Model Number: MSN-06S

Pilot: Full Frontal

Cost: 3000 Hp: 620 Transform: X Form Change: X


A terrifying suit designed for Newtype use, and the personal craft of Full Frontal, “The Second Coming of Char”. Sinanju’s psycoframe allows it to respond to the will and intent of its pilot. Its maneuverability and acceleration put it in a league of its own.

Move Summary







Beam Rifle



A standard beam rifle

Charged Main

Rocket Bazooka


Forced down on hit


Rocket Bazooka



5AB: Fires a single rocket, can fire twice

Rocket Bazooka (Barrel Roll)


4/6AB: Barrel roll in the direction while firing, up to 2 times

Special shooting

Rozen Zulu Summon (Gerobi)


15 ~ 141

5AC: Fires gerobi with neutral input/ Fires a Mega particle cannon that cause knockback. ( properties change in Burst)

Rozen Zulu Summon (Beam Shot)


4/6AC: Fires 1 shot of the mega particle cannon

Rozen Zulu Summon (Gerobi)

150(S)/121(F & E)

Only Usable in Burst 5AC: The Rozen Zulu will fire a single gerobi at 1st, then many smaller gerobi lines will fire and turn moving outwards and finally inwards to center again.( small gerobi lines casues stun on hit) -This move is similiar to what Rozen Zulu did at the start of EP 6  Unicorn OVA. 

Rozen Zulu Summon (2 Beam Shots)

116~186(S)/110~176(F & E)

Only Usable in Burst 4/6AC: Fires 2 shots of the mega particle cannon

Special Melee

Meteorite kick

2 (4)


Kicks a meteorite and jumps in the input direction.
Ammo increases during Burst.

Burst Attack

Value of the Future


ABC: Slashing combo

Beam Rifle: Continuous Fire

295(S)/279(F & E)

2ABC: Fires its beam rifle repeatedly while doing a barrel roll each time, cuts tracking.








Standard 3 slash 



Uppercuts and somersaults over target. Bounces.



Point blank bazooka



Dust Down roundhouse kick




Sinanju stabs an enemy then drills into them



Dust Down roundhouse kick




Sinanju slashes once then does a spinning slash upwards



Dust Down roundhouse kick




Sinanju jabs the enemy with a beam saber before ramming it into a meteorite. Does not combo properly near walls.




Slashthrough x2

Cancel routes:



BC: A, Any melee

5AB: 4/6AB, AC

4/6AB: 4/6AB(only once)


All Melee on hit(except 5B~A and 8B/2B melee derivative): BC


As featured in Gundam Unicorn, Sinanju boasts extremely high mobility with one of the more amazing melee movesets for a suit that is not dedicated melee. It is a suit which can defend itself extremely well against incoming opponents despite having only one freefall move with its weapons and melee.

 Most of Sinanju’s moves have high movement making him hard to hit in which you can use to your advantage. Sinanju is at its best in the close range where it can bring its full force to bear on its unlucky victim. This however, does not mean it is not lacking in the range department. Sinanju sports a beam rifle, bazooka and is able to kick meteors at opponents. 

Against Melee orientated opponents, Sinanju is able to deal with them at ease with its bazooka and you are able to surprise many opponents with your high performance melee. In general, Sinanju does not lack the tools to fight opponents in a shooting battle, and is definitely no slouch in the melee department either.  

Ability Details

Ranged Weapons

Main: Beam Rifle

A standard beam rifle. Because of its slow reload speed, you will want to be careful with your shots.

Charged Main: Rocket Bazooka

Fires a single rocket. Knocks opponent down on hit, so it is useful as a punish if you can time it well. Beware that it still counts as a physical projectile, so it can be destroyed by beams.

Sub: Rocket Bazooka/Rocket Bazooka (Barrel Roll)

AB: Fires a single rocket. Can fire up to 2. Take note the rocket travels slower in this mode and Sinanju will remain stationary while shooting.

4/6AB: Sinanju does a barrel roll in the corresponding direction while firing. 4/6 version can be fired twice in succession. It can be used both offensively as well as defensively, making the bazooka a very versatile sub weapon. 

Additional notes: It is possible to use all 4 of sinanju’s AB in a single shooting, this can be done only by doing a NAB x2 followed by 4/6AB x2. 

Special Shooting: Rozen Zulu assist

Cancel into main for freefall

5AC: Fires a gerobi, nothing special here or noteworthy. In burst however, this changes to a gerobi in a middle with smaller gerobis turning outwards and then inwards. The smaller gerobis will stun anyone other than you when hit.

4/6AC: Fires a Mega Particle Cannon, will knock back the opponent when hit. You can follow it up with a BR or NBC. In burst, fires 2 instead of 1.

Special Shooting: Meteorite kick

Sinanju kicks a meteorite and jumps in the input direction. If a neutral direction is input, Sinanju will jump backwards. This move can be used in a variety of ways as well. It can be used as a weapon, a shield and as a way to move Sinanju in the direction you want even after overheating. NBC has good tracking and causes the opponent to fly up, making it easy for follow ups with BR,AB or another BC.

Melee Set

5BBB: Beam Tomahawk Slash

A standard slash combo that launches the opponent upwards at the end.

5BB~8B: Beam Tomahawk Slash>Combo

One of Sinanju’s big damage combos. Best used when you’re not at risk of getting interrupted by the second enemy.

5BBB~2B: Beam Tomahawk Slash>Kick

A lesser used derivative of the 5BB combo. Used when you want to end the combo quickly.

5BB~A: Beam Tomahawk Slash>Bazooka

Sinanju fires a bazooka that downs the enemy at the end. Good for situations where you want to chase down the opponent’s partner immediately afterwards. 

8BB: Beam Saber Drill

Sinanju stabs the enemy with its beam sabers and drills into them. Has no additional properties.

4/6BB: Spinning Slash

Sinanju slashes once then does a spinning slash upwards. This is the move you will be using most to get a hit. It is fast and has a quick startup.

2B: Meteorite Ram

Sinanju jabs its enemy with beam sabers before ramming it into a meteorite. Has no additional properties.

CC8B: Meteorite Slash Combo

Has moving melee properties, making it a safer melee choice compared to Sinanju’s other moves.

Burst Attacks

Value of the Future

ABC: Sinanju does a combination of slashing attacks. On the fourth hit, Sinanju will summon a meteor to jump back towards the target. If Sinanju is too near the edge of the map or any terrain, the meteor will not appear and thus the entire attack will stop. Remember not to do this attack too near the edge of the map or if your target is near a building.  

Beam Rifle: Continuous Fire

2ABC: Sinanju fires its beam rifle repeatedly while doing a barrel roll each time. Each roll will cut tracking, but if your target side does any move that cuts tacking during the animation, the rest of the shots will not muzzle correct again. Input 4 or 6 to dictate which side to roll for each individual roll. 


  • Sinanju is excellent at defending itself against opponents who love to charge at you, use this to your advantage especially if you see your opponent is a more close range oriented suit.
  • Abuse Sinanju’s mobility to quickly exploit chances where you can do a momentary rush against a lower cost opponent in a 1v1 situation and back off when his partner goes in to help
  • Care must be taken when attacking as Sinanju’s HP is low for a 3000 cost, only 620. 
  • While Sinanju has great tools for shooting, many various suits in the cast are able to outshoot you, in which you will need to close in on them to nullify that disadvantage.
  • Sinanju tools are horrible for catching opponents who are well aware of your presence and know how your tools function. Work in tandem with your partner to catch these opponents.
  • Using BC as a tool to catch opponents and as a means of escaping is a double edge sword. While you will cover the distance with the rock, you retain no momentum after the rock kicking, making you extremely vulnerable to attacks when you are landing.
  • Proper management of your ammo is key in this suit. You do not have a fast reload time on your BR, and the rest of your weapons only reload after they have no ammo left.

Burst considerations

F burst

Recommended burst, not only does it buff your good melee moveset, it also increases your mobility, allows you to cancel from any range weapon to melee, giving you the chance to close in on your opponents and dish out major damage.

E burst

Use only if you are not confident in surviving, this burst does not give any meaningful benefit if you are going front

S burst

While Sinanju has use for this burst, you practically have every cancel route from Main to your other weapons. What you will benefit from this burst is fast reload time for your range weapons, which pales in comparison to what F burst gives you.

Partner considerations

Sinanju needs a partner that is able to cover him while he closes in, punishes openings given by Sinanju or is able to fend him/herself against the opponent higher cost unit while Sinanju deals with the lower cost unit.

3000 cost

As with every other 3000, this cost is mostly due to accidents. In the event you do get this pairing, you need to discuss with your partner who is going in 1st

2500 cost

Probably the recommended cost for Sinanju, units in this cost has the mobility and the firepower to back up Sinanju. Noteable suits: Z, Qubeley, Guison Full Rebake

2000 cost

This combination gives a stable cost management, but in this pairing, Sinanju must always be the one who goes in 1st, else things will get very dicey. The 2000 cost partner should focus on self defense and support if possible.