 damage and 4/6AC & 2AC dealing 72 instead of the usual 140/115

  1. 5AC: Fires shoulder mounted BZ normally 

Instant downs the target on hit. Slow start up but fast projectile speed. This move will still cause an instant down during Burst (despite the reduction in down value due to being in Burst). Great move against targets with super armor. 

  1. 4/6AC: Fires BZ while turning left/right.

Spins sideways, then fires. Input 4 or 6 to choose the direction to spin. Relatively slow start up, but if you’re firing AC twice in a row, the slow startup can be useful if your target boost dashed out of the first one shot. Has good vertical tracking. Also used as a source of inertia for CSB~A freefall motion

  1. 2AC: Fires BZ while doing a backflip. 

Fastest start up of the 3. Great anti-melee move, but it has the downside of Nu having to complete the somersault motion before being able to cancel out. Be sure to input 2AC properly has inputting 1AC or 3AC will make Nu to the sideways spinning move instead. 

Special Melee: Fin Funnel Barrier

Deploys a barrier that blocks all ranged attacks, only one Fin Funnel can be sent out while the barrier is active. You may close the barrier at any time by inputting the special melee command while the barrier is active. If the barrier was deactivated before its ammo reached 0, the barrier would start reloading from whatever value before it was deactivated (after a cooldown of 7 seconds). You can also freefall from any state when you input BC to close the barrier. Remember that you can cancel into BC from all your basic moves except mid-melee combo, which you’ll just step and BC to freefall instead. 

If you are Guarding while the barrier is active, Guarding will take priority. Going into Burst will not instantly refill this move’s ammo, but instead it will recharge faster than usual. Despite appearances, the hurtbox of the barrier is actually on Nu’s main body and not the triangular barrier. Your opponents won’t be able to whittle down the barrier’s hp while Nu is Downed. 

Nu’s famous barrier that paved the way for many more barriers to come. It can be used for both offense and defense. If on the offense, you will be able to rush in for a melee combo without fear of being shot down, and also protected from your target’s ally trying to stop your melee combo. Defensively, deploy it when you’re going to land on overheat. The methods to use this move are endless. Be careful not to get caught in a melee attack as the barrier also blocks shots from your own teammate, making it impossible to save you.

Melee Set

5BBB: Slash combo

Standard 3 hit combo. Able to cancel to *AC ,2B,8B or BC (Same as CC8B Melee combo) during any part of the melee combo.

Good melee starter if you managed to get a stagger from your main or Fin Funnels. Go into the 8B derivative for a launch, then end the combo with an AC or CSA to send the opponent out of action for a good 4~5 seconds

5B~8B: Uppercut derivative

Hits the opponent up into the air. Change PoV at the 3rd hit of this melee combo.

This melee combo can be cancelled into *AC ,2B and BC, but the BC will not reach the target after launching. .

~BC Derivative: Punch combo

Consecutive punch combo. A quick access to the CC8B melee combo.

8BB: Stab> Helmsplitter

Stabs the opponent with the beam saber and does a down slash bouncing the opponent off the ground. Fast startup and the hitbox appears almost instantly, but short reach. 

 Able to cancel to *AC only after the 2nd hit , or in 2B or BC (Same as CC8B Melee combo) during either hit. Needs a slight delay if going into 2B. Great for rainbow step wars.

4/6BBB: Horizontal Slash

Slashes the opponent before launching the opponent up to the air, change PoV 3rd hit. If you want to end the combo with a main, you will need to fuwastep or else the beam will miss. A standard 4/6B move for a 3000 cost unit. 

This melee combo is able to cancel into *AC ,2B or BC (Same as CC8B Melee combo) from any point. 

2B: Slash-through

Slashes through the opponent and applies a weak stun upon hit. This move is very versatile, not only can you cancel into it from a Main or CSA, you can also cancel it into *AC or even BC for extra damage. As Nu slashes from left to right, it will hit targets even if they step to your left. It deals a whopping 90 damage from a single hit,  

Recommended to use A~2B when you are in a close-ranged fight if the initial shot was done in red lock.

CC8BBBBB: Punch combo

Nu Gundam performs a 5-hit combo (left punch>right tackle>left jab>left jab>right punch). It is the exact same attack as the ~BC derivative. Can be cancelled into AC at any point of the melee. This move has best reach out of all of Nu’s melee, so it can be used to catch an enemy during the recovery frames of a Boost Dash. 

This full combo dishes out a good chunk of damage, and doesn’t take too long. Still, remember to change camera to take a look where the other opponent is.  Take note that the 2nd to 5th hits all causes Down (instead of the usual stagger), so if you are pushing your target up a slope and stepped out it midway, your target might come into contact with the ground and get Downed immediately.

Burst Attack

Nu Last Shooting

Super armor during the initial slash, with good reach and dashing speed. The total damage will differ accordingly to how many funnels you deployed during the animation. The Fin Funnels and the final Beam Rifle shot all have their own muzzle correction, so there will be occasions when your target has super armor and they don’t get launched by the slashes

This burst attack is almost identical to the Gundam RX-78 so do not use this burst attack on any unit that possesses shooting guard. (Examples include Crossbone Gundam’s ABC Mantle or Nu Gundam’s Fin Funnel Barrier)


  • While Shooting Burst is a decent option on Nu, the standard pick is Fighting because it gives you the strong comeback factor Nu otherwise lacks. Try and sync your Barrier activation with your Burst activation to give your opponent less of a chance to fight back.Fighting also lasts a bit longer so you can make use of the powered up main and sub weapons.
  • The abundance of cancel route means you can maintain your pseudo redlock easily, especially on enemies directly above or below you.