Model Number: MSN-04

Pilot: Char Aznable

Cost: 3000 Hp: 650 Transform: X Form Change: X



Char’s Azanable personalized mobile suit appearing in Mobile Suit Gundam: Char’s Counterattack. It is the rival suit to Amuro Ray’s Nu gundam. A huge menacing suit, it is ridiculously fast for its size and excels in close range with its high firepower and mobility. 

Move Summary







Beam Shot-Rifle



Normal BR

Charged Main

Beam Shot-Rifle (Spread)

28 ~ 160

Fires a wide area spread shot.

Charged Melee

Nuclear warhead intercept


15 ~ 268

Causes a large nuclear explosion. One ammo per life.





Able to deploy all funnels in a row. Causes target to freeze on the spot for a long time when hit.

Special Shooting

Mega Particle Cannon (Gerobi)


18 ~ 239

AC: Fires a large gerobi. Decent startup and tracking.

Mega Particle Cannon (Spread)


4/6AC: Fires a wide area spread shot with the Mega Particle Cannon. Good tracking. Can cancel into main to freefall.

Special Melee


Summon Quess’s Jagd Doga



5BC: Summons Quess’s Jagd Doga to fire its beam machine gun. Has shooting guard.

Summon Gyunei’s Jagd Doga


4/6BC: Summons Gyunei’s Jagd Doga to fire 3 funnels at the target and slash 


Beam Tomahawk Throw

80 (65)

Stuns on hit. Can be rainbow cancelled out for momentum.

Burst Attack

Axis Drop

343(S)/314(F & E)

Axis is dropped and causes a large radius explosion.








3 slash attack that bounces the target.



Sazabi slashes once and then does a 7 slash combo attack.




Sazabi does a Char Kick™. Cancel to main for freefall




Sazabi punches the target and kicks it upwards.



Fires missiles into the opponent after an initial punch.



Sazabi slashes once and then does a 7 slash combo attack.




Sazabi slashes the target multiple times while darting around it. Difficult to interrupt



Sazabi slashes once and then does a 7 slash combo attack.

Cancel Routes:

A: AB, AC, BC, 2B

AB: 2B

4/6AC: A (freefall)

BC: 4/6BC

4/6BC: BC

2B: BC

8B: A, AC, 2B

*B: CSA (freefall)

BC: CSA (freefall)

4/6BC: CSA (freefall)


The premium mobile suit of Char Azanable, it has many of the tools required to help you win in many close range engagements. As with the Nightingale, despite being a relatively large suit, its mobility is plain ridiculous. This suit is able to put a lot of pressure on opponents in the close range where you can dish out huge amounts of damage with your melee and spread shots. It also has a large range of cancel routes which you may use to maintain a boost advantage over your opponents.

Ability Details

Ranged Weapons

Main: Beam Shot-Rifle

A regular beam rifle. Has a decent amount of ammo, but you will most likely not be using the Main too often as it has a smaller hitbox. However the cooldown between shots is shorter than other suits, so you can sneak a 2nd shot if you are out of boost. However, this also means that any cancel from Main would need to be input faster due to this.

Charged Main: Beam Shot-Rifle (Spread)

Fires a wide area spread shot. Knocks down if all pellets connect. Has low muzzle correction, you will be using this more often than your Main as this is the primary source of your freefalls and cancel routes.

Charged Melee: Nuclear interception

Releases all of Sazabi’s funnels but does not take up the Sub’s ammo. As with the anime, the funnels will shoot 6 missiles with one having the nuclear warhead(Do not worry, for the case of the game, the one with the nuclear warhead is always the one in the middle). The other dummy missiles will explode and cause a soft knockback which will eventually cause your unfortunate target to run into the nuclear explosion. Do note that during this entire animation, you will not be able to use your Sub. Another cool feature is when you are knocked down, the funnels will return but the Nuclear missile will still explode abiet it will take a longer time to do so. While landing a nuke on an enemy is fun, more often than not you will not hit anyone. Use this tool to isolate you opponents and create 2v1 situations.

Sub: Funnels

Deploys a funnel. Hold down A to deploy multiple funnels. Staggers the opponent for a longer duration than a beam rifle shot would, allowing for easier follow ups.

Special Shooting: Mega Particle Cannon (Gerobi)/Mega Particle Cannon (Spread)

AC:  Fires a large gerobi. Decent startup and tracking. Does good damage and has a good reload speed. It is good for catching landings in the Medium range.

4/6AC: Fires a wide area spread shot with the Mega Particle Cannon. Good tracking. Very unlike Nightingale, this spread shot tracks your target and you are able to cancel into Main for a freefall. A very strong tool in close quarters, especially against opponents with super armor. 

Special Melee: Jagd Doga assist

Unlike his other versions, his BC summons 1 Jagd Doga to assist Sazabi. 5BC summons Quess Jagd Doga while 4/6BC summons Gunei.  Note that for the freefall cancel route, you can only cancel both BCs into CSA.

5BC – Quess Jagd Doga

Quess will appear before Sazabi and fire a machine beam gun at the target. Has shooting guard which you can use to protect yourself for landings. Good at being annoying.

4/6BC – Guinei Jagd Doga

Guinei will appear he has 2 stages for his attack. Each stage will track, meaning that even if your target cuts the track for the 1st stage, the 2nd stage will still track your target until he cuts it again. In the 1st stage, he will fire 3 funnel missiles at the target. In the 2nd stage, he will charge in and slash the target which stuns. Probably one of the stronger and more annoying moves Sazabi has.

2B: Beam Tomahawk Throw

Throws a beam tomahawk. Stuns on hit, and has good tracking. A 2nd tomahawk hit on a stunned enemy will result in a knockdown. Has a decent startup time. Has infinite ammo, so you can literally just keep throwing the tomahawk. You are able to cancel into a rainbow step, making this move strong not only for the tomahawk throw, but to rainbow cancel into B~CSA for the momentum to freefall. It travels quite slow but it is very difficult to spot, making it quite an obnoxious weapon. 

Melee Set

5BBB: Beam Tomahawk Slash

Sazabi slashes at the opponent, bouncing it on hit. Can be followed up with an attack afterwards..

8B: Char Kick™

Sazabi kicks the enemy. It’s fast, and can be followed up with a 2B afterwards.

4/6BB: Punch and Kick

A simple punch and kick combo. Knocks the opponent upwards at the end.

4/6B>8B: Punch>Shield Missile

Sazabi launches missiles into the opponent instead of knocking it upwards. ( Casues you opponent to go into an unrecoverable state and forces them to land on the ground)

CC8B: Beam Tomahawk Combo

Sazabi performs multiple slashes on the enemy while darting around. This is the melee combo you will want to use most because of its moving melee property.

Burst Attack

Axis Drop

As the name implies, you literally drop Axis Rock onto the map on your target. When it hits the ground, it will cause a huge nuclear explosion which does massive damage to anyone unfortunate enough to run into it. This, however, is really hard to hit, therefore its usage is very similar to CSB, where you either try to herd unsuspecting opponents into the blue light or isolate your opponents for a 2v1.

Bear in mind that once you have done the input for Burst attack, Axis rock is coming down no matter what. Not even Amuro in his Nu Gundam can push it back, instead he will eat the full brunt of the nuke. 


  • This suit is the total opposite of Nightingale. You want to engage the opposite range Nightingale engages in, which is close to medium range.
  • Almost all of the Sazabi’s weapons are meant to be used in the close range, save the Main and the N AC. which is both its strength and weakness. Once you have closed in on your opponents, do not hesitate to use your high tracking assist Guinei and CSA cancels to keep your boost advantage over your opponents. Sazabi’s Melee moveset is also impressive, having good melee priority and damage over most of its contemplatives. 
  • Not only are you good at keeping the pressure on the offensive, in cases where you do need to do self defense, Sazabi excels at it too. Its spread shots keeps melee suits at bay and the freefall cancels ensures that you would have a boost advantage, which allows you to turn from the hunted to the hunter.
  • Now for the downsides of this suit. While its close range prowess is nearly unmatched, its medium to long range capabilities leave a lot to be desired. Your Main has a slightly worse off hitbox than the rest of the cast. Furthermore, your NAC, which is your best weapon in mid range, faces the same problems as other gerobis in that although it is big, it can be quite predictable when you are going to use it. The AB funnels do not give so much of a pressure beyond Medium ranges. In other words if you opt to stay past the medium range, you will not be getting any mileage off this suit.

Burst Considerations

F burst

This burst is highly recommended for this suit. Not only does it vastly improve your already impressive mobility, it makes your melee even scarier than it already is. You can make some interesting mix-ups with this burst. An example would be doing a Spread shot straight into melee.

E burst

Defensive burst that improves your survivability. This burst is not really recommended as you already have good survivability options

S burst

While this burst can work, giving you a bit more boost and time in burst to work with. Sazabi does not benefit from S burst so much as most of his weapons can be cancelled into some form of shooting. As per mentioned, your Main is not as good and the only real thing you benefit from it is the gerobi reload time.

Partner considerations

Sazabi will excel in Taiman situations even in a 2v2 and making opponents overextend their boost running away. So his partner either needs to be able to have good self defense against other suits in a 1 on 1 or have good shooting tools to punish the opportunities sazabi gives to his partner.

3000 cost

This is usually a shuffle accident. In which this case Sazabi should be the back due to its high survivability and move in together with his partner on his 2nd life.

2500 cost

Recommended cost partner for Sazabi. Largely due to the fact that many 2500 cost units are able to keep up with Sazabi and provide either covering fire or punishing opponents landings. Notable units : Z, ZZ, The-O, Queebery

2000 cost

While it is a doable combination due to cost stability, most 2000 cost units will not be able to keep up with Sazabi’s mobility and will find themselves most often needing to fend for themselves against the other opponent which itself leads to them not being able to properly punish landings and opportunities.

1500 cost

Not a recommended partner cost. The reason is the same as 2000 cost units, only made worse.